Season 5 Episode 8

Thirty-Six Hours

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2008 on CBS

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  • GREAT Episode!

    I wondered how they would handle this episode with the recent events, I appreciate the notation at the beginning warning viewers. Now for the episode, I thought it was very believable. I think how although there was a possible terrorist link, they followed the evidence. Our team was on a roller coaster throughout this episode. You could feel the tension and the desperation in the teams efforts to reach the survivors. I also liked how Don called Nikki out on running with assumptions and not following evidence. She's good but she has a lot to learn.
  • Exactly why Numb3rs is the best show out there!

    What an incredible episode, very full and rich and sad. Each character was completely themselves. This was a truly great episode, every factor of it completely and totally the numb3rs I love. I loved how you could see each person's job, doing what they could. Don was the leader, still searching, but leading as only he can do. Charlie was great, i really liked him in this one, you could really see his genious. David was so devoted and caring, and he and Colby worked together so well as a team. I like how Amita helped in a different way as well! The wreck itself was heart-breaking, the poor mother waiting for her son to be rescued. And the conclusion was wonderful, I felt like I'd been through the emotional wringer with the team as well and it was sweet to see them all resting. Another stellar episode, can this last?! ;)
  • Everyone seems to be pulling their own weight. Although I wasn't to thrilled with season 3 Numbers is getting better with age.

    I love the way that everyone is showing a little seasoning with each season. I hate it when the characters look as fresh and young in season 4 and 5 as they did in the first season especially considering what these guys go through. I love the chemistry between Colby and David. In the far, far future it they did a spin off I would most definitely tune in to check it out. In this episode, Charlie looks as though he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown now wouldn't that be cool. I do believe that it is about time for someone to get married and spit out a kid, but who I couldn't tell ya. I love this show and I think I will continue to stick around to see what happens.
  • Great episode!

    Great episode but a little over the top with the emotions. Colby was the cool head in this episode who knew when to rest. David was showing his lack of experience during this type of event. He didn't know when to rest and as a result was acting out of sheer emotion. Colby had to save his rear which made for some nice moments between them.
    Charlie was good but again, too emotional for my tastes. He really needs to man up a bit :-)

    I loved the ending with Charlie, Don, and Amita sleeping in the living room looking exhausted. Very nice episode.
  • I loved this episode. So unlike the other Numb3rs episodes of this series. The action is all set over 36 hours and you are watching the drama unfold instead of seeing it in flash backs and re telling by the villains.

    I think the writers are really trying something different this series. Some of the episodes like this one there is not a lot of 'action' but there is a lot of tension. I was great to see Colby and David work so well together, a great double act.

    I was also good to see Charlie under pressure. Don also looks more world weary. He looks like he could almost cry at the end (Just needs a hug!) Charlie I think at the end is looking at the important things that matter to him. Its nice to see that although the ending was happy (the little boy and the conductor saved) there was still a note of sadness. Don having a go at himself for slamming the guy into the car and the look on Charlie's face at the end.

    Its nice that the writers throw in these episodes to bring a sense of humanity to the characters.
  • the teams tries to beat the cloct to save lives after two trains collide and prevent an enviromental disaster. was it terrorism or a freak accident?

    one of the best episodes this season. kept me on the edge of my seat and was very emotional. i loved the focus on david and colby. david makes a promise to a frantic mother that he will bring her son to safety and almost dies in the attempt. we can feel the heartbreak when colby realizes that his partner and best friend may be on a suicide mission. of course, that causes colby to go after david and they pretty much save the day. to me the rescue mission overshadowed the investigation, but since the rescue focused on colby and david that's what made it so good. colby is my favorite character and i love the partnership between him and david, they have real chemistry.
  • this eprsold is 1 of the best eprsolds all them all

    who dose david think he is telling charlie what to do, his bro is the head of the FBI lol i mean charlie was just trying to help wiv his robots and he had no sleep what so ever and david just shouts at him and he is supose to be the boss and he nearly kills him self buy going in to the train but alls well that end well he gets the boy out alive. but it is a shame about charlies robotes i love thos littel guys, i woder how much they cost coz i wold love 5 lol

    till nsxt time c ya
  • There is a rumor that is the final season for Numb3rs, and it shows. A show running out of ideas..

    A story which is full of holes. It's seems that they are running out of material. I am not a fan of the new actor either. The show is beginning to wain for me. It almost looks like they are trying with the material, knowing it is not working. David seems to be getting too much involved in his case work. The Grainger character seems to be less interested every week. The father on the show seems to be completely filler. I hope they get back to the level they were at in Season 3. I am running out of time with Numb3rs.