Season 5 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2009 on CBS
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The team enters the world of sneaker collectors after a foreign ambassador's vault is broken into and a limited edition pair of sneakers is found missing.

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  • Bad, silly episode.

    I would never think I'd ever get to the point of giving "Numb3rs" a rating as low as "1". But this time they really made it. Did I really watch that?? What on earth were they thinking for Christ's sake? What the heck was that about?? The FBI investigating the robbery of a pair of TENNIS SHOES?? How ridiculous can that be?? Was it supposed to be a joke? Was it supposed to be fun? I love Numb3rs, and I was disappointed as to the point of being shocked with this episode. The previous episodes were doing so good, and then they give us this??moreless
  • Stupid episode, not even remotely believable.

    Who cares? It was hard to take this episode seriously. It was awful. DJ bittle nuts, like anyone would buy that guys rap. Nobody really cares about high priced sneakers. Blah. The writing was also bad. Then there was the whole Liz going on about leaving, I'm leaving - surprise I'm not leaving. The math in the episode was also boring. Nikki has become such a stereotype. Hey just in case you didn't know I'm from the hood, in case I haven't mentioned it every episode ten times. I know about sneakers I'm from the hood.... There was also no real character development. Usually the episodes are much better.moreless
  • Yeah it was really stupid is what I thought. Colby wasn't even in the episode. Seriously...

    I don't get why they take people out I would understand if they took Nikki out cause I am not a big fan of her I really didn't like her so when she was in this episode it made me less like it. Plus someone stealing sneakers I mean come on now out of all the things to think to happen they think of sneakers. By the way it made it worse that Colby wasn't even in the episode I mean he is my favorite character so when its a bad episode and then your favorite character is in it you really don't like the episode.moreless
  • The team chases a pair of sneakers around town.

    This episode was silly, strange, and about Sneakers!

    It shouldn't have worked, but it did. Hilarious interactions between the regular cast, an interesting plot that had all sorts of twists and turns. I even found the math interesting -- the voice recognition software and the laser machine thing were both cool concepts.

    The best thing about this episode was all the information we learn about our favourite characters -- how they interact, how they see the world, what brings them together and what they differ on. It's an episode I rewatch often, mostly for all the self-mocking humour. It's like everyone but the crazy sneakerheads are in on the joke.moreless
Sophina Brown

Sophina Brown

Nikki Betancourt

Aya Sumika

Aya Sumika

Special Agent Liz Warner

Alimi Ballard

Alimi Ballard

David Sinclair

Peter MacNicol

Peter MacNicol

Dr. Larry Fleinhardt

David Krumholtz

David Krumholtz

Charlie Eppes

Rob Morrow

Rob Morrow

Don Eppes

Bruno Campos

Bruno Campos

Consul Nespola

Guest Star

Patrick Bachau

Patrick Bachau

Jean Stephanois

Guest Star

Eugene Byrd

Eugene Byrd

Vic Moritz/Bit O' Nutz

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      30,000 STITCHES

    • Math used in this episode:
      Pinball Examples

    • The Brazilian Consulate is considered foreign soil. The FBI cannot just walk in like that without being invited. Also all they can do is ask for the sneakers, if they are told no, they have to go away. When Don was told the Consul has diplomatic immunity while on the ground, that was only half right. The Consul has immunity no matter where he is in the country.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Don: Hence my having to wear golf shoes for little league.
      Alan: Hey, Hey, Hey, you're lucky you didn't go barefoot.

    • Nikki: Now you gotta hand it to 'em, it's not easy to find a needle in a needle stack.

    • Alan: Tonight you will have the honour of having Goulash.
      David: Ah, Hungarian for whatever's in the fridge.
      Don: What's wrong pop, you have a bad day at the lab?
      Alan: Yeah that's very funny, just keep on laughing. (Aside). I think I'm going to change my will.

    • Charlie: None of these shoes are authentic.
      Alan: And yet they still manage to keep your feet from getting dirty.

    • Charlie: So, check it out. John Maida, he's a professor at MIT, he designed a pair of kicks based on his own algorithms? So I thought I'd do the same. Check these out, what do you think? Hidden Markov model on the toe, some Hermitian random matrices on the tongue, and the social network analysis throughout.
      Don: Air-Geeks!

    • Nikki: I usually chase people in sneakers, not the sneakers themselves.

    • Don: Is this going to get us anywhere, or are we just digressing?
      Larry: When do I ever digress?

    • Nikki (to Liz, who is accepting a promotion to move to Denver): Hey. I heard you're leaving me to fend for myself in the boys' club.

    • Nikki: Look, I know guys that'll stand in line for days for a pair of kicks.
      David: You're kidding me. For shoes.
      Don: Aren't you the guy with like, 35,000 comic books?

    • (David picks up a katana, which opens a secret door)
      Nikki: How did you-?
      David: I worked for Batman.

  • NOTES (3)


    • David: But you'll always have Paris, right?

      This is a reference to the famous line "We'll always have Paris", from the movie Casablanca (1942).