Season 1 Episode 9

Sniper Zero

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on CBS

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  • Don realises he's putting Charlie in danger and a new kind of sniper attack.

    This episode was loaded with brother moments, highlighting Don's concern for Charlie ("We've got an agent on him all the time."), the father's concern about Charlie's need to please Don ("Charlie can never say no to you.") to Charlie's certainty that Don would never let him get hurt ("If I *were* in any real danger, Don wouldn't let me go, you know that."). But the highlight of the brotherly moments is definitely when Charlie almost gets shot and Don runs into the open and then drags Charlie into his arms. I love it when they focus a bit on the brotherly aspects of their relationship!

    The sniper story was fascinating. A series of sniper shootings, most of which turn out to be copycat killings, with people thinking they'll get away with it because of the rest of the killings, not realising that several of the killings were done by people who thought the exact same thing.

    Interesting to see Don teaching Charlie to shoot, Don's overprotectiveness in action. And then the brothers wisely decide not to tell their father about Charlie almost being shot. Good choice!

    Nice to see Lou Diamond Phillips, he suited this role nicely.

    An excellent episode.
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