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  • Numb3rs has delivered a consistently high quality, entertaining show for the last six years.

    Numbe3rs has consistently offered a high quality program that gets better and more polished with each passing year. Now in it's sixth season the show puts a human flavor to the FBI. Every week crime gets crushed with an unusual team of FBI agents and scholars. Don Epps heads a unit of dedicated agents who are progress oriented rather than process oriented like FBI agents depicted in other TV shows. Don is helped by his younger brother, Charlie, a math genius. It is totally interesting how Charlie seems to come up with a mathematical solution to fighting crime. With the aid of scholars at CalSci the street smart FBI team that Don heads always gets the bad guy.

    I've recently read where CBS has reduced the number of episodes they've ordered for this season - from 23 to 16. Critics predict that this indicates that the show is in it's final season. After holding top spot on Fridays at 10 pm and this season being preceded by a show that was so dead on arrival that NBC dumped it (how bad does a show have to be to get dumped by NBC?) we can only hope that we are not hearing a death knell for Numbe3rs. If CBS keeps this show and replaces Medium with Flashpoint as it was last season they will continue to hold the Neilsen lock on Friday nights.