Season 2 Episode 15

The Running Man

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on CBS

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  • Too close to home for the Dr's.

    Somewhat exciting, this episode is based around the campus, where a technically ambitous crime leads to suspects on campus.

    The setup scene is quite intense esp. with what happens to the at its end. Maths tends to play second fiddle to the action and emotional aspects of the plot. The truth behind the break-in is explained in a fairly pedestrian way, but it is the concepts behind it are interesting in their own right!

    This above average epsiode ends in an above average, if in an all to brief way. Yet, there is plenty of emotional drama which affects the Dr's and the sideplot of the Epps finding a lost "piece" of their mother. This is superbly woven into the episode and opens up the brothers and father grief, together with memories of their loved one.
  • Review

    This was an okay episode, but nothing really jumped out at me as Amazing after just watching "Harvest" the episode before. There werent any real big action scenes that blew me away and the "outside the case" interactions werent anything amazing either. Findind out the another secret was hidden about Chrlie and Dons Mom wasnt all that interesting. We have all ready been through the "Look what we never knew about Mom" scenes in episode in both the first season and earlier this season, so I felt that the outside the case scenes were a bit repeated. The case itself was interesting, with the 30 something year old guy continually passing himself off as an 18 year old all this time. This episode shows why the show could be considered only "average" by some viewers. The regulars like Amita are written big in some episodes and small in others and theoutside the case stuff just sometimes dosnt bring the needed excitment and drama. Average episode though
  • Charlie clashes with Larry while the Eppes boys learns more about their dead mother.

    I'm either hot or cold with Larry. He is either the highlight of an episode or he absolutely makes my blood boil. This episode he did the latter. He has a somewhat poisonous relationship with Charlie. I don't like how Larry automatically assumes the worst with Charlie. Never is he 'oh, how nice, Charles.' He's always telling him off for being too full of pride or not spending enough time on his mathematical contributions to society (occasionally the two contradict each other). True, sometimes it is warranted, but not ALL THE TIME! Even Charlie going through his old school papers is perceived as narcissistic. So Larry is not my favorite person this episode.

    That said, I really liked the rest of it! I love that Margaret Eppes was a talented musician. It is sad that she never shared that with her boys, or else they might have been more willing to keep up with the lessons.

    Ron was a great character. He shows how one can crack under the pressure to perform in universities. Granted, he took things to an extreme, but it does show how much emphasis we put on people to prove their worth in this society.
  • We need more like this

    This episode finally shed some light on the past that Charlie and Don had with their mother. And actually told us a little something more about their mother: She enjoyed composing music, and that was the reason that she had the boys take piano lessons as kids.

    In addition to that it was a strong episode that tied all of the mathematical loose ends together nicely into a unified whole.

    not only did we get a good explaination of what Dr. Fleinhardt does for a living, but the entire episode was sort of an analogy to it.

    Here we have a supposedly young, supposedly brilliant scientist, when in actuality he is just trying to steal "one last big score" to retire on. Using the same mathematical models that Dr. Fleinhardt uses to predict his black holes, they discover the not so young man's past and in the end catch up with him

    The episode ends on a nice note: Don playing one of the pieces of music that they discovered in the boxes in the garage.
  • Well Done!!!

    I just love this show ... absolutely love it. This episode in particular was riveting since it really showed more development of the boys' mother. It's interesting how they've been able to persue the careers of their choices, and she gave up something so important to her to create that family. Wonderful. I love the way all of the characters work together. It wasn't long ago when some of the FBI agents were a bit wary of Epps and his "mathematical" formulas used to solve crimes. I hope this keeps up ... this is one of my very very favorite shows.
  • A lab robbery of Dna equipments leads to Charlie and Larry questioning the integrity of one of their friends. Charlie questions his worth about how much he's actually done with his life.

    Very interesting episode. Some DNA synthesizer
    equipment is robbed, which might be able
    to be used to produce bioweapons. Charlie's
    friend, Ron Allen is pistol whipped as
    he catchers the robbers in progress.

    However, upon Don and others looking at the
    crime scene, they think Charlie's friend is
    hiding something and is in on it.

    In fact he is but that doesn't stop Larry
    (Peter MacNicol) and Charlie from protesting.

    In the end, it turns out they knew less
    about their so-called great student than
    they know about each other. The student
    is a well con-artists of sorts who likes
    to hope from one research project to the next,
    while robbing that project out it's resources,
    then selling it back on the black market.

    All the while though, Charlie shows a bit
    of jealousy toward this person because
    he's allegedly had more honors than him.

    This was an interesting episode. Charlie
    doesn't have a "midlife crisis" persay but
    he does sort of have that doubt which he
    shares with Larry that he feels somewhat
    insecure about himself. He doesn't feel
    he's done a heck of a lot , and seems
    sorry he can't turn back the clock.

    As a bit of a twist to this episode, which
    basically is about secret, Charlie and the
    gang learn more about his mom. CHarlie learns
    his mom was a gifted music lover and composer
    but gave it so she could be a lawyer.

    Good episode overall, not as predictable
    as the other episdes this past season.

    Last weeks episode has Charlie's friend
    doing a bit of soul-searching, this time
    it's Charlie.