Season 6 Episode 7

Shadow Markets

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • A bunch of crazy suicidal guys play Russian Roulette for money-overall another interesting storyline.

    This episode started with a really unsympathetic woman, who found a dead body and her only problem with it is that she had to clean up. Not weird at all… But guess that's life. Then our guys (David and Colby) showed up and we know that sooner or later they'll find a way to involve Charlie and the math. Of course they don't disappoint and the Cal Sci guys (Charlie and Larry) are soon in the FBI office helping. I enjoyed the fact that Larry was the one who actually solved the case, not Charlie for a change. I'm going to miss Larry.

    I found this particular case interesting, because I wanted to know the motives behind these killings. Don't get me wrong, I kinda knew from the beginning that the "Immortal" guy is involved somehow, but I really missed Megan Reeves with her profiling and explanations why these guys thought that risking their lives by playing such a dangerous game was the only way out. The scene where David, Colby and Nikki go to stop the final game didn't make sense to me. We've seen them bringing SWAT to catch one guy and suddenly they go alone to stop a bunch of crazy guys? Come on, that was stupid. But I guess we had to see David talking his way out of dangerous situation and Colby being a smart mouth (his line "Was it something I said" made me laugh out loud). So I'll forgive the writers this "mistake". The only "problem" I had with this episode was when Colby tried to make David get a Twitter account. Ok it was fun to watch but it was ridiculous- I have nothing against twitter, but Colby is a grown man, an ex military and an actual FBI agent-does he really use Twitter? Or was this just another way to advertise a social network (like they did with facebook a couple of years back)?

    The last scene with Don and the saved former suicidal husband made me sad. I was glad there was a happy end and that the wife got her husband back, but there was something in Don's eyes that I couldn't understand. Guess we'll be seeing more of Don and his "journey" this season and I hope that he finds some peace by the end of it, because he really looks tired. And btw where is Robin? They haven't mentioned her so far this season.
  • An FBI sting operation (led by Don) at a computer hacker convention is thwarted by an expert hacker who was hoping to be caught thinking the FBI will protect him from all the criminal enterprises he has been stealing from.

    This episode is an interesting one to say the least (Not to mention an improvement over the previous episode.). However it does have its problems. The first is the most obvious. The Robin Hood computer hacker seemed too much of a contrivance to me. The whole thing about him not realizing the consequences of his crimes was something I just found hard to buy. He was after all, hacking into the systems of various crime syndicates. The scene involving the false fire alarm at the FBI was also a problem. Way too predictable. This was a good but flawed episode.