Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2006 on CBS
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Don and the rest of the team investigate several attacks occurring on LA highways that may be connected.

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  • Traffic Attack

    Neat Episode! When I watched this episode, it is almost similar to Sniper Zero in Season one. I said almost! The man who did it and killed people on road, was very crazy and think no one can find him or stop him in any way. Finally he was caught! Megan had to get help get more information from Charlie when she stopped at his home. Charlie was glad when he told Larry! LOL! This episode was about road rage, traffic accidents, attacks, and more. Charlie said people get stuck in traffic for 100 hours in year in Los Angeles. Anyway, Great Episode!moreless
  • Excellent

    This episode has only just aired for the first time in England so I rushed on to to write my review for the amazing and spectacular episode I just saw. Well you've probably guessed that I loved the amazing episode by the score I gave it or the classification, as well as other stuff like the words excellent, amazing and spectacular. I love how Numb3rs can turn an event such as the one featured in this episode and make it edge of the seat material. We get to learn how the characters feel through the everyday movements of serial killers. The way the characters portray their emotions is what makes Numb3rs so unique and great.moreless
  • Review

    Much better episode and the best of the season so far from the writers of Numb3rs. A return to true form here in the sense that we really don't have any idea who the killer is until we see him in the final scene of the show. He had no idea what the guy looked like or why he was doing it until the pressure pounding last three minutes of the case where the team makes the final analysis connecting the person to the crime and then stops the crime before he commits it. I love that form so much better then the hidden background character one where you see the killer in the first ten minutes of the epsiode. When the FBI comes around asking questions, why don't you get a little nervous and maybe run away? I mean - why commit the crime in the first place if you are going to be questioned, it doesnt make sense. This killer didnt know he was going to be questioned and in fact knew the only time this was going to be a problem for him was when the FBI caught him. It just felt more realistic for me. "Robin + Don" being together is just...not good writing. They love to mention it just ebcause they can, but we havent seen her this season. I dont like the fake relationship, I think Don is the guy that doesnt want or need one and the writers should have kept that route. Fantastic episode though.moreless
  • Don and the rest of the team investigate several attacks occurring on LA highways that may be connected. With Charlie on his side, it makes solving crimes a little easier.

    I've just seen this episode last night and man it was a great masterpiece!!!! I reckon that whoever put this episode together sure knows their stuff (if they know what I mean). It kind of reminded me of what happened last year (not going into details because of privacy reasons) but it also taught me a lesson of being careful when driving behind the wheel. Charlie's theory of 'Traffic Flow' was a genius!!!! And the beginning with that 'Randomness' of the blood patterns were so amazing, that I just can't get my head around how Charlie knew that image A was the answer and not image B (and yes, I was testing myself – though for some reason I got it right!!!!).

    Since my country (New Zealand) is a season behind America, I'll be taking every single episode shown here seriously from now on so that next year, I will even get all the seasons from iTunes.moreless
  • There are deadly freeway attacks, but then, by god Don and Charlie will do something about it.

    This episode starts strong with a compelling action sequence; the shooting of a father on his way to get some ice-cream with his children was well done and believable.

    The plot thickens as we find out there are other victims of these seemly random attacks on freeway commuters, there is no such thing as too random, or is it?

    Megan is little miss sunshine in this episode; she appears to grasp something from the random attacks that no one else picks up on; she saves the day by finding a pattern in the lack of a pattern, cool!

    Although there are no surprises on this episode it is not boring or repetitive.

    Commendably, this episode takes a halting stab at road rage, it doesn’t address it directly but that’s what it is.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Opening Numb3rs:
      9,096 MILES OF FREEWAY
      5,339 ACCIDENTS

    • Math used in this episode:
      Traffic Flow

    • Agent Eppes says he has LAPD responding to a gas station in Long Beach where Mitchell McKenzie has just used his credit card. Eppes made a tactical error; the city of Long Beach has its own police department and would arrive much quicker than the closest LAPD unit.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Larry: Listen, you yourself must embrace this new role. 'Cause only then will others be able to see you differently.
      Amita: Wow! Larry, even for you that was profound.
      Larry: I guess you just caught me when the caffeine was kicking in.

    • Calvin: Don't start the psych crap. I've been in anger-management for three years. I know when someone's pushing my buttons.
      Megan: You got a lot of buttons, huh? That therapy was court-mandated as a condition of your parole.
      Calvin: Yes and, believe me, I am now the poster boy for anger-management.
      David: (outside the interrogation room, to Don) That must be one ugly poster.

    • Larry: Hey, you know what Rényi said? He said that a mathematician is just a machine that turns caffeine into theorems.

    • Amita: What's wrong Larry? Is there anything you want to talk about?
      Larry: No, I find that any discussion of my inner feelings could be catastrophic. It's like a star that finally burn up all of it's fuel and then collapses in on top of itself.
      Amita: I was just trying to be supportive here Larry, not destroy a solar system.

    • Amita: Hey, I don't want to be shot or struck by a brick while driving anymore than the next person.
      Larry: Oh, I guess there's nothing to be done about meteors. Well just yet.
      Charlie: No Larry. Even the FBI can't stop meteors.
      Larry:Oh, not yet. But some day.

    • Charlie: Our brains misperceive evenness as random, and wrongly assume that groupings are deliberate. Because of this people make all sorts of irrational decisions. Like, they won't work in a high rise building, or they're afraid to live in an earthquake prone area. And yet mathematical assessment tells us that you are far more likely to suffocate in bed than you are to you are to die in a terrorist attack. You are ten times more likely to die from alcohol than from being in an earthquake. And it is three times more likely that you will be killed while driving to buy a lottery ticket than it is that you will win the lottery.

    • Charlie: (after finding the pillows on Larry's office couch) Still sleeping in your office?
      Larry: Sleeping, living - cuts down on the morning commute.

    • Larry: (To Amita) CalSci made an offer you couldn't refuse?

    • Charlie: You know who else doesn't like to talk about his love life?
      Don: Your boy Larry.
      Charlie: What do you know?
      Don: I know Megan thinks he's beautiful.
      Charlie: (mouths) Beautiful?

    • Colby: Looking for patterns in a series of random events? Oh dear...Professor Eppes wouldn't approve.

  • NOTES (4)