Season 4 Episode 5

Robin Hood

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2007 on CBS

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  • bad accents

    why cant these people use genuine south african actors for authentic sa parts.
    jason is a good actor but sounds terrible ,there are great sa actors out there .
    i watch stargate and cliff simon is fantastic surely he cast for this ,i dont understand why they use fake accents it is really off putting to have to listen to fake accents ,i know a lot of south african and this is not how they speak especially not big business type people or even criminals.

    please guys there are good south african actors out there ,

    cliff simon being one he is fantastic on stargate ,why could he not be used in something like this
  • You can't go wrong with Robin Hood can you?

    You can't go wrong with Robin Hood? Well, maybe it it's the story is steeped in revenge! It was nice to see Larry getting grounded - that outer space trip really tripped him - and to see Colby getting along better with David or at least it seems that way! I promised to lock up the dvr but my appetite was already wet so I watch some more shows today. Feeling wonderful that the unscrupoulous bank was taken full advantage over to the poor side made a lot of sense. I have to say that this could quite be the number one star of this season. Rock on!
  • Don and the team are on the trail of a master thief who appears to be playing Robin Hood. While attempting to assist Don, Charlie runs into a small obstacle in his relationship with Amita. Larry is having relationship issues too.

    "Robin Hood," while entertaining, is somewhat of a letdown. While I enjoyed, as usual, seeing Charlie help his brother and the team track down the thief, I found myself not getting involved in the episode beyond that. I was disappointed in the recycled storyline concerning Charlie and Amita's relationship (Amita's father is a racist. How many times has that been done before.) Peter MacNicol didn't seem to play a real part in this episode and that's disappointing as well. When the story finally reached its climax, I felt it did not come full circle. "Robin Hood" is OK, that's all.
  • "Robin Hood" delivers on intrigue, originality and color with this uplifting and character-driven installment.

    Why do you watch Numb3rs? If it's for the FBI scenes, great. If it's for the math, even better. If it's for the characters and their stories, I get that. And if it's all the above, you will or did love "Robin Hood" as much as me.

    The story winds around a burglar who breaks into a high-security vault (of questionable legality) then proceeds to give away all he has stolen to multiple charities. And so the wounds left by the previous episode, "Thirteen", and its sobering message of fragility of man and his morals begin to heal.

    There's a great deal more in this episode, however. The plot goes on behind the scenes, weaving stories that have nothing to do with the kleptomaniac vigilante. Colby and David's friendship (or lack thereof) hit a meaningful but humorous apex as they attempt to work together and fail miserably. Don, meanwhile, struggles in his discussions about the two with LAPD's Lt. Gary Walker (a pleasant recurring visitor to the Numb3rs world now) about the difference between a friend and being a boss.

    On the nerds' end, Charlie works his usual numerical magic for the FBI, but also deals with a new problem surfacing between him and Amita: What will Mr. Ramanujan say when he finds out his daughter's boyfriend isn't Indian? And Larry, who since his orbit in space has been almost tragic in his attempts to reaffirm his grip on life, is found staring out an office window and watching a chrysalis form, comparing his own life to that of the new butterfly.

    The episode has decent flow, the problems it contains do not go unresolved, and the dialogue is alive with character and appeal. The scenes are well-lit, the math is fascinating but simple, and the capturing of the criminal involved has a surprisingly compassionate twist.

    I can never seem to stick to one favorite Numb3rs episode, but this ranks as #1 thus far in Season 4. I hope for more like this!

    And well, any episode that sends willing jibes at the popularity of David Krumholtz's hair is high on the list in my book.
  • Robin Hood leaves lots of gifts.

    I think the script for this episode was pretty creative. I thought the bio bank was pretty ingenius. The concept of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor was great. The underlying revenge was a great addition. But I think the overall gift from Robin Hood was a gift to the team. Megan and Larry getting back on track. Don having to ensure that there are no issues between Colby and David. Time will tell. I like the scenario of Amita's hesitation of Charlie's introduction to her parents. Lt. Walker's visiting was great timing and made sense with the storyline.
  • Don & Co seek to find a clever Robinhood type bad guy. Colby and David are still trying to gel again. Charlie and Amita are having a little angst.

    While I did enjoy this episode, it wasn't one of my favorites. I liked that they covered that things were not just going to fall right back into the place with David and Colby, especially after all the time spent on things not being "good" between them. Sadly, some shows are notorious for the reset button. Numbers, didn't do that. However - I'm not sure I'm completely happy with the WAY it was covered. It was not so much David & Colby's reactions as Don's. I LIKE his style of letting them work it out . . . it didn't sit well his trying the police guy's (whose name I can't remember) method. It seemed like a major misstep on his part. It did end well though with them all going out together in the end. The Charlie & Amita relationship: I don't mind it so much in small doses. Sadly, and I don't know if it's the actress or the writing, but I never quite know where Amita is coming from. Enough already . . . can we back-burner the relationship between these two? Although, having said that, I'd be curious to see a relationship between her dad and Alan. . . And Megan and Larry are back! Yay! Love them.