Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2005 on CBS

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  • Eppes Brothers

    Great Episode! It is better and cool action with Agent Edergton!! Charlie was so exciting to see him again so he made his TAs to do all grading papers. In the beginning, Charlie was busy with grading and exams. Then in the middle of this episode, Charlie quickly decided to made TAs to do his work, Thanks god he have TAs!! Megan is so cool FBI Agent, she works with team. Megan is really neat and hero for FBI. It make me more motive, and more thinking for my goal, future. Great Episode!! I love it! I love Eppes Brothers travel north to work with Agent Edergton!
  • a great episode

    This episode had everything you need to call it a great episode of Numb3rs. Glad to see Edgerton is back. So he's called Ian ... I never really pictured him as an Ian ... I didn't really picture him as anything but I suppose Ian fits with the character. I like the whole larry and Megan interaction and as I've seen future episodes I know exactley what happens between the two of them ... I just want to see how they get there. liked how Charlie realised Edgerton was going to be working on the case so he gave all his work to his TAs to mark. Classic.
  • Review

    I really liked the case in this episode. I felt that for the first time in Numbers series they had a case where the guy they were after the entire time actually wound up being an innocent man all along. I found that twist to be pretty cool. I thought the conversation at the end if exactly what I want to see more of in Numbers, but I know I never will. conversations about the characters personal lives are often short because of the case taking up 90% of the episode, but it would be interesting to see more character devolopment from this series. I thought the case was good overall, one of the better episodes of Season 2 I think.
  • great episode, humor, fun, exciting plot!

    This was an amazing episode in my mind. The story was well developed and well planned. Kept me on the edge until the very end! I liked the small bits of comedy slipped into the midst as well. Such as, Charlie spelling conceited wrong, (conceted according to Charlie), then Charlie putting holes in the walls. I also like where theyre going with Larry and Megan, cool to see those two go on a date. (maybe Larry will get someone to carry his "wormholes" (first season)) very well done and ended nicely. I was also happy to see a picture of Alan and his wife in the beginning, good feeling. Still my favorite show and cannot wait until next new episode!
  • The very reason I watch this show!

    "Toxin" was a fantastic episode. Everything was there...drama, excitment, understanable math, and my personal favorite--a threat to blow people up! Okay, seriously though, this was one of the best episodes of Numb3rs I've seen. The character development was excellent, especially between the Eppes trio. We learn that Larry and Megan have feelings for each other, which leaves me with mixed feelings, but I think I'm okay with it. In the end, it leaves the Eppes boys all on good terms with each other, which always makes me happy. Fantastic episode, can't wait till next week!