Season 3 Episode 4

The Mole

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Charlie gets jealous...

    It was nice to get to know a little bit more of Colby. However, what he did was wrong. After he suspected of his friend and then heard what he told him he would've done the right thing by talking to Don and let him take care of it. Instead, he doesn't do it and he almost ends up losing Don's trust.

    Charlie... He's very young and sometimes I think this is why he behaves and thinks in a certain... immature way. But that's where Alan comes in. He talked to him and Charlie realized everything else on his own.
  • Colby Colby COLBY

    I really enjoyed this episode and especially liked the fact that the episode centered around Colby. I felt like there were 2 main character developments in this episode from:


    1- Being a relatively new member of the team (I know season 2 but whatever) it was nice to see more of him. Although he has been in the programme for an entire season it was this episode that made it happen for him. I hope to see more of him in later episodes.

    2-I like the idea of Charlie getting jealous and upset at the fact that Larry didn't go to him for the math of Larry's published article. It made the character seem vulnerable which was a new thing to see.
  • Review

    After over two seaons of the show the way the show does things has kind of become routine at this point. The show doesnt reinvent itself every season like 24 does - this show is pretty much standalone cases with small story aches on the side - this episode was an average one. Nothing major happened, but I was entertained throughout the episode as a whole. Colby has seen a lot less acting in this season and I question the writers abuse of him in this episode. Don basically threatens his job but supports his actions which were far worse, I think, in the previous episode. I think the case could have used a little bit of extra work considering that the bad guy in the end passed something to the chinese consulate guy. I would have liked to see one scene with him regarding what information was passed to him. The storylines on the outside were ok - Amita and Charlie dont feel like a couple at all and the Larry/Charlie drama was...not all that interesting. Average episode all in all.
  • I feel that this was a very colby centered episode

    this episode was very colby centerd and I am glad. I mean think about it how much did we now about colby and how he reacts to certain things. In my mind he was still kind of the new guy tring to find his place in the team. now I think that he has found it.
  • Plotted well with several exciting sequences, some good Charlie character development, but the math didn't seem to connect as well to the case as it usually does.

    I really liked this episode, it centered on Charlie, of course, but also Colby which was a refreshing change. It was nice to find out a little more about his character. We meet an old army friend who saved his life. We also get a sense of Colby's character when he has to make an important moral choice regarding the case.

    The Charlie/ Larry storyline allowed for the best character development. it also made the audience love Alan Eppes all the more for his ability to say exactly the right thing at the right time. I don't want to give away any plot points so I'll leave it with the note that it was nice to see Charlie facing his problem instead of hiding from them. He talked it out with his dad and Larry instead of hiding in his math as he has been known to do.

    The math Charlie did regarding the tire marks on the dead girl probably could've been done by a forensic pathologist. However, he did manage to run one of his probablity analyses to find a meeting location. I didn't think this was that original, he seems to do this a lot. Overall, I thought the math could've been a little more original. However, the focus of Charlie's character in this episode was more on his feud with Larry than with Don's case.

    Ovrall, this episode was a very good installment and my favorite of this season so far.
  • Colby's old army buddy comes under suspicion in an investigation of a mole.

    This episode was excellent.

    After a translator for the Chinese consul is hit in a hit-and-run, the team discover that she has a lot of money in her account. At only 24, she had to be doing something under the table. When they discover an offshore bank account number, they begin to suspect that there is a mole in the Counter Intelligence. Colby talks to an old buddy who saved his life. When he finds out that he lied about seeing the lady, Colby asks for the truth. His buddy was sleeping with her. When Colby withholds the information from Don, he is taken off the case. They search Colby's buddy's house and find out that he was tipped off by someone in the Chinese Embassy about the FBI search warrent. They then try and figure out where Colby's buddy will meet to sell his final info. After he gets away, Don decides that Colby is the only one who would know where his buddy was going. However, Colby won't answer his phone. After Colby's buddy confesses to Colby, he shows that he was wearing a wire. The FBI show up and arrest Colby's friend.

    Meanwhile, Charlie is jealous because Larry didn't ask him to colaborate on a paper that he turned in. Larry says it is because he was becoming to dependent on Charlie. After talking with Mr. Eppes, Larry realises that he might not have asked for Charlie's help because of his pride.

    This show was excellent. Especially when Colby's buddy gave them the slip and left a fake head for them to follow in the taxi. It was an awesome episode.
  • Colby's Army friend might be selling secrets to the Chinese government and is a suspect in a women's murder.

    Decent episode although it reminded me again of how annoying Don and Charlie can be when they get in their moods.

    Charlie got worried that Larry didn't ask his help on a paper. At first, it seemed like it was concern , but the more I thought about it, it was more about ego than friendship for Charlie which really makes Charlie sometimes to be the annoying nerd. I mean a real friend would have said something differently like "this paper is great" instead of what he said that this paper could have been
    "better with two geniuses". Eh anyways.

    Very much a Colby oriented episode ignoring the Charlie thing. We see decent acting here. I was sympathetic to the situation Colby was in and I thought Don was a hypocrite for lecturing Colby breaking the law when Don did the same
    crap a few episodes ago when he let one of his prisoners basically get beat up for information and ignoring his civil rights. Everything wrapped up as expected. It was decent just again the type of episode that makes me realize why I don't like Don or Charlie sometimes.
  • Excellent score. Cookies mixed with math and personal jalousy out off a mouth of a genius with table manners scoring an absolute zero - Krumbholtz it is. Not his fault - just follows the script.

    Intersting, well played.
    Why everyone on the cast talks while eating?
    This makes the dialougue hard to understand. Why, also, all hot shots, suberb policemen, sofisticated ladies, redicoverers to the beginnings of the universe talk with
    their mouths full? Eating while talking is a sign of disrespect in a modern culture.

    It originates from extreme poverty or some primordial
    etiquette, when we, the erect ones could not decide
    whether to stay on all fours or change - and show food chunks between our jaws as a sign to the less fortunate. Also ladies try to appear distinguished while moving semi-chewed grub from one side of the mouth to another so they can speak...