Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on CBS

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  • Charlie and Don double-dating; a glimpse into Megan's work for the DOJ and Colby's official return to the team.

    Nice episode, especially since it gave us a little insight into Megan's work for the DOJ. After her return (from the DOJ assignment) there was little mention of the kind of work she did there, except for bits and pieces, giving us the idea that something "dark" had happened during that period. In the scene where she looks at the crime scene photos we hear some flashback "conversations" giving the clear idea that she had to interrogate prisoners, and that it probably wasn't the kind of interrogation techniques she liked to use. I wonder if the writers are going to make something more of that? Hope so!
    Don and Charlie double-dating - NICE. It shows that their relationship is clearly getting stronger, and that their previous problems may be something totally in the past. David and Colby's relationship also saw an improvement. There was clear concern on David's face when Colby took the dive onto the truck, and off onto the street; especially when he helped him up. Good to see David is working to get past his problems with Colby's undercover stint. And Alan being a student again! GREAT! I loved the scene with him and Charlie, where Charlie sympathised for Alan missing out on the "helping with the homework" part. All in all, a very nice episode. Hope to see more like these!