Season 3 Episode 24

The Janus List

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • Thrilling and Phenonmenal

    Very likely the best episode across the previous three series - and there have been some superb episodes to choose from.

    Fantastic opening act sets the pace and drama of this highly intensive action/intrigue oriented episode. From this explosive start we are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as old enemies are brought back from a couple of earlier linked episodes to bring to a conclusion the story-line of the Chinese espionage multi-part story arc.

    Unlike so many middle acts in tv shows that dont do enough to keep the pace and intensity of the story cranked up, this episode uses the emotion of the team well. As we find out along with them that Colby one of the best liked characters, a real son of uncle Sam isnt one of their own and worse hes a traitor, you will join the rest of us in feeling your guts churn around in your belly. How could he!

    Every scene, every dialogue keeps the must-see-factor right up there. So many nervy moments keep us off-balance as we are torn between wanting Colby to escape and wanting him to be caught. You just wont know which side you want to win. Here lies the beauty of the plot - it keeps you wanting to root for both sides, even if in reality neither side can win in this henious and treacherous situation!

    In what is a truly worthy ending, the good guys win - but only just. But that is only the beginning! The real viewer satisfaction is in the trepidation of asking - what next? What will happen to the team in the next series? How will each team member cope?

    And is this the end of this of this particular story?
    Well theres always next season.

    A true not-to-be-missed episode.
  • colby is found out to be a triple agent and his life is in a list of double agents is told

    i love this episode .it helps develop Colby's character and his status as an agent .so Amita helps the team when the case involes an alternate reality .but when Amita ,Charlie and Colby go to investigate a clue then Colby's life is put in danger and he is washed down the dam and it takes Charlie to pull him out . I'm just glad that he didn't get seriously hurt or worse drown but i do think that he should have gotten more injuries . I mean just his hands .you would think that with those stone walls he would have hit them at least once
  • Wonderfully plotted and great finale for season 3.

    Don't miss this finale. This is why I love to watch numb3rs. This episode was amazing and wonderfully plotted. Who would think of an old man on bridge can start off bomb blast? I am totally caught unprepared with the plot.

    How on earth this old man knows Charlie and Don? Hmm really keep me thinking throughout the show. Well guess he is just trying to test Charlie's intelligence. What is his problem anyway. (Cannot understand why this old man want to sacrifice his life for).

    I am happy to see Megan is back to the show. Really missed her for the past few episodes.
  • An amazing episode

    The Janus List is by far the best episode of Numb3rs so far and may very well be one of the greatest TV episodes of all time. The plot details were amazing and it will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire episode. The revalation of Colby as a double agent is a perfect setup for the start of season 4, and brings yet another underlying story line to the series. Whether you are a fan of the show or not this is definately one episode that is a must see. Be sure to watch it before the start of season 4!
  • Review

    To begin - let me say that this epsiode certainly lived up to the hype that it deserved. Second, I thought the first half of the finale was a much stronger effort then the second half. I think the first twenty minutes with the man putting Charlier through the test was very fun and pressure pounding from the beginning. I liked the Janus List mystery which was kept until the final couple minutes of the episode to keep us in suspense. The math in this episode was all like a puzzle and I did like the part where Don stepped up and saw the music note in the bridge design. The only part of the finale that seemed slow for me was Colby's friend and the 2-3 scenes that he was in. While they were important the the story, it kind of took away from the pressures of the episode which is why I simply could not give this episode a perfect ten though it is one of the best episodes that the show has ever done. Very happy that numebrs finnaly did a good finale - giving people something to take about on the way to season 4.
  • I was totally stunned and sat there with my mouth wide open.

    First I think this was a great episode and what a shocker. Making Colby a spy/double agent or whatever was a great plot twist. I never saw it coming, but......

    But does it really fit for Colby to be a spy. That is still part of it that I have a hard time getting my head around. Colby has been fiercely loyal and protective of this group since the beginning. He has also been an avid supporter of the Troops and American in general. So is it really in his character to be a spy. Or did the writers just come up with something to shake up the group and be able to add a new agent next year.

    I keep wondering if we are done with this plot line or if there is another twist coming. Part of me hopes that there is a new twist. Maybe he was working undercover or something. I liked the character of Colby and will miss him if the story stands as is.
  • Wow, what a way to finish a season! This episode was perfect and left my mouth hanging open, and totally speechless!

    This episode began with a 'madman' threatening to blow up a busy bridge, laden with traffic. His demands? To speak to Don and Charlie Epps. The 'madman' begins to ask Charlie and Don questions; each wrong answer detonating a bomb. Don decides humoring this man isn't working and confronts him, exploding a bomb which seriously burning the man, who yells out to trust the Janus list.

    Megan reappears, back from the assignment forced upon her a few episodes ago. There's a tense moment when Charlie asks how it went, and Don gives Megan a look as her face closes up...leaving us wondering what was Megan sent away to do? Her behaviour throughtout the episode is strange, but she is the only one to pick up on odd behaviour in Colby as well.

    It is determined that the madman is Taylor Ashby who once worked for MI6. Charlie believes there is something more to why he and Don where there. And while Colby and David are in Ashby's apartment they find 6 bugs from all over the world.

    Meanwhile, Ashby is in hospital, unable to communicate, but manages to communicate numbers to Charlie which he decodes (on a glass wall, to Don's annoyance!) and discovers that Ashby was poisoned, confirmed by tests.

    It is learnt that Ashby was a triple agent in the Cold War and no one had any idea whose side he was on. Listening to tapes from wiretaps, they find a conversation with Dwayne Carter, Colby's old friend who they busted for working for the Chinese. Resulting interviews (with David along, at Don's insistence) with Carter show Colby tensed, on edge and Dwayne slightly cryptic.

    As the episode continues Charlie puts together the numbers that Ashby used. Don even has his own 'math vison' moment (nice to see he has a brain as well for a change). Working together (also with Amita) they discover a journalist Ashby spoke to and after another attempt on Ashby's life, she is moved to a safe house with Megan and Colby.

    While they're at the safe house, which comes under attack from armed and well equiped men, the others gather more information and Charlie strikes gold when he decodes some random code in an email and discovers the Janus list. Meanwhile, David and Don, concerned about Colby and Megan head to the safe house and find Colby leaving Megan with the gunmen and escaping with the journalist. Don arrests him.

    Back at the FBI Colby admits to being a spy for the Chinese and gives Dwayne Carter as the person who posioned Ashby (he gained through a deal he made). This scene is so painful; the betrayal for the all, David in particular, and Megan realising the reason for his behaviour. Don is the most cool headed, but his voice and face shows how he feels. As Colby and Dwayne are taken away, David and Megan comment on how unbelievable it is, and Megan suggests that she can't go on. The Epps family finish the show, with a somber scene.

    The episode shocked me, and I cannot wait until this show comes back to see how everyone recovers from this shock, which shakes everyone to the core. That is, if they recover at all.
  • WOW! I thought at the beggining it was going to be Megan or Colby! Im just glad it was not Don or Charlie.

    OK. I like Colby, but i won't di3 b3caus3 h3 was th3 traitor. SPOIL3R: He is coming back in S3ason 4. So Colby Fans, pl3as3 dont cry, h3 will be back. Was it just m3, or was Charli3 drinking Pepto Bistmol a little strange. Just asking. I almost screamed "Charli3 no!" when that evil guy almost pull3d his gun on Charli3. I was so sad. But when Don slugg3d that British guy for almost g3tting Charli3 killed, i r3m3mb3r3d th3 th3rapy session th3y had tog3th3r. It must have help3d. That was a very family episod3. And that one scen3 when Don's entire t3am was in the int3rrigation room: David calling Colby a traitor, Colby being int3rrigat3d, M3gan trying to separate Colby and David, and Don pulling David out of the room. Ahh, t3am bonding. One last thing, im so glad the th3rapist was wrong about Don. One of his ag3nts was a spy, so h3 had a right not to trust his t3am. This was a gr3at way to 3nd th3 s3ason. Hope S3ason 4 starts out as gr3at!
  • As much as I like the series, this episode finally brought some genuine and, IMHO, badly needed excitement!

    The episode starts with a seemingly "ordinary" madman's threat to blow up a bridge in an extraordinary way. But, the audience and FBI quickly discover that the man is anything but ordinary. He is equisitely knowledgeable, and has detailed information about the FBI's staff, even down to FBI team leader, Don Eppes' brother, Professor Charlie Eppes, who he demands to see and then tests his math skills, all the while holding everyone at bay!

    The good guys are forced to figure out sublime hints and clues left by the man, who, as it turns out, is an undercover agent, although nobody is quite sure for whom! Injured in the bomb attempt, we discover that he has been poisoned, yet, unable to speak while lying in the hospital, he struggles to give more information to the team by a series of non-verbal, coded messages!

    The characters are allowed to blossom in this episode, using not only their brawn and FBI training, but also their brains, to think outside the box, and find not only the man's killer, but also the alleged "Janus List" of turncoat agents from many nations.

    The only "downer" was the "Megan Reeves" character, who seemed listless and completely unnecessary throughout the episode. At one point, her character wondered why she was doing her job at all; I wondered the same thing! It's the only reason I didn't give the episode a 9.5 (I don't believe in perfect 10's!).

    A shocking turn of events occurs that I will not mention, here! If you're a fan of the show and missed it, then you have something to look forward to in the summer reruns or inevitable DVD! If you're new to the show, this is the best episode I've seen, so the entire series may pale by comparison!
  • They saved the best episode of the season for last!

    I thought this episode was the best one out of all those of Season Three. It would probably be in my 'Top 5' Numb3rs episodes ever.

    Shocking revelation in this episode was that there has been a spy in the FBI for over 2 years, and one of the main characters of the show: Colby Grange (Dylan Bruno). He is now going to be in prison, I am assuming, and probably will not be back once Season Four's premiere arrives.

    The mathematics and cryptology and codes in this episode were all extremely riveting, as well as the mysterious man behind the mysterious 'Janus List.'

    A great end to Season Three.
  • It WAS painful..

    even though it WAS painful to watch i cried as i was angry I cannot believe that Colby Granger of all people the one they trusted and loved would betray them I am still shocked by this it is going to take me some time to get over that one. just like NCIS when Kate Todd was killed man it took me a while to get over it.
  • Wow... just wow.

    Without Spoilers! Wow!

    I don't think anyone actually saw this coming... I certainly didn't. It was shockingly shocking, excitingly exciting, and horribly horrible. But in a good way. Numb3rs sure knows how to make it's viewing audience say "whoa."

    So it starts out with a guy threatening to blow up a bridge. Everyday occurrence on Numb3rs, right? But then, right before he blows himself up, he shouts something about a Janus List. That couldn't possibly have any long-term ramifications for our favorite FBI agents, right?

    Wrong. Basically, a bunch of stuff happens, and massive angst ensues. Good fun. As promised, something happens that /will/ change the team forever...

    I can't wait for season 4...
  • Words fail me - almost. Definately the best episode of the series. The finely entwined clues, the very tight plot, and except for Charlies one little slip twix a 9 and a 0, a flawless clues to a shocking conclusion.

    **possible spoiler warning**

    Like all good final eps of a season, this was one was the culmination of an arc that flowed through most of the year....and while I probably shouldn't have been, I was shocked and dismayed.

    But forgetting about the 'big shock' for a moment. This was a special ep because of the main scene setter. The writing and clues were so tight throughout this whole episode I'm going to have to watch it at least half a dozen more times to pick up on the nuances.

    It was great to see Martin Jarvis playing the main protagonist too. He seemed a little out of place at first, I'm used to seeing him on sets in the English countryside or a manorhouse but he was great as always.

    It was gratifying to see Don get to show he's not just the guy with a badge too - he's got a brain. Great to see Megan back but by the end of the ep I was wondering if Diane Farr was going to return in Season 4...Megans comments of disatisfaction with the job sounded ominously like we were being prepared for her departure.

    ...anyway, I thought this an exceptional ep. The brothers Epp, and their Dad will be welcome back in my home for many seasons to come if the standard set in this and previous seasons continues.
  • Wow!!! What an episode. Who would have thought that one of their own would be out to get them....I would!!! I totally called the ending of this episode.

    Wow!! Charlie was totally in his element with this episode. I just love him. And David Krumholtz is hot, too. I couldn't believe what he did at that hospital. I can't believe he risked his life for a dying old man. Wow!! And that moment between Charlie and Amita was beautiful. I also loved when Don went off on that guy for putting Charlie at risk. I predicted from the time I saw the previews for the episode that the one to betray them all would be Colby. He has always had a bit of an edge. And earlier this season they had that problem with him and his army buddy. But he did hide his secret identity very well. I mean why wasn't that secret identity caught when he applied to be an FBI agent. Shouldn't there be some strict process to decide who they let on the force?? Even though I had predicted the ending it still through me. I love this show and I loved this season. Seasons 1&2 were awesome. I can't get enough of this show. I can't wait for it to be out on DVD so I can watch it again. I also can't wait for season 4.
  • OMG I love this show.

    It was great to have Megan back. I loved the storyline. I loved all the different agencies after one list. I like how you never who had the list until the final few minutes. Access to the list being hidden via math calcuations was ingenius. The whole spy game I thought was fantastic, I think it's a definitely piece of reality. Charlie as the hero. I loved it. Granger past comes back to haunt both him and his team. When the whole situation with Granger finally came out in the open, I thought the emotional responses of his "team" was perfect. It showed the human side of them.
  • I can't believe it.

    I can't believe it. Who the heck could have predicted it would have ended like that. Who'da thunk it? I mean a Chinese spy and they brought the agent from the Mission Impossible series, whose name escapes me now as a character who comes up with the Janus list and ends up revealing it all. It was definitely a watcher for me. I couldn't believe the end so I have to watch it several times, thank you DVR. At first I though it would be Megan or Don's new love interest, really this early in the morning names just don't come. But I was shocked cause I didn't want the team to break up or go through the drama of having a spy in their mix. They worked so well together. I loved this episode.
  • An amazing episode that just about broke my heart. Spoilers in review.

    By far the best Numb3rs episode this season and definitely the best of the various season finales I have seen this May. Charlie and Don were in their element, yet at the same time stretching in their roles. MRI and G-Major scale for the win!

    It was great to have Megan back, although I agree with Colby in that I prefer nice Megan. What did the DOJ have her do?

    David and Colby were amazing. They seemed the same buddies they always were, with grappling hooks taking the place of their typical suspect-chase. Of course, all that was twisted with the reveal that Colby was a spy for the Chinese. Heart-breaking. My jaw was on the floor and I was in total shock. I did not expect that Colby was the mole, I didn't even think that there really was a mole (CBS likes to make things melodramatic for the promos).

    Overall, this episode gave character growth to everyone and has set up a very interesting premise for season 4. Hopefully the Numb3rs PTB won't drop the ball.
  • WOW!!!

    This is hands down the best episode of Numb3rs so far, at least in my opinion. Charlie's math skills are tested from start to finish, and Don actually helps him see something. Charlie's life gets threatened again, and we see Colby's other side. Everything was great, except maybe for Larry not appearing. :P

    This was a special episode. I said before how Numb3rs needed something like this, a story where the main characters are caught up in the plot. And I was really surprised that one of them was a part of that list. It was also good to see Charlie trying to break the ingenuities of Taylor Ashby.

    By the way, would Colby and Megan be back for next season?
  • Fantastic....Deep and twisted.

    WHO is Alan Eppes quoting about death in the ending sermon by the fireplace? Does anyone know? That set everything perfectly. I wish the Scotts' would play some decent closing music. Dweller does a tune called "Before you save the World" that would have fit so much better than the sappy mellow-dramatic crap they close every episode with.
    Amazed that every character got fully developed last night...everyone had their say. An awesome episode overall.
    Again...hats off to the writing staff...see you all next season!

    daver - madison ct