Season 5 Episode 14


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • The team chases a pair of sneakers around town.

    This episode was silly, strange, and about Sneakers!
    It shouldn't have worked, but it did. Hilarious interactions between the regular cast, an interesting plot that had all sorts of twists and turns. I even found the math interesting -- the voice recognition software and the laser machine thing were both cool concepts.
    The best thing about this episode was all the information we learn about our favourite characters -- how they interact, how they see the world, what brings them together and what they differ on. It's an episode I rewatch often, mostly for all the self-mocking humour. It's like everyone but the crazy sneakerheads are in on the joke.
  • Silly but excellent regular cast interaction

    "Sneakerhead" was juvenile, at best. The diplomat and rapper were AWFUL. Both actors over-emoted instead of delivering solid performances and ultimately were just clown caricatures. Even if it was for comedic relief, it was an insult to the audience's intelligence. What made this a great episode for me was that all of the performances by the regular cast against the subplots that revealed more of their individual characters, how they interact, and how they have grown. If the writers could just present more episodes like this but with intriguing storylines and better written antagonists, Numb3rs would be a better show.
  • Solid Episode with a bit of humor.

    Good, Solid episode. We did not see Colby Granger or Amita Ramanujan in this episode. We learn in this episode that Liz Warner is leaving the unit for Denver and the supervision of the Organized Crimes Unit.

    The opening statistics are: 5,800 2 Trillion Pairs Made Per Minute Lacing Variations 4 30,000 Steel Shanks Stitches Story opens with a pair of stolen sneakers called, "the 2K Primers" from the Brazilian Consul that were bought at auction for $250K. As the story unfolds there are many parties that want the shoes. The first is DJ Bit O' Nutz, who sent emails to Consul Nespola and La-La Buendia over the auction of the Primers. A man is found dead with a single Primer sneaker on, who later is found to be Albanian. Meanwhile Liz and Charlie find a match on the MO from the consulate heist, buy a man named Stephanois. La-La Buendia needs the auction commission for seed money for to open a place for making shoes that are affordable and bring business back into the area. After investigation, the team finds a sweat shop where "2K Primers", were being made. The real sneakers are suspected to be in the ones found in the warehouse. Charlie uses a machine at the university to try and determine which pair out of the fake shoes are the real ones and none are real. Lee Diddums is the man suspected in the murder of the Albanian man. Diddums is apprehended and a phone number is found on his hand. When it is called the phone on the other end is DJ Bit O' Nutz. Don and Nikki promptly go to his home and arrest him for being the original one who paid to have the shoes stolen.

    The shows are stolen form Bit O' Nutz are and end up back with the original owner, Consul Nespola. The FBI wants the shoes and when Nespola goes to get them they are gone. His son had found them and put them on and started shooting hoops; Nespola is saddened because he no longer has the shoes for his collection, but grateful to see his son happy with the shows.

    In the end Liz decides to stay with Don's team.
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  • It's gotta be about a dumb pair of shoes.

    Okay this is NOT my favorite episode. After seeing the previews I had hoped that it being about an overpriced status symbol was just going to be a part of the show, not the whole case. But oh no, it was indeed the entire show and unfortunately the entire time, I kept thinking that with this economy, my tax dollars was being spent chasing after a pair of stupid sneakers. I know it's a show, but the whole concept was just bizarre. The side bar issue is Liz's promotion and her impending departure, which ultimately she chooses to stay. I think the only scene I appreciated was the part of the show when the stupid shoes were finally found and being enjoyed by a kid. That was perfect. I have a question though, where was Colby?
  • The team investigates the disappearance of expensive luxury shoes that have been stolen from an ambassador. As there are several parties interested in these pricey items the FBI experiences an unnerving hunt until they finally make a stunning discovery.

    Except for the ending when the shoes are found and enjoyed by a kid and the moment the two shellshocked shoe guys cry out "He was wearing them?!" this episode was not good. The epiphany of Liz Warner explained by her with a boots parable that got her off the plabe was truely painfully stupid. Why should she not want a new beginning? And when Larry is holding his speech about the family he found and chose, doesn't he remember Megan Reeves? Where was the intervention to keep her in town. When was Larry ever close to Liz? What did they have to do with each other except when she visited him in the monestary being the date of Don? Colby seemed to be gone on vacation or something. The last constantly good and funny thing is Alan Epps, but he has of course very few screen time.
  • Stupid episode, not even remotely believable.

    Who cares? It was hard to take this episode seriously. It was awful. DJ bittle nuts, like anyone would buy that guys rap. Nobody really cares about high priced sneakers. Blah. The writing was also bad. Then there was the whole Liz going on about leaving, I'm leaving - surprise I'm not leaving. The math in the episode was also boring. Nikki has become such a stereotype. Hey just in case you didn't know I'm from the hood, in case I haven't mentioned it every episode ten times. I know about sneakers I'm from the hood.... There was also no real character development. Usually the episodes are much better.
  • Bad, silly episode.

    I would never think I'd ever get to the point of giving "Numb3rs" a rating as low as "1". But this time they really made it. Did I really watch that?? What on earth were they thinking for Christ's sake? What the heck was that about?? The FBI investigating the robbery of a pair of TENNIS SHOES?? How ridiculous can that be?? Was it supposed to be a joke? Was it supposed to be fun? I love Numb3rs, and I was disappointed as to the point of being shocked with this episode. The previous episodes were doing so good, and then they give us this??
  • Yeah it was really stupid is what I thought. Colby wasn't even in the episode. Seriously...

    I don't get why they take people out I would understand if they took Nikki out cause I am not a big fan of her I really didn't like her so when she was in this episode it made me less like it. Plus someone stealing sneakers I mean come on now out of all the things to think to happen they think of sneakers. By the way it made it worse that Colby wasn't even in the episode I mean he is my favorite character so when its a bad episode and then your favorite character is in it you really don't like the episode.