Season 3 Episode 24

The Janus List

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 18, 2007 on CBS

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    To begin - let me say that this epsiode certainly lived up to the hype that it deserved. Second, I thought the first half of the finale was a much stronger effort then the second half. I think the first twenty minutes with the man putting Charlier through the test was very fun and pressure pounding from the beginning. I liked the Janus List mystery which was kept until the final couple minutes of the episode to keep us in suspense. The math in this episode was all like a puzzle and I did like the part where Don stepped up and saw the music note in the bridge design. The only part of the finale that seemed slow for me was Colby's friend and the 2-3 scenes that he was in. While they were important the the story, it kind of took away from the pressures of the episode which is why I simply could not give this episode a perfect ten though it is one of the best episodes that the show has ever done. Very happy that numebrs finnaly did a good finale - giving people something to take about on the way to season 4.