Season 3 Episode 4

The Mole

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Plotted well with several exciting sequences, some good Charlie character development, but the math didn't seem to connect as well to the case as it usually does.

    I really liked this episode, it centered on Charlie, of course, but also Colby which was a refreshing change. It was nice to find out a little more about his character. We meet an old army friend who saved his life. We also get a sense of Colby's character when he has to make an important moral choice regarding the case.

    The Charlie/ Larry storyline allowed for the best character development. it also made the audience love Alan Eppes all the more for his ability to say exactly the right thing at the right time. I don't want to give away any plot points so I'll leave it with the note that it was nice to see Charlie facing his problem instead of hiding from them. He talked it out with his dad and Larry instead of hiding in his math as he has been known to do.

    The math Charlie did regarding the tire marks on the dead girl probably could've been done by a forensic pathologist. However, he did manage to run one of his probablity analyses to find a meeting location. I didn't think this was that original, he seems to do this a lot. Overall, I thought the math could've been a little more original. However, the focus of Charlie's character in this episode was more on his feud with Larry than with Don's case.

    Ovrall, this episode was a very good installment and my favorite of this season so far.