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  • An absolute necessity to those who love math and also to those who hate math, Numb3rs is an original CSI: LA.

    Usually, people who watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation are becoming tired of the repetitiveness of the spin-off CSI television shows. Numb3rs is CSI in a whole different way. Using bare minimal and essential forensic and having a strong major on math, Numb3rs is a true CSI: Los Angeles, without all the copying. Numb3rs makes even math one of the most important tools towards solving crime, feature relatively new but experienced actors, and have some pretty cool guest actors like Lou Diamond Phillips and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I must say to anyone who hates math to its guts, Numb3rs is an absolute necessity. It crime fighting with math and FBI.
  • I just love this show! It teaches you about math and its many uses in everyday life from your job to in your own home!

    NUMB3RS is a really fantastic show! Whenever I first saw the preview of it on tv, I saw an actor that I recognized from somewhere! And that actor was David Krumholtz...very talented and unknown to many! This actor was my primary reason for watching the show at first, but then I got hooked after the first few episodes or so. Even if you are not a total math genius like his character is, that's ok, because NUMB3RS can make math seem more interesting! I highly recommend buying or renting the first season of NUMB3Rs on Dvd or Vhs! Totally worth watching!
  • This is one of the best shows I've ever watched.

    The series is very informative and shows us how math comes into play in real life. This is exactly what it would be like if an F.B.I agent was to ask his mathematician brother to help with his (some close to unsolvable) cases.

    The plot is excellent and amazingly portrayed by equally stunning actors like Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz. Every scene utterly believable and informative. Relationships in the Epps family triangle are well shown and outlined. Along with other relationships and fantastically written story line's I hope this series will keep on running for longer times to come.
  • I learned math in middle school, but what is x+2=6? Well, this show tells you exactly what.

    This show is the show that kids are expected to watch, but can\\\'t watch because it is too crimey. By crimey I mean gruesome and hazardous to a child\\\'s mind. It\\\'s a simple mix between math and crime. And the question is...why? But seriously, who wants to watch a show including math, which is a wierd subject with the world we are in today. Overall, it is a good crime show...but it fails because it incorporates math.
  • Numb3rs uses math to solve FBI cases that usually would take weeks upon to get a lead.

    Numb3rs has got me thinking differently ever since I started to watch it. I now think of things in a logical/ mathamatical way trying to figure things out and trying to understand things differently and from different point of views. I personally like Don and Charlie the best. probably because they are brothers and they don't always act like brothers. The funny thing about Charlie is that he has a higher security clearence than Don.

    Amita and Allen are side charactes but prove to be a help to any other main characters when needed. Don helps Charlie when he is stuck and so does Amita, but they both help out others.
  • Pretty good show

    I watch this show because i'm a sucker for anything related to criminal justice. However, I must admit, when it comes to all the Einstien math and pothagoras or whatever, I completely shut down. I've never like math once it progressed past 2+2. But the actual crime stuff is good.
  • Excellent show. Shows how math does affect life.

    This show is the best to watch Friday night. It proves that math affects us every day. It is making mathamaticians everywhere look important. could use better reviews and ratings. I hope this show stays around awhile. this show is most interesting. It can really get you caught up in the crime. It probaly could use some serial killer after Dons' family that would really get me caught up in it. Also I think that Charlie should get married and then get her in like a life or death situation. Now that would really get people caught up in the drama (in my opinion)
  • I thought this was an interesting and well written episode. The crime was factual and true to life and it effected the lives of the agents on a personal level.

    This story was cohesive and fast moving. There was nothing wasted, and every scene drove the story. The acting between Morrow, Krumholtz and Hirsh was great. They were very believable. I thought Ballard and Farr were terrific as supporting cast. Ballard especially was seen out of his usual stiff FBI agent role. Farr manages to make her presence felt even when she is not featured.

    The Russian mobsters were very scary. Especially the Russian agents threatening Charlie in his classroom. Also, Charlie in the classroom added a whole new demension to the character.

    Don's expression of fear with anger was gripping. He is not one who can stand not being in control.

    My only complaint was no MacNichols. His hyper imagination would have added a lot to the sense of fear that permeated the Epps family.
  • It's a show that could make even the worst math student feel smart.

    The only reason I gave it an 8.9 is because the show is very predictable. There is some big crime, Don brings in Charlie to help. The only way he can solve it is with some math equation or something that confuses the not so mathematically inclined. And then the good guys win! That's pretty much it. They try to fill in the gaps by delving into the characters personal lives and relationships and sometimes do a good job with that. I really do thoroughly enjoy this show. Even though I know the pattern I can't stop watching it. Every week it's a new math problem. I was never good at math, but when they explain it, somehow everything makes sense. And the relationships between the characters are fun to watch. And Charlie's friend, Larry I believe; makes for a much needed (and enjoyed) quirky sense of humor in the show. I give it a thumbs up.
  • What a disaster

    what the hell are they trying to show ?
    I can not bear it . It's complete crap . . . .
    I don't know how people are able to watch this even now . i just watched 10 episodes in hope that it would ever get better but it got worse .
    I can't understand how the hell the writers can think of such a disaster and then continue it for so long when other good shows get cancelled every now and then . I think the channel doesn't have anything else to air so they have to continue this crap . otherwise there isn't any reason to keep a show this bad on air for 2 seasons.
    no story ... no logic .... nothing
    it's a complete waste.
    one of the worst shows ever !!!!!!

    If you haven't seen this you're lucky and if you're still seeing this ......... i don't know how do you tolerate it . it requires a lot of patience to watch shows as bad as this .
  • Lovely. Another one to tape when I\'m gone.

    First of all, I\'ll admit I mostly watch this show to have something to talk about Monday in Algebra. Not to mention it makes me look smarter.
    I don\'t quite follow all the math in it, but it does a good job explaining it. I hate math, always have, so I don\'t quite understand how you can come to those conclusions, but I think it\'s fascinating.
    The characters are well developed, the plot-lines carry out well, and the script is wonderfully written.
    It\'s the only show on (in my opinion, of course) that\'s really worth watching on Friday nights. But I\'m a sucker for crime dramas.
  • A show ABOUT numbers: not a show WITH numbers. There is no Math here!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a show that, yes, does make some reference to numbers or math in general. However, it makes absolutely no use of numbers whatsoever. Name one show where an actual equation was given and some math took place.
    This show should be called Meta-Numb3rs. It's a show that is about numbers, but does not use numbers. Actually, most of the time it is a show about logic and does not even reference numbers. Even then, to call it 'logic' as though you needed some sort of logistical expertise to figure it out, is a huge exaggeration. Therefore, the show should be called meta-Common Sense since the show makes reference to common sense, but no one bothers to use any. You could take the majority of Charlie’s exasperated and totally asinine explanations and sum them up with one or two sentences from someone who was above comatose. This show is essentially 5 minutes of a CSI episode stretched over the course of 45 minutes.
    Hey, I love Rob Morrow and that is why I watched over 20 episodes of this craptastic exercise to prove how stupid the public really is, but I’ll be damned if I watch another minute. How stupid do you really have to be to have Charlie explain, in elaborate detail (for no less than 2 minutes) why Kids would be running in the opposite direction of a shooter.
    Scott and Scott: You make me sick!!!
  • This is a great Show

    This show is awesome. To the guy that was complaining it didn\\\'t have numbers in it. Have you even seen an episode? If you had you would know that it has a slew of numbers, formulas, algorithms and much more. Just because they cannot take the time to explain each of the advanced mathematical schemes to the general population, does not mean that the algorithms, formulas, and numbers are not real, it just means that they don\\\'t have the time or resources to do that not to mention that it would also make the show a bore and no one would watch it. The only problem I had with it was that Dom never got with the girl. However, last episode he did. Hense the perfect 10.
  • I don't know why I didn't start watching this show sooner!

    Numbers has become my new favorite show to watch and I don't normally watch crime dramas. This one's different.It's not all gory and graphic like some crime dramas are and it's starnge mixture between crime drama and family drama caues more character devlopment. I have always hated math until I watched this show and now I'm interested in it.Weird.
  • Only reason i'm interested in math.

    OMG!! I love this show!! Like I said it's the only reason I pass math! ;-) My favorite one is the one with the oranges. I mean I only missed one episode since I saw it! It is AMAZING!! As soon as the DVD comes out I am RUNNING to the nearest store and buy it! David Krumholtz is HOT!!
  • Incredible!

    This show is basicly about the FBI needing help with solving some cases. So they hire this guy that is a total math nerd/genious. He solves crimes with math!Who could possibly do that. He explains it, and I am like "uhh". This show is really incredible. The plots are a bitn confusing. A tad too much characters, but overall its good. The crimes are believable. Some are just like impossible to happen. But, oh well, it's just tv. My favourite character is obviously the math nerd/genious. He is like the smartest character played ever. I think Numb3rs is incredible!

  • An interesting plot, though it does sometimes not do as well as it could.

    The plot is that an FBI agent, Don Eppes, ends up focusing on his mathematical genius brother Charlie Epps to help him solve crimes. The plot is quite interesting considering that I enjoy math, and so a show about math is a welcome edition to the CBS block. The character development is usually also fine. The problem is that sometimes the math seems forced and they seem to focus on the character development aspect. Mind Games is one of the few occasions where this occurs though, so I can't lower it by that many points. At any rate, it is an extremely impressive show, but it also is only on 1 day a week which is extremely annoying, but I suppose that it is alright. So I give it the respectable score of 7/10.
  • You know how in kung fu movies the whole hour is worthless filler in between 15 minutes of action? Numb3rs is like that, but with Math as the one draw in an otherwise terribly written show.

    I like this show, however I can't honestly say it's good. See, I was a math major in college, and while my laziness and bad professors made me eventually hate doing math, I like the concept of math, the logic, the fascination with solving problems, the objective scientific precision. I have always preferred, say, physics to biology because the former is quantifiable into known kinetic functions while the latter is just Art History Appreciation for Animals.

    To wit, I love the bits in Numb3rs where they summarize known mathematics and show how it applies to a useful, practical cause, in this case catching criminals. And I have a parent in scientific academia, so I find the characterizations of the three main mathematicians spot-on in a way that speaks to me personally. But unless you or someone you know is a mathematcian, none of that will appeal to you.

    The negative side of this show is that it makes all the standard mistakes of almost every other Procedural tv show and then some. Every other character, from the stoic, flat, uninteresting protagonist FBI agent to the empathic mandatory female lead, are boring and stereotypical. The show overuses Red Herrings and MacGuffins so often you can tell that the guy they're trying to make you think is guilty is innocent. It feels like none of the team of writers knows anything more about criminals or the FBI than what they've seen on other, average tv shows. Most of the non-math dialogue is cringe-wrothy, and it's annoying how insanely attractive women are constantly willing to launch themselves on the characters just because they've been onscreen together for longer than 2 minutes. Mathmaticians DON'T GET NONE! That's kind of why they spend all their time doing math.

    So there's that. Numb3rs is more or less the product of their one mathematician consultant who provides the only interesting aspects of the show and almost assuredly the character of the show's only 3 interesting figures (the three mathematicians). What this thing really needs is some WRITERS.
  • Amazingly realistic charecters

    Being a member of Mensa I know many people of whom are mathematicians or other similar profesions. I think the show is dead on with the scripts of each charecter. Even how Charlie has problems socializing and spelling (Much like myself)makes it oddly funny.Don makes continues jokes about how Charlie is his brother and they are nothing alike. All of this is extreamly realistic and I will continue watching this show until Im too old to see.
  • Number lovers unite.

    Mathematics are either your passion, or you hate them. I love the reduction of behavior to mathematical formulae. The order that is places in a seemingly disorderly world is comforting. Combine law enforcement with math and you’ve got me hooked.

    Love the show, love the characters.

    Keep up the good work.
  • My Mondays are not complete until I have watched this show!

    My Mondays are not complete until I have watched this show! One of the best crime dramas out there, with a dynamite twist. Using numbers to solve crimes are a new concept and a great idea for a television show, made even better by a fantastic cast! Can't miss it!!
  • Clever series about an FBI agent(Rob Morrow), his genius mathematics professor brother(David Krumholtz) and his retired city planner father(Judd Hirsch) using math to help solve FBI cases.

    This is one of those shows that you have to stop and give it a try...don't give it 10 minutes..give it the whole hour it deserves...Why? I will tell you why. The family is all male(the mother died) brothers and a father who actually care about each other and actually sit down for a meal together to discuss the day(doesn't happen much anymore) maybe this is a fantasy show...just kidding. I appreciate the effort anyways and I appreciate the cases that are interesting, compeling and sometimes heart-wrenching. Diane Farr recently was added as an FBI agent..she is a welcome addition by adding a strong female into the otherwise male dominated cast. Rob Morrow's character Don is no-nonsense FBI agent who cares deeply about his job, so deeply he enlists his brother Dr. Charlie Epps's expertise in mathematics to help solve crimes. Charlie Epps' friend and colleague played by Peter MacNichol(Dragonslayer,Ally McBeal) assist the FBI weekly by using mining..and other mathematical applications to solve crimes and guess what? It works. The whole show works. I recommend this show..give it a my will return to CBS on Friday nights if you do.
  • Corruption of a series

    What is going on with the writers and producers of "Numb3rs"?

    It would be too much to expect that any Television series could remain immune to the politics and anti-intellectualism of the Television Industry. "Numb3rs" has clearly succumbed.
    Throughout Season Two we have seen the incorporation of leftist politics in the plots of "Numb3rs" episodes;
    "Numb3rs" has become yet another social-issue-of-the-week series.
    For me, episode "Protest" (#29) in which the real bad guy is a retired FBI agent crossed the line.
    The writers and producers surely couldn't get away a script in which an honorably retired FBI agent
    ends the episode in handcuffs, but there is no doubt that he and (his generation of) the FBI are the bad guys.
    Now in "Mind Games" (#30) they have ejected the mathematics.

    In many episodes the grafting of a mathematics theme onto the plots has appeared forced and artificial.
    The mathematics component in "Mind Games" (the Fokker-Planck equation) is one of the most cursory we have yet seen.
    The separation of the show's mathematics consultant from the show's writers is painful to see.
    The show's writers are clearly more enamored with the psychic character and the plot developments that come from the psychic theme than they are interested in mathematics.

    Insincerity and opportunism have found a home in the writing of "Numb3rs" scripts.

    To say more explicitly what bothers me most about this series: It lures in an audience with pretentions to presenting something about mathematics; then, on the one hand, gives an extremely superficial snapshot of a mathematical techinque in a way that has very little instructional value, while, on the other hand, embedding the crime plot in a far better developed social issue drama where the only right thinking interpretation of the social issue is one of the liberal / leftist / Democratic Party variety.
    That is a disgusting practice. It's called propaganda.
    And it saddens me that mathematics is being used and abused this way.
  • It has it all, intelligent writing, family dynamic, criminal investigation, and occasional humor, oh, and good music too!

    I have to disagree with the folks that feel the writing is sub-par because we can figure out whodunit before the 1/2 hour mark. It's not billed as a mystery. It's an ensemble show. the plots are completely developed in each show, so it can't be considered a soap opera either.

    I especially love the banter between Charlie and Larry. There are so many crime dramas on TV nowadays, that it's great to see something with a little different hook. Since I'm not a mathematician, it works for me. I don't know if the math works out or not, but it sounds right.

    Hopefully, as we go into season III, the writers will continue to develop each of the characters and give their stories more depth. There is room for more of that. I love this show!
  • Great show with writing and acting!

    This replaces my new best friend the recently cancelled "Threshold!"
    It's about an FBI team trying to solve cases with the help of Rob Morrow's brother David Krumholtz.
    As Rob isn't a jerk as most FBI people are, David is more of the younger Rob like he was in Northern Exposure.
    Very sexy but very sweet as well as smart.
    The supporting cast is equally as good.
    But this is Rob & David's show.
    Judd Hirsch, always the straight man in Taxi and Dear John, is now the comic relief in the show.
    Very supportive.
  • Boring

    I don't know. I've watched the first 8 episodes of Numb3rs and thought is was no better than your standard off the wall detective series.

    I mean you have your typical characters: The leader, his ex-girlfriend/partner, the african-american guy AND the genius but strange brother.

    Oh, c'mon. They really could've done much better. I always solved the case after 25 minutes into the show and the characters where still trying to figure out what 'The brother' had to tell...
  • Great show, great cast. The show keeps your interest, you won\'t even want to channel change! Set your Tivo in you go out on Fridays. I hope they bring \'Real\' math / econ. formulas into the picture.

    I would rank this a 9 out of 10.

    Its on Friday\'s after 9pm so tough to watch for the younger crowd between 7-11 if they have to go to bed. I think they would enjoy the show.

    I only watch about 10 shows weekly and this is my personal favorite. I\'ve only missed two shows because of issues with my satellite system.

    My son Sean got me hooked after the first episode and we try to see the show together when we can. We need more new episodes, the reruns have just started. As an Junior Economist I would love to hear David (Charlie in the show) use Economic theory, Game Theory for example, in the show to spice it. Enjoy!

  • This is one of the best hours currently on television, and it will become a classic.

    Numb3rs is one of CBS’ best dramas. The show all relies on the brothers, Don and Charlie Eppes. Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz have the perfect on-screen dynamic that makes their characters’ relationship believable and fun to watch. In episode Convergence (2.2), there is a scene where agents David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard) and Colby (Dylan Bruno) tells Don that his brother is starting to freak them out, and Don handles the situation perfectly. He basically says, "yeah, he’s a freak, but so what he’s my brother." Numb3rs merges the intensity of geeky math and the intensity of the FBI seamlessly to create one griping hour of television each week. Morrow is hot in that "I’m cool but don’t act like a jerk" FBI agent way, while Krumholtz is that hot nerd that every girl secretly has a crush on. Peter MacNicol once again gets to prove his acting talent as Charlie’s best friend, Dr. Larry Fleinhardt. The only weak points of the show are the two main females, agent Megan Reeves (Diane Farr) and Charlie’s friend/crush Amita (Navi Rawat), but both girls get some of the show’s best lines (and where would Charlie be without Amita?). And the great Judd Hirsch is perfect in the role of Alan Eppes, the father of Don and Charlie. Scenes where Hirsch and MacNicol get to play off each other are priceless, just like this show.
  • One of my favorites but I'm afraid its' expiration date is approaching...

    The characters and the concept of the show is excellent...but I think the writers need to shift away from the crime a bit and and focus on the relationships of the characters. Some continuity between episodes with an emotional storyline might do the trick. If people don't feel the need to tune in to see what is happening...they might just stop altogether.
  • Nerds Rule!

    Yehaaa! For all those people who were addicted to the bloodhound gang when they were kids...there's a new sheriff in town! While every show was doing a forensic knock-off from its predecessor. Numb3rs decided to take things in a new direction. A smart well written show, which if watched...wait for it...might enable someon to learn something! Peter MacNicol, you have always been and will continue to be, one of my favorite actors on television. Madd props as well to Krumholtz, Hirsch, and Morrow, you guys rock! In a slew of programming which plays to the lowest common denominator, numb3rs is a welcome addition to my tv.
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