Season 5 Episode 20

The Fifth Man

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2009 on CBS

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  • Whoa... this episode was intensely good...

    So we'd all been spoiled for this one right? That is, anyone who is more than a casual fan and not going out of their way to avoid spoilers. I'd been looking forward to this episode for over a a month, and am glad to say it exceeded all my expectations.

    The setup is pretty simple and short. Charlie gets a new office, complete with a huge stack of boxes to... do math on! What else? So he does math all night until Nikki comes in an yells at him for not working on the case he's supposed to be helping with. So he does the math, the team goes to stop some armed robbers, and Don gets knifed. With a freaking huge knife, by the way.

    So they spend the whole episode 1. angsting 2. Trying to solve the case 3. Waiting for Don to recover. We fans know, of course that he'll be fine in the end because, well, no show without Don, right? But it's still tense.

    The plot of the episode sounded kind of fanfiction-ey to me when I first heard about it, the the actual episode didn't come across that way to me, which made me very happy.

    So I suppose all I have left to say is yay for boss!David. Okay, I think I'll stop now.
  • Don's life is in danger..

    Charlie gets a new office and spends the whole night doing his math after a moment of inspiration. This later cause him to forget to do what he was supposed to be doing: math for the FBI.

    His calculations are wrong and Don is caught off guard and knifed. His life is in danger and he barely survives.

    David is in charge. The team is feeling a little anxious. Granger wants to torture a possible suspect to get something out of him quickly.

    Charlie can't sleep til he finds the guy who hurt his brother. He play bait and the team finally gets the bad guy.

    Overall, a good episode. Liked seing Epps senior giving advice to Robin and Charlie. He's the oldest and wisest.
    Hope to seing more of David as the boss man.. it fits him..
  • An episode I had high expectations for, totally meets them all!

    Wow, this was an amazing episode! Ever since I heard the plotline I had been very excited and it was even better than I hoped! The whole feel of it was stellar, this has just made my very very favorite episode list. The beginning of the episode drew me in and didn't let me go until the very end. Don's injury was handled very well with each of the other characters really feeling it and showing it. I think perhaps this will help Nikki to loose of it of her cockie attitude. ;) Charlie was really affected and I can see him having repercussions in episodes to come. I do wish we had had a bit more of Don angst, but other than that this episode was over and above any episode to date! I liked this episode so much I can't even find the right words to describe it, so basically what I have to say is: Go watch it!
  • A member of the team is badly hurt when trying to stop a gang of home invaders.


    I have been looking forward to this episode since I first heard of it a while ago. It did not disappoint.

    Don is stabbed when trying to catch a group of home invaders. Why they have been doing this becomes clear as the episodes unfolds.

    The newly promoted David took over the team leader role with ease whilst still being "one of the team". Charlie, for once, managed to stay focused on the investigation rather than sinking into one of his math problems. I found Alan's reaction a little held back - I was expecting him to be more upset that Don was hurt. Something he's been expecting since he joined the FBI.

    I really enjoyed this episode, though to be honest, a bit more Don angst would have been welcomed.

    All round, a very enjoyable episode with great acting by all.