Season 3 Episode 21

The Art of Reckoning

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • An assasin for hire, six days away from his execution, decides to start confessing his crimes in exchange for seeing his daughter (who he has never met). The Justice Department jumps at the man's proposal, but Don has his suspicions.


    Numb3rs has definitely established itself in this third season. So far the episodes have been very well done in every way (acting, writing, storylines) and are very entertaining from start to finish. This episode is defintely no exception. The viewer can certainly understand Don's reasons for doubting the assasin and the stories the assasin told. The final resolution to the assasin's stories is plausible and a logical conclusion. Peter MacNicol's return is another reason to enjoy this episode. Hopefully the winning streak of Numb3rs will continue far into the future.

  • Inconsistencies

    Larry claims to have lost 6 percent of bone mass from being in space, but if he was in space for over 4 months, at 2% per month, he would be closer to 9% bone density loss.

    His character seems to be getting more and more whiney, and flighty. It is getting harder and harder to imagine Meagan even being able to stand being around him, much less infatuated. That part of the storyline is getting harder to believe.

    Did it also seem like Pony was given far more free roam than you would ever figure a guy who is on death row would get?
  • good episode...

    Larry returns from space, but acts different. He's really funny to watch because he's so different from before and Charlie is so confused about his personality. Anyways, Don is talking to a death row inmate that wants to see his daughter in return for telling them where bodies are located. I thought it was interesting how the inmate suppressed and changed his memories because the truth was too hard for him to handle. I thought it was a sweet ending and I like the twist of Larry going to a monastery. Overall, good story with great guest characters. I like having Larry back.
  • Review

    I think this may be my favorite case in the series, with maybe "One Hour" being a little bit better. The actor choice for the man on death row was really well done and I liked the way he was so calm and collected about remembering about how he killed everyone. It was cool, in a very creepy kind of a way. the only part of the episode I didnt like was Larrys coming back from space part. I thought that was really tacky by the writers to make him basically say he didnt want to come back. I know Megan is on pregnancy leave right now, but he didnt even seem to care about seeing anyone. They should have waited until the finale, when megan comes back, to bring him back and use him the way he should be used. I just didnt see the point of bringing him back only to basically run around sayig that this world is so confined.
  • Beautiful concept, reunion, action

    They need to leave the action to other shows, that was the worst car/foot chase ever, myself and everyones instincts are to shot at a vehicle that is chasing you and ramming you and most likely trying to kill you. Rear wheel drive car, you get bumped you smash the break and hard turn against the bump, the floor it and wheel into the other vehicle and pop pop pop thats how it goes, and thats text book. It just got to me. The reunion was lax, it was Larry even outdoing Larry for nuts. It could have been a much better show, but as this show does better than any other show, it leads out in a beautiful mellow way, I can't wait for a high drama cliff hanger, I have a feeling this was to get the kinks out, and now that they know this show is moving to an entirely new level of quality.
  • Larry's Back !

    I loved the various aspects of this episode. Murphy had several perspectives. A prisoner during his final hours, an informant, a father and a killer. I really enjoyed the coaching the Charlie gave Don in his dealings with him It showed Don's receptiveness to his concepts. The twist of Murphy wanting to see his daughter, Lucy and his ex-wife protectiveness was developed nicely. Larry, Larry, Larry. He has returned and stranger than normal. But is it normal? We'll have to see how it's played out. I loved watching Berelli & Sinclair and how they nailed the bad guys. Pretty classic. Not mention of Megan???
  • Larry's back!!!!...but he's not himself...

    This was a fantastic episode! The only thing I didn't like was Larry. I know the writers were purposly making him seem off, but it bothered me. I don't know--maybe it was just me. They are definitely setting up the emotional rollar coasters for the season finale though. They are all doing a great job. It does seem to me that Alan has taken a backseat this season? That saddens me a bit, because I really miss those Eppes family moments with just Alan and the boys. Maybe with Millie out for the rest of the season, we'll see more of those again. I hope so!

    All in all--wonderful episode. Can't wait for next week!

    Kas Lincoln.
  • Larry is back!

    I am so glad as I have missed Larry so
    Much as are all Numbers fans as he was the
    Comic relief. Glad to see him back as the team are Skeptical about a gun for hire assassin who is days Away from dying as the Feds want to offer him
    Out of death row but Don thinks there is something fishy going on!
  • Finally, Larry is back!

    Yeap, he's back and healthy, except for the loss in bone density or something. As he landed, he also shared a few touching thoughts on his experience from the space station and comment on his views of how wonderful our planet is.

    The main storyline was ok, but there really wasn't much action, and not much math either. I mean those FBI agents probably knew about the tit-for-tat strategy, only maybe they didn't know that that was what it was called. They do it everytime anyway. There weren't enough twists or surprises in this episode either.

    I think they also ought to make a story that is worth a season finale. I mean the past few seasons, the finale was just another criminal case with nothing particularly special. They should have a case that has a good plot and probably involves some of the characters in the show. Or they can have a really special case which could go over two episodes like the way they started season 3. Numb3rs is a good show, and it should deserve something like this.
  • A man on death row proclaims he can give Don and the FBI the location of five dead bodies in exchange for seeing his daughter.

    More geared toward character development and dialogue than action.

    Jeremy Sisto plays AUSA whose trying to close the case on the condemned hit man. When the death row inmate says he can deliver more bodies for a couple of murders he did, Brickle says what the heck.

    A bulk of the episode was an exchange of words with Don and the inmate. There was a sidestory to see if the man killed a congressman's son. The sidestory with Larry and Charlie was ok but wasn't was I tuning in for. Larry's behavior also didn't make much sense. Well then again it's Larry.

    The last few minutes did have a decent car chase and gunplay involving David and Brickle but for the large part the episode was more about the psychology between the inmate and Don.
  • Great episode.

    First of all, I've gotta commend Wood Harris for a great performance in this episode. He's what made the episode so good. The whole crime story was very creepy and cool. He fooled himself into thinking his made-up memories were reality? Very cool. And also, Larry comes back from Outer Space! He's acting very weird, and his bone density is down to 60%. I thought the whole scene with Larry and Charlie at the beach was pretty touching. At the end of the episode, we find out that Murphy actually didn't kill anybody, and he pretended he did because he wanted the kid to die without pain. He also got to finally see his daughter. One of the best episodes of Numb3rs yet. Very exciting, touching, and moving. 9/10.