Season 2 Episode 15

The Running Man

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on CBS

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    This was an okay episode, but nothing really jumped out at me as Amazing after just watching "Harvest" the episode before. There werent any real big action scenes that blew me away and the "outside the case" interactions werent anything amazing either. Findind out the another secret was hidden about Chrlie and Dons Mom wasnt all that interesting. We have all ready been through the "Look what we never knew about Mom" scenes in episode in both the first season and earlier this season, so I felt that the outside the case scenes were a bit repeated. The case itself was interesting, with the 30 something year old guy continually passing himself off as an 18 year old all this time. This episode shows why the show could be considered only "average" by some viewers. The regulars like Amita are written big in some episodes and small in others and theoutside the case stuff just sometimes dosnt bring the needed excitment and drama. Average episode though