Season 3 Episode 4

The Mole

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on CBS



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    • (Megan watches Dwayne swim laps, confirming he is out of his apartment.)
      David: You have him? Megan. Megan!
      Megan: Biceps look pretty good. He should be in there a while.
      David: Now that you're done staring, we might be able to get the job done.
      Megan: (sarcastically) Ha ha ha

    • Charlie: (About the victim) I imagined her walking, the motion of her feet, and then it occured to me, uh... Curtate Cycloid.
      Megan: (Ironically) Oh, Curtate Cycloid!
      David: "C.C."!
      Megan: Right, of course...

    • Larry: (about Charlie) To graduate Princeton at 16, I mean I thought I was good, but it took me to the more normal age of 19!

    • Charlie: You want me to be honest with you?
      Larry: No, I don't. I want to remain a blithering idiot. Yes, of course I want your honesty.

    • Charlie: Hey, you know, you guys have direct access to NASA's firewall.
      Don: That's right, Big Brother is always watchin'.

    • Don: Never been in combat, but I've been in my share of fire fights and you know what scares the hell out of me? It's not dyin'; it's letting my guys down.

    • Amita: You know, they say there's nothing sexier than a man who knows how to cook.
      Charlie: Oh, yeah? What do you say? Do you agree?
      Amita: I don't know. I like guys who are good at math.

    • Megan: Dammit, he's getting out already.
      David: No, no, I need more time.
      Megan: How about 45 seconds?
      David: Do I have 46?
      Megan: 44. Come on.

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