Season 2 Episode 6

Soft Target

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on CBS

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  • Not exciting...

    I can't believe this show don't have lot of exciting, action episode. There is no motivation, more active! What is wrong with season two anyway?! They need exciting episodes! This episode is not that bad, bit good episode. I can't believe it that FBI picked wrong Army team to get arrested or prepare to caught either. It is very interesting that Charlie and Don graduated together as age 13 and age 18... Very interesting. I can't believe they wrestled on front lawn to fought to pick girl to prom! Don won. I felt really bad for Charlie who never goes to prom... Great Episode!
  • This episode is, unfortunately, the fare fed to civilian audiences which improperly leads the ignorant to anti-military sentiments. It was difficult to find anything accurate to redeem this entertaining voyage into fantasyland.

    Almost invariably, when the visual entertainment industry does a piece on the military, those who serve get the short end of the stick. Everything from awards & decorations to unit heraldry, from military protocols to unit objectives is taken from some cauldron of civilian fansasies. This unrealistic, imaginative episode was no exception. Perhaps, some day, the visual media will get it right, but today is obviously not that day. A few minutes' research would go a long way in taking a fairytale into the realm of believability and making a positive step toward restoring public acceptance in the credibility of the media in general.
  • Hello

    I just watched this episode and thought i would write my review for it so here goes. I liked the episode but it probably wouldn't enter in my top ten list. I really enjoyed watching how Charlie and Don interacted with each other and learning how they were in high school. I think it made them the wonderful people they are today. As I watched this episode there was nothing about it that made it unique from other episodes and others programmes who have had the same idea. I just thought while watching it that they could have done something else differentley to make it stand out. I would have watched it anyway despite the lacking of a better ending because Numb3rs is still awesome.
  • Didn't really add up ...!!

    I didn't like this episode much, I thought the plot was weak, the wedding side story was very unrealistic; I mean who is that girl?! She just appeared out of nowhere after years of separation and Alan's throwing her a wedding at his place ... Charlie's place!! Didn't make sense.

    The main plot wasn't that good either, they got the chain of custody all wrong, why in the world would Homeland Security let the FBI handle such a case?!
    It also looked as though the math was forced into the plot, it was logical but it "looked" unnecessary.

    Aside from that, the rest was fine, the humor was ok, I liked the personal interaction between Don and Charlie, after all, personal interactions are the this show's best feature.
  • Review

    I thought that this was another case that was really random in its story writing. The bad guys that Don and Company were going after for almost 85% of the episode turned out to be the wrong group of guys to begin fact the man who led the mission on the subway wasnt even caught at the end of the episode. I think this episode took the easy way out as far as the case goes and really could have been written much much better. I really thought that the guys that go after the high security locations was a cool threat, but to have it turn out to be one random guy who was working with the leader of Homeland Security actually bummed me out. I thought the drama in this case was kind of interesting, learning a little bit about the drama between Don and Charlies past. I thought the wedding was a little much but it gave them insentive for a lot of personal disscusion.
  • "I hate to pee in your cornflakes."

    The FBI story is a tad weak, however this is one of the "fun" episodes since it gives the audience, viewers, and fans insight into the brothers' relationship. I stand by this show as a devoted fan because of the "onscreen chemistry" between Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz, and this episode proves why. When the boys' father agrees to let an old girl friend of theirs use the house for her wedding, tension builds. When sharing an amusing story with Larry, the father hints at the brother's background. Then later more is revealed when the brothers finally call each other on the issue concerning their old girl friend. The writing is so well-done on this show that it becomes a rollercoaster ride. At one point, you are laughing at the father's story, and the next you are on the brink of tears when the brothers are coming to terms on their history. Scott Cohen guest stars and as always is a pleasure to watch.
  • Ok but not great!

    Not a bad episode but nothing that great either. We got to know more about the brothers’ relationship but other than that there was nothing to really get my attention. The case was bland and fairly predictable. All the actors were good but the script just wasn’t there. Something is missing in this second season in my opinion. It seems like it’s about to “explode” but it never does. I can’t say the episodes have been bad but they just don’t have the same “feeling” as in the first season.
    An entertaining but average episode.
  • Very concurrent. It wasn't the strongest episode where the math was really necessary. But that didn't make it more suspenseful.

    Nice episode. Just wanted to add a continuity goof
    in the scene where the house of the main suspect's sister is raided by the FBI.
    When the suspect walks out of the kitchen, he is cleaning his hands with a towel. When he puts up his hands, the towel disappears in thin air.

  • This is a story the headlines will never carry. however, it probably hits a lot closer to home than we would like to admit.

    Scott Cohen really needs his own show. He is so good at playing good and at playing bad that he could carry the thing on his own. His guest star stint here is understated and well played. Many would have taken his character over the top. The resolution of a homeland security drill gone awry depends on the ablity of the audience to believe his performance. He sold it to me.

    In the meantime, the underused Judd Hirsh gets to plan a wedding for the girl that Don and Charlie fought over in high school. It seemed as if they were trying to interject a little conflict into this otherwise perfect brother relationship. Conflict is good, but this seemed a little out of character.
  • This show was about somebody launching attacks at anti terrorist drills. It was VERY SUSPENSEFUL!!!!!

    I liked the show until the very end. Throuhgout the whole show it was very suspenseful for me. But then at the end it was not as good as i thought the end was going to be. I was hoping for a little more action. But what slightly made up for that was the fact that ga guy who you thought was good the whole time turned out to be bad at the end. I can't wait till next week for a whole new show.
  • This had all the elements that make this show great for me

    I liked the mystery, even though some of it was a little far-fetched, most TV mysteries are. I thought the crime was realistic and yet was not resolved in a typical way. Charlie\'s math really solved most of the crime but in the end it was unraveling the different motives that uncovered the criminal. Megan\'s psychology balanced Charlie\'s math very well. I liked that there was no serious violence.

    I liked the Don, Alan and Charlie show. I always love when Charlie and Don resolve issues that came between them in their early years. I thought Val was beautiful. Where have I seen her before? The entrance of her pretty cousin at the end--Bree--was funny also. Those Epps boys (dad too) are sure girl crazy.