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  • Great Show!!!

    Awesome show!!! I own it and have seen it three times.

    The relationship between the brothers is great and also Amita and charley are such a cute couple
  • continue

    Never enjoyed a crime tv show so much till I watched Numb3rs.. It's inspiring thrilling enjoyable funny and the list goes on... Did I forget interesting! I never understood math, hated it until I watched Numb3rs! I have to say thanks to NetFlix I was able to stumble across this amazing show with an amazing cast of actors.. I fell in love with the show I actually watched season 3 straight also 4. Since the show only has 6 seasons taking it slow that is why I really hope that there will be a continuance of the show and more seasons will be made... I definitely think that it will have high ratings and many viewers especially with a new twist.... So no matter what negative reviews this amazing incredible show has gotten it does not change the fact that it was very creative and one of the best.....

  • Numb3rs

    I have watched the entire series 2x. After 2 complete series viewings I decided to watch the Special Features aspect included in series VI. I found it appalling that in the overview "The Women of Numb3rs, Diane Farr and Michelle Nolden were excluded. Sophina Brown got due credit and I thought she was exemplary, but she was no where near the force Megan or Robin added to the show.
  • awesome

    Im glad they cancelled the show. It was annoying and a waist of time. I cant stand the re-runs. CBS should also cancel the show psych. Thats also a waist of time. Now criminal minds, flashpoint,law n order and coldcase are what CBS should be playing more of. now those are shows that have good rateings.
  • start producing new episodes

    What a pity. that they stopped making episodes. It was / is a very good series. looked forward to watching every week. So look for new scriptwriters and producers make new episodes. I look forward to it.

    Ferdibe greetings from Netherlands
  • i absolutly love this show don't know why they stopped showing it in the evening and why they quit making the show this was a show my whole family watched to gether all the time and now its on so early in the morning we are asleep at the time its on

    please put the show back on i miss it so bad it was a clean show that i would allow my kids to watch and not have to worry about it it is somthing we watched as a family good quality time we spent as a family please put it back on at a decent time so we can start watching it again it is a good show and for you to stop making it upset me it was top notch in my book i loved it and learned alot from it so if you would please put it back on in the evening i would love it thank you so much it is as good as house csi ncis and othershows along that line please put it back onplease pu
  • Numb3rs is a Mathematical perspective on solving crime. The story revolves around Don Eppes who is an FBI agent, and his Genius younger brother whose a professor of applied mathematics. Each episode tells a new way of how math can be used to solve crimes.

    Numb3rs is one of my favorite series playing right now. It seems to hit all the right subjects for me. I love drama, mystery, math, and crime stories and it gives all of those aspects, plus realistic and complex characters that are tied together with a great family angle tossed in amidst it all. All of it is well written and masterfully played, as well as incredibly insightful. Truth be known, I have learned many useful theories and concepts from watching thus far... I highly recommend this show, as I perceive it to be one of the best hours on television to date.
  • I love this show - why did you take them off - if I couldn't stay up and watch it, I always recorded it. Why did you have to go and cut so many shows.

    I never missed one show - every Friday I would stay up past my bedtime just to watch this show. So now I am just waiting to see where the cast will start appearing next. There wasn't one cast member that I didn't like - Charlie made a really good math geek, Larry - will he just out there on another planet. I wanted to watch both of the brothers get married. Why did you have to go and move all of the shows around, now the ones that were left have been moved to new days and times. So now maybe I won't watch that channel so much anymore.
  • Absolutely great show; minor flaws in scheduling - e.g., three handsome Jewish characters in a show broadcast on Friday nights.

    The Jewish sabbath begins at sundown on Fridays and runs until sundown on Saturdays. Friday night is also typically date night, and the evening when office coworkers grab a bite together after work. It's the night when kids stay up later, and parents spend time with them - and forego the shows they love, even at 9:00 or 10:00. The logic of programming an exciting show with intellectual intrigue, enticing plots with artful execution, romantic leads and non-leads, and three hunkly Jewish characters on Friday evening and at no other time certainly eludes me. Three generations of my family enjoy NUMB3RS, but we mostly would watch it by recording it - very rarely on broadcast.

    Just a thought.
  • i

    i found out about this show because my friend was in math class and told me about it and what i heard from her, it was interesting! i wanted to know more so i went online and wanted to watch the episodes online and based on it, amazing! i love it i love all of the crimes and how important math. when i was young i saw a kids show that used math to solve things and this is for a age like me being a 14 yr old. i like everything and wish it will contuine because i find it awesome how interesting math is for the daily life. AWESOME!
  • It has it all!

    I am a big fan of Numb3rs. Honestly, after the first season I wondered how the show could continue with such a narrow premise. Six seasons later I am still entertained every week. The real great thing about the show is the depth of the plot. The dynamics of Charlie and Don Epps has been significantly augmented by the addition of many other interesting characters. Whether it's understanding their father's struggle with late life issues or the challenges of law enforcement agents to sustain real relationships, Numb3rs is so much more than just a cop show. It's about human beings trying to deal with their strengths and weaknesses.

    If you want something great to watch, Numb3rs is for you. It has terrific acting, innovative scripts, great story lines, vivid characters and a unique space on television. It really does bring together all the best elements.
  • This show keeps getting better and better with every season. The best by far on TV.

    This show is about two brothers who work together to solve crimes. Now at the beginning of the series, the only thing the brothers had in common was their last name. Now, Don and Charlie Eppes have a mutual respect and friendship that did not seem possible when they were little kids. This show is more than just about solving crimes, or even about how two brothers from totally different worlds come together to achieve a common goal. No, NUMB3RS is also about the beauty and unseen potential of math, and how something that most people hated in school, could become something so incredibly amazing as the TV show NUMB3RS!!!!! This show deserves to stay on the air for a very long time because it's perfect in every way possible.
  • This show is one of the best I've ever seen. I live from Sunday to Sunday (becouse I'm from Poland and NUMB3RS is on Sundays there). I just love it!!!

    I'm sorry about mistakes, I'm Polish. First time when I saw NUMB3RS I just liked it. Nothing special. But I started watching it regular... and... I loved characters, cases, math and everything. I "infected" my friends at school, and they loved it too. Now, about half of our school can't live without it. But I'm sad, that in Poland title isn't translated construe. There, it's called WZÓR, it means something like formula. It isn't big difference, but IT IS A DIFFERENCE. I didn't watch all seasons in TV, but saw a lot on websites of NUMB3RS and on youtube. I'm crazy about this TV series and I can't figure to oneself living whitout NUMB3RS.
  • And my "personal favorite". And "better every season".

    Last Christmas, a good friend of mine bought me Numb3rs: Season 1. I had never heard of it. At the time, I season 4 was playing, or was getting ready to start. She sincerely thought I would really like it. So, I put in the first disc, and began with episode 1. Not bad. Then I watched the next episode. Then the next. Then on and on. I finished the season. And I LOVED it! I learned that Seasons 2 and 3 were out already, so I bought them instantly. Why is that? Well. For one, I love math. And, for a long time, I've been waiting to go to school so that I can learn more about it. This show, to me, has a lot of heart and compassion in it, which is evident to me that the makers of this great show really care about it. The characters are real. Their stories are real. Each season brings with it something more and better, and I applaud that accomplishment. It could not have been easy bringing this show back to life each year. I can only imagine how much fun it must be to put each succeeding story together, and watch these characters' lives unfold and develop. I dread the finales each time, hoping that this isn't the very last one, while at the same time, the finales bring a really cool kick to the show. My jaw dropped to the floor when Colby was discovered as the double agent. And again when Charlie lost his security clearance. I wonder what will happen next. I for one am rooting for this show. The makers and creaters and actors and actresses all do fantastic work bring these characters and their stories to life every week. That is what is inspiring to me. Thank you.

    Numb3rs is unlike any other crime drama like CSI or NCIS or law and order. This show is a great new idea because it is unique. It uses maths to help solve crime so there is always something to back up the evidence with. It uses a lot of complex Maths equations and skills which i have picked up whilst watching the show for the last 3 1/2 years. It also has a nice mix of action (car chases and plenty of it's shooting scenes) The storylines remain exciting and imformative 85% of the time. The show is exciting and educational (in some ways) so that;s why it's my personal favourite!
  • Who would have thought that Maths can be so interesting? The first time I watched this show I got hooked. I didn't understand anything about mathematics and after 4 seasons I still don't.

    The interactions between characters and the chemistry of the actors who play them are spot on. I can't help but feel that Don and Charlie are my brothers and Alan is my father, I feel their hurts and I smile when they do, I feel proud when Charlie comes up with a something to solve a case and Squee when Don gets protective of his little brother. The proof of a great show is the ability to invoke those feelings, you get so emotionally involved with it that you can't help but wish and hope the best. That is Numb3rs.
  • My favorite tv show, one that leaves me feeling smarter not brain-dead.

    I'm not a tv watcher, but I have been hooked on this series since the first episode. I've seen many first episodes of "crime shows" but this is the only one that I found truly unique and gripping. The plot is so ingenious, setting it apart from the other shows out there. One where you can feel for the characters as you get to know them, their problems, their joys. The characters have to be my favorite part, because thats what the back bone of Numb3rs is, its people. The drama, crimes, and math are also gripping intrical parts, but the people make this show special. I love sitting down on the couch on a Friday evening and being able to immerse myself in a truly great drama filled with Numb3rs!
  • Numb3rs has been my favorite show since the fist episode of Numb3rs I saw, and I started watching in the beginning of its fourth season. Don't let the title, or the fact that this show involves math scare you off, this show is absolutely wonderful.

    I know several people who refuse to watch Numb3rs because of its title, and because of the fact that one of the main characters in the show is a mathematician. Don't let that fact scare you off. Numb3rs is not a 'lets all sit around and do math problems all day' kind of a show. Numb3rs makes you think, which is my favorite thing about it. Numb3rs is informative and interesting and fun to watch. All of the plots are very interesting and [I am speaking as a person who really hates math] I actually enjoy watching Charlie, the mathematician and one of the protagonists of the show, solving the crimes with math. Numb3rs is so different from anything on television, which makes it even more special. Another wonderful thing about Numb3rs is that I find that the show has a perfect balance of romance, as many of the characters have developed romantic relationships over the series; character development/family relationships, which is mostly focused on the two brothers, Don and Charlie; typical crime show things, investigating murders, kidnappings etc; and math. Yes, math. If only all of my math teachers were as interesting and fun as Charlie. If you are contemplating watching Numb3rs, but you're not sure if you'll enjoy a math show, believe me, it's worth a shot, it cannot hurt.
    I hope you enjoy
  • This show is one of the most brialliant things in TV history!

    This show is really interesting to me because I trully feel like I can relate to Charlie... not the Mathematician part but his points of view. He's a very logical person, sensible, smart, almsot like a kid. He's also really hot! ;). But still this show, yes is kind of like any other crime drama, but has the other elements like romance and personal drama. Charlie and Don have a great love/hate dynamic. Alan is so awesome with him wanting grandchildren. I love the brother's background, where Don and Charlie graduated the same day despite being 5 years apart. I loved how ttheir mother had ot take care of Charlie at Princton. This show is really cutting edge ine crime dramas. Solving mystries with Math: brialliant!
  • Maths + crime+ character development = numb3rs

    On a lazy Friday night , flicking thought the channels, I saw this show with an unfamiliar mathematical equations being used to calculated the positions where the water drops from the sprinklers will fall. I thought to myself, weird time for a documentary, must be the station filling up sometime, but then he related the water drops to a crime scene. I have seen every episode to date and I love it. From the innocent house hold genius Charlie to the twist and turns in each crime case

    I don't want to talk about the crimes in specific as, I believe I won't give it the credit it deserves. The character development, in my opinion is more interesting that most of the Soap operas people are addicted to, the whole idea of two brothers and their father working together to solve crimes is some much more interesting the average teen Soap opera.

    Anyone who has the slightest (or none for some people) interest in mathematics and needs a regular fix of high level crime; Numb3rs is the drug for you.
  • Numb3rs is a show that actually makes math fun!

    Numb3rs is a show about an FBI agent, Don Epps, who recruits his genius brother, Charlie Epps, who is a mathamatician, to help him solve crimes using math. The reason that I watch this show is beacuse it has good plots, action, drama, and mathematical references. It combines the attention grabbing work of the FBI with complicated math terms, making it the perfect show to watch and actually learn something from. It's not just a show for nerds (such as myself and my identical twin sister), but for anyone who enjoys more than your average CSI or FBI type show. Numb3rs rocks! Everything is numbers!
  • Numb3rs is definately a show that is one of a kind.

    Numb3rs is a show that follows two brothers, Don and Charlie Eppes, who go and solve crime using math. Don being the FBI Agent gets his brother Charlie to help him wiith his cases. Charlie the mathematician, helps Don solve his cases using math algorithyms and more.
    Numb3rs has got to be one of the smartest shows i have seen on tv in a long time. i really like it because of the way it incororates math into everyday situations, like in this, solving crimes for the Federal Beurau of Investigation. I think that this show is definately one of a kind and i dont know where else you may find another show like this. That is why i love this show to bits!
  • Call me a geek, but I love maths. I love this show even more ;)

    I love this show. The characters are brilliant, my favorite is Charlie, of course. I just think that it's great to see a crime show where they use math to solve crimes! It's really interesting to see them solve cases, and the interaction between the characters is greatly played out by the actors and actresses. It all looks really natural, and the crimes, math and personal lives of the characters are all greatly combined, and thus making a wonderful show. The math work is also very well explained, but without making it sound like it was explained just for the watchers. Like I said before about the interaction between persons, the explanations sound very natural. I hope this show will continue for a lot more seasons!
  • Numb3rs is about an FBI agent Don Eppes who uses his math genius brother Charlie and other geniuses Amita Ramanujan and Larry Fleinhart to solve crimes along with profiler Megan Reeves, and agents Colby Granger and David Sinclair. Alan Eppes helps.

    This is an excellent show with a great blend of wonderfully explained math, great characters, and intriguing, but usually no gross, cases. Almost every single episode is wonderfully written and the acting is great. I can't think of a better way to spend my Friday evenings. I watch every single episode faithfully, and I'm never dissapointed. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes great characters, math, crime dramas, or who need help understanding algebra. Honestly, it helps me with my math class. Anyway, it is does not have enough attention paid to it, It's wonderful. Take my word for it and tune in.
  • The combination of FBI action and mathematicians raising your self esteem will make this show an Emmy magnet!

    NUMB3RS is about a street-smart FBI agent named Don Eppes and his kid mathematician brother named Charlie Eppes. Don and Charlie are from two totally different worlds. That sometimes can bring a tension over the brothers, but now they are closer now then they ever were as kids. Don is uneasy about a case because he cant get a suspect and many people have suffered for it. Charlie looks at the info and is able to tell don than he can give him a list of possible suspects. In the end after only one mistake Charlie saves the day in the end. So in conclusion, Charlie and Don are the best crime fighter on tv now and will be on the air for years to come:)

    Rates top 3, just can't decide in which order to put them, but I just love Don, Charlie and Amita, they are fantastic, FRiday just doesn't roll around fast enough. Charlie and Amita just amaze me. And there actually people out there that are almost that smart, I wish I would be just a teeny tiny bit as smart, but it diffidently quite something to be able to figure things out just with numb3rs.So just keep them comin' guys, your all doing one incredible job, I'll be waiting for next week's, sure wish they would be on more often than once a week, cause they are just GREAT.
  • Numb3rs is number 1 in New Zealand!!!!

    I reckon that this programme is so popular here in New Zealand, that it is my all time favourite!!!! Finding maths more fun when it is put together with crime!!!!

    Even though it's on a Sunday night here in my country, I never miss a episode!!!!!!

    That is why I am the biggest fan of Numb3rs in New Zealand (in fact - the world)!!!!
  • Agood brain teasing show

    Ok I grew up on cop shows all my life and lately the new shows make you see how they think out crime solving. This show is tops for that. We see how a math brain is able to use statistics and develop patterns that enable the FBI namely his brother and associates solve crime. Also I like Charlie Epps' interaction with the other characters; that shows he not just a brain but also a human being. Writers fior this series I believe do an excellent job in not just solving thuis weeks crime but also expanding each character's personality. Well done.
  • Math+FBI=Emmy!

    Don and Charlie Eppes are frome totally different worlds. Don is the street-smart FBI older brother and Charlie is the genius lost-in-his-own-world younger brother. Their worlds colide and a whole new way of looking at solving crimes emerges. This is definetly, as my friend is fond of saying, "CSI meets a Beutiful Mind". I personally think NUMB3rS is much better than CSI. When i was i Freshman year, I hatede math. Then i started watching NUMB3RS and i became an Honor Student. This show is a combination of FBI action, mathematicians raising your self easteem, and family bonds. If i could pick a life to be in from any TV show, it would be NUMB3RS!
  • Great!

    I always make sure I have my VCR programmed if I'm not going to be at home Friday night. This is a great show with a great cast. The storylines really hold my attention and are exciting. Don, Charlie and the father are all great. Amita and Millie both really had a personal touch and humor. I don't know if Larry is still on or has gone to 24. He was good in his role but sometimes was a little "too quirky". But maybe geniuses can really act like that; I'm not one so don't know. I like Megan too but can't even begin to see her with Larry so thought that was a little unrealistic.
    But a great show !
    Keep it going !
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