Season 1 Episode 9

Sniper Zero

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on CBS

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  • This episode clearly shows the difference between Don and Charlie's characters.

    This episode is a great example of the well written structure and story ideas of the show. While the episode mainly concerns itself with the sniper in the Los Angles area it also uncovers further layers of the relationship between the Epps brothers as well as their relationship with their father. Charlie dosen't understand Don's reasoning and thinking and Alan is concerned that Charlie is being put in danger while working with the FBI and his brother. Alan's concern is also voiced in other episodes in the series and is an underlyining theme conveyed through Alan's concerns, Charlie's feelings of being inadequate and Don's concern that he might be standing in Charlie's way. All around this is a great episode especially in relation to character development.
  • Very exciting episode...

    I love this show. It was intense. For me it was logical that there was more than one sniper. What a terrible and frightening situation. It was totally understandable that Don and his father were worried about Charlie. Now, Charlie... The character is exciting and passionate. His whole explanation about the virus and the houses was very interesting. Seeing him questioning himself like he can never get enough is delightful.

    I admire Don and Charlie´s relationship. It´s very solid, even when sometimes they don´t know aspects of their lives.

    I have to say that every moment was exciting, there were no boring seconds that makes you want the episode to end.

  • Review

    I guess Ill have to give up on the fact that this show wont follow up on the personal experiences of some of the characters. Mainly the Charlie and Anita plot line in particular, I just think that the show should do better then that.

    I really like Allen Epps participation in this episode as a concerned father figure. Going down to the police station and telling Don hes worried about Charlie, its good to see some personal connection amongst all the chaos.

    I thought the cases were interesting as well. With there being more then one sniper in several of the cases. I thought it was another solid episode, but nothing spectacular.
  • A serial sniper has been terrorizing Los Angeles, but Charlie comes to realize that while some of the attacks are by one shooter, the rest are copy cats, using the sniper as a cover for their own acts of violence.

    I love this episode!!! Charlie finds himself questioning his methods. Nothing wrong with the math, but the sniper expert from Quantico (the always on-target Lou Diamond Phillips) makes Charlie wonder if his cerebral approach is equal to the task when comparing himself to the real life experience of Philips character. Don, as always, is torn between protecting his little brother to respecting Charlie's right to gain experience ouside of the classroom, especially when it is something Dad might find objectionable. Dad finds out about Charlie learning to shoot a gun, but the brothers do manage to keep quiet about when Charlie was put at risk - something sure to freak out the father if he ever were to learn about it. The drama, the mystery and most of all, the family ties that weave the stories so well abound in this tale. Highly recommended!
  • Don realises he's putting Charlie in danger and a new kind of sniper attack.

    This episode was loaded with brother moments, highlighting Don's concern for Charlie ("We've got an agent on him all the time."), the father's concern about Charlie's need to please Don ("Charlie can never say no to you.") to Charlie's certainty that Don would never let him get hurt ("If I *were* in any real danger, Don wouldn't let me go, you know that."). But the highlight of the brotherly moments is definitely when Charlie almost gets shot and Don runs into the open and then drags Charlie into his arms. I love it when they focus a bit on the brotherly aspects of their relationship!

    The sniper story was fascinating. A series of sniper shootings, most of which turn out to be copycat killings, with people thinking they'll get away with it because of the rest of the killings, not realising that several of the killings were done by people who thought the exact same thing.

    Interesting to see Don teaching Charlie to shoot, Don's overprotectiveness in action. And then the brothers wisely decide not to tell their father about Charlie almost being shot. Good choice!

    Nice to see Lou Diamond Phillips, he suited this role nicely.

    An excellent episode.
  • A sniper-epedemic is caused by a \'sniper-zero\', who sparks up other snipers. As the frequency of people beeing shot increases, the pressure to find the initiating sniper goes up.

    *** spoilers***

    This episode frankly disappointed me. Of course there can not be good mathematic principles and cases integrated into every episode equally well. But this episode - in my oppinion - totally lacked of interesting mathematics.

    Some phony graphs are shown - to find out, that the frequency of attacks is increasing, it\'s seems not necessary to me, to do a graph; this needs no mathematics to figure out, the time between shots is decreasing - anyone may figure that out. That\'s the thing, that annoyed me most.

    Second - as in the goof-section pointed out - the fact, whole L.A. is staying in their houses to avoid beeing shot and yet, when the location of the snipers next hit is found, the police-men walk about the square like there was no danger at all. They drive right in the middle of that place and get out their cars to scope around or stand around? In reality there\'d be no need for that, if You ask me. They\'d circle the buildings and stay in cover. So finally Charlie comes up and walks around and that\'s were it gets totally unbelievable: The sniper misses twice and then gets shot by the police-sniper. It just seems unreasonable, that the shots can be traced back so fast, so that the sniper can get targeted (calmly) and shot - just in about some seconds...

    What I like though is the character-developement - they managed to put in some more of these little scenes, that depict the relations of the main characters and their personality.

    But none the less a bummer-episode for me :-(