Season 3 Episode 24

The Janus List

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • Thrilling and Phenonmenal

    Very likely the best episode across the previous three series - and there have been some superb episodes to choose from.

    Fantastic opening act sets the pace and drama of this highly intensive action/intrigue oriented episode. From this explosive start we are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as old enemies are brought back from a couple of earlier linked episodes to bring to a conclusion the story-line of the Chinese espionage multi-part story arc.

    Unlike so many middle acts in tv shows that dont do enough to keep the pace and intensity of the story cranked up, this episode uses the emotion of the team well. As we find out along with them that Colby one of the best liked characters, a real son of uncle Sam isnt one of their own and worse hes a traitor, you will join the rest of us in feeling your guts churn around in your belly. How could he!

    Every scene, every dialogue keeps the must-see-factor right up there. So many nervy moments keep us off-balance as we are torn between wanting Colby to escape and wanting him to be caught. You just wont know which side you want to win. Here lies the beauty of the plot - it keeps you wanting to root for both sides, even if in reality neither side can win in this henious and treacherous situation!

    In what is a truly worthy ending, the good guys win - but only just. But that is only the beginning! The real viewer satisfaction is in the trepidation of asking - what next? What will happen to the team in the next series? How will each team member cope?

    And is this the end of this of this particular story?
    Well theres always next season.

    A true not-to-be-missed episode.