Season 3 Episode 14

Take Out

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • Good episode, one of the better episodes of this season.

    I used to not like mille, now after this episode, she is ok. She did good when this person wanted to interview Charlie. At the beginning of the show, she allowed Charlie to go off and see what his brother wants, one of the first episodes she would have mind!!!

    Colby and David work well. It's so good to see stuff like that in a show.

    Lol Don don't like going to shrink, I don't think any one really. Lol poor Don, and he felt so guity at the end too…

    Wow… Numb3rs did a good job in hiding Megan's pregnancy, but in one shot you could see her tummy.
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    The problem that I had with thsi epsiode is that it seemed to hit its peak at about 28 minutea airtime into the episode with the capture of the first team. After that it seemed very slow up until the final scene when Don doesnt take the shot which resulted in the death of the teacher. Dons character is going through theropy now it would seem, though I dont know how much it will be affecting him in the episodes to come. The case started off really well I thought, but kind of died down once again when they caught the first team. Milly seems to be replaceing Larry as far as the other go to smart person at Cal Sci and the actress is doing such a good job I really dont mind Larry not being there to tell you the truth. David seems to be being underused the last few episodes, as is the Amita/Charlie connection we got in "Killer Chat". Overall, decent episode that kept me entertained for 28 minutes, but not much after that.
  • Two plot threads, separate but interesting.

    Both plot threads were interesting however they played a little awkward when intertwined. I never thought Don was particularly trigger happy but apparently everyone around him does. He shows his anger issues with the shrink but in the end the big tough guy decides he needs therapy after all. I guess the fact that the therapist has "been there, done that," helps. I know this is going to be further developed and I hope it continues to be interesting. The other plot line of the death squad raising money with restaurant robberies was good for a little action. The best part of this plot was that Charlie had to revisit assumptions from a past crime and re-adapt his formula to a new situation. This wasn't a bad episode and I hope the character development set up pays off.
  • As the song goes ... I will do whatever it takes to believe ... a new day will come ... and the day has come for Don to face his demons!

    Although Charlie did his 'thing' for once this episode revolved around Don and his job and responsibilities he has in his job when he carries out Charlie's theories ... ie it is Don that has to pull the trigger! Don has always been the strong one ... as Alan said it was Don who made sacrifices for Charlie ... and it is time for Don to heal so he can move on with his personal life ... I mean he doesn't have a good track record and maybe it is because he always feels he has to do he "dirty jobs" as he put it and that affects his commitment to relationships ... time will tell over the coming weeks with the shrink!

    Alan and Milly's relationship is very sweet - even if she has to bring pizza because she can't cook - and that relationship means she is now ready to protect Charlie ... even from the drug companies ... she will use him [proudly] to raise funds for the college but she will not compromise their friendship and that was a revealing part of her character. One wonders where Larry will fit into this equation when he returns! But of course he will have Megan --- who will hopefully stop having to cover herself with notepads or carry jackets in order to hide her evergrowing pregnant bump!

    The storyline about the death squads was exceptionally revealing and well written -- it was right to bring it into the haven of socialite America to highlight the attrocities that are happening daily in Latin America and beyond. So quickly we forget the suffering of communities as we go about our own daily lives.

    There was a time when I was wondering how many series could be made out of mathmatical calculations ... well with such strong storylines as this one was, the answer just has to be ... infinite! At least let's hope so!
  • Not the usual style.

    I was a little disappointed. It seemed to me that the storyline regarding the murders was a little slow and tended to drag. I am use to more action from Numb3rs. But the a past few episodes being so full of action, it was definitely a change of pace. The positives were the character developments for Don, understanding and realizing that he is human. I have loved the addition of Kathy Najimy as Mildred Finch. However, this weeks episodes touch on the develops between Mildred and Alan and the affect of this relationship on Don and Charlie. In Charlie's case the affects of both being Alan's son and working for Mildred's. Definitely intesting twists and developments. It's also been very creative in hiding Diane Farr's tummy. The old tricks still work.
  • Don and the team investigate the deaths of two cops while trying to figure the motive behind a series of robberies.

    Decent episode. I think they could have done more with Don because this whole thing with the shrink was done too quickly. Will the shrink be a recurring character or not? Only time will tell.

    The episode was ok. A couple of robberies are committed by masked gunmen and women. Don and the others don't really know the motive. Charlie uses what's called a Threat Matrix to pinpoint where the robbers will strike next. He miscalculates the fact that there might be two teams of robbers. Actually this was Milli's calculations as well.
    Charlie's Dad by way of the spider web gives him the hint that there might another team.

    This doesn't solve the problem of motive. It's until they uncover the link behind one of the robbers and a Mexican colonel that they see the bigger picture death squads. Death Squads are a real thing but what they really didn't say in this episode is that a lot of these death squads (such as in Salvador) were financially backed and pushed by
    Americans and US Government(CIA). They've done it in El Salvador and Chile. There's been a lot of blood in other countries caused by US backing.

    Anyways, they eventually catch the bad guys. It was a decent episode.
  • Good character development episode for Don!

    Charlie seems to be the hearthrob in the show as Rob Morrow used to be on his Northern Exposure
    Days as the crime is two cops murdered wile dining out
    As Charlie tries to find out what happened with them being
    Murdered as the bureau forces Don to see a shrink as they
    Feel somethin maybe wrong with him. Usually they focus it seems on Charlie but glad they are trying to develop Don. As the supporting characters are more shown than Don is at times.
  • This episode seemed to develop Don a bit more, which is good, since I think that Numb3rs needs to be about all the characters.

    I think that the storyline was well developed, but in the end I was a little lost, because it happened so quickly.
    I'm glad that they centered this storyline more around Don instead of Charlie. Granted they don't spend entire episodes developing Charlie, but it feels like they spent more time developing Don.
    The only other time I've heard mention of Death Squads in South America has been on another tv show called seaQuest DSV in the first season. Death Squads are a very real thing third world countries have to deal with. I'm sure they have different names but I'm sure that there are Death Squads in Darfur. It's good to see that it is brought to the attention of all Americans, so they KNOW what is happening in the world.
    I'm also really glad that the deal with the pharmaceutical company was worked out like it was. Milly seemed to definitely take into mind and heart the issue Amita (and eventually Charlie) was having with the history of the company.
    All in all, I think it was a very worthwhile episode, although not 'pivoting'