Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Sloppy writing?

    This show was, well, it was boring! After the last few shows this one was such a let down! What on earth is going on? Don is the most tortured human being on earth! He needs a padded cell right now! Liz dropped him like a hot potato! But other than that bit of drama the show just fell flat. Things just left too many questions, the story arc was unclear and the ahow was just so not NUMB3RS. I say it was due to sloppy writing. I could be wrong but this was the worst show to date that I have gotten to see. :(
  • Acting helped this episode!

    We see like a Paris Hilton like show. As the heiress is kidnapped so that the father will suffer for what he is doing in sweatshops and other third world countries. But the so-called "kidnapping" isn't what it seems to be. As we find out that indeed people need more money rather than love. But sadly, it will catch up to them in the end that money isn't important at all than what love is. Meanwhile in the love section, seems like Don & Liz are gone for good as Don is heartbroken. But he tries to bury it with his work and all of that.
  • Granted a bad episode of Numb3rs is still better then a lot of TV. Worst episode in it's four seasons.

    It's hard to beat last weeks series classic Primacy. But this was just not a good hour. For the first time ever I was actually reaching for the remote during Numb3rs. I fought the urge and kept watching but at certain times i was seriously regretting it. This episode just lacked the usual chemistry I am used to seeing with this show. Couple that with a bad story and it was seriously off it's game. There were just to many awkward moments. The thing between David and the hostage negotiator. The conclusion of the Don and Liz saga. The only ting that saved this episode from being a total disaster are what makes this show what it is, the math, the Charlie visions and some decent one liners. Not the best, not even close.
  • I really enjoy this one.

    I thought the whole "daddy" concept was great. It makes you wonder exactly what some of these "starlets" are dealing with at home. But overall I thought the episode was good. It had a good balance between action, math & crime. Although I can't understand the introduction of the "hostage negotiator" to the scenario. Although I did like the final scene with him and David. The development of Don breaking things off with Liz was the finalization of something a longtime coming. It will be interesting to see if they can keep a professional relationship or if she'll transfer out.
  • good episode...

    The team investigates the kidnapping of a rich girl. In the end, however, it turns out that the rich girl wasn't really kidnapped but that she was just tryiny to get back at her father. I thought it as really funny how the father was going to get the best lawyers for her, even after what she did to him. There was some romantic stuff in this episode. Don seems to have relationship problems now. The case in this episode was pretty good, the character development stuff got a little boring, but I did really like the monastery guy's story (I can never remember him name, but he's my favorite character!). Anyways, overall, good episode.
  • A rich party girl whose father is an industrialist gets kidnapped. A group demands ransom to punish father for sweatshops and 3rd world country woes, but the reason may be far less noble.

    Fantastic episode! I had been craving a good Numb3rs! I missed the last two and had gone into withdrawl. The "Paris Hilton" type party girl was a pretty predicable character to go with. I figured out right off that it was probably her behind it. But then I began to doubt myself. So the plot was pulled off suspenseful enough. The sad part is that there are people like this in the world. More money than love. It's just really pathetic.

    I loved the character introduced as Jeff Upchurch (Sean Patrick Flanery). He was sexy in a sleazy "Mickey Roarke" kinda way. His acting was genuine, and his character was not what I was expecting.

    I was disappointed that Colby was not in the episode. I didn't catch it if they had a reason for his absentism. And holy cow! Did anyone catch the upper arms on David?! Maybe he's always been that buff, and I just didn't notice. But wow, dude. Liz and Don seemed to have finally broken it off for good at the end of this episode. Poor Don. So tortured, emotionally restrained. I can't say I was disappointed. I really wish the writers would give him a girl that was up to his standards. NOT AN AGENT! It's just too complicated. He needs someone he can escape from work with - not rehash it over and over again.

    Charlie and Amita, on the other hand, work well together because they are alike. I loved when Charlie said "Is it wrong to get turned on by the sight of you in goggles and rubber gloves?". It was so cute, and funny. And goes to prove just how comfortable they finally are with their intimacy. The proud look on Charlies face when Amita stated that she had built her first computer when she was 13 was priceless. It wasn't a cocky statement, it was just a statement. And Charlie was like "That's my woman". I don't even want to address the whole Meghan / Larry thing. I am so sick of Larry's weird cosmically challenged attitude about possessions and relationships. Get it together or give it up. Meghan deserves more, and Larry is too romantically unappealing to pull off being genuinly in love.