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  • Season 1 Episode 2: Pilot

  • Opening Numb3rs:
    0600 TIME
    594-E4 MAP GRID
    772-04 CASE NUMBER

  • The Math:
    Geographic Profiling
    Probability Theory
    Eleven-dimensional Supergravity Theory
    Projectile Motion

  • The setting in the pilot where they find and kill the rapist is the kitchen of the historic old Ambassador Hotel, just yards away from where Robert Kennedy was shot.

  • This episode has many hints in the background as to the problem of the episode Charlie is focusing on. If you look closely, you'll see several sprinklers in the backgrounds of many scenes.

  • At the beginning of the episode Don is driving a silver Mitsubishi 4-door sedan, license plate number 4Q49902.

  • Charlie's middle name is Edward, and he does not have a driver's license.

  • Alan has a bird, but this is the only episode in which it is seen.

  • In this episode, and throughout the first season, the laptop computers used by Charlie and the FBI are Dell Inspirons.

  • The technique Charlie uses to find the criminal is known as Criminal Geographic Targeting, more commonly known as geographic profiling. Former Detective Kim Rossmo of the Vancouver Police Department is one of the pioneers of this technique, and his company, Environmental Criminology Research, has developed a computer program called "Rigel" that performs exactly the same kind of analysis Charlie uses in this episode. It is in use by the RCMP, the ATF, and Scotland Yard.

  • With a winning chance of 1 in 41 million, playing 20 tickets a week, even after 40,000 years, the chance of winning the lottery at least once would only be around 63.7%, and not a guaranteed win as Charlie seems to indicate with his calculation.

  • In the original pilot, they are watching a Red Sox game, and Nomar Garciaparra is batting.

  • The first victim is described as having "no wounds or ligature marks," although she has a brand on one cheek and rope burns on her wrists.

  • When they're in the arcade, Larry still has two credits on the game he is playing, and yet he digs quarters out of his pocket, as if he needs to put in more quarters to continue to play.

  • The word "anomaly" is misspelled on a map that Charlie shows to Don. That came about because while they were shooting the scene, the director Mick Jackson suddenly decided he wanted that word written on the map. There weren't any prop or art department people around at the time, so David Krumholtz wrote "anomoly." It was then established that Charlie is not a good speller, which is common among mathematicians.

  • At the end, when the woman with a bag over her head is shown, her face can be seen through the bag. If she'd had the bag over her face as she was killed, the bag would have been foggy because of her breath.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Uncertainty Principle

  • Opening Numb3rs:
    $2700 AVERAGE TAKE

  • The Math:
    P vs. NP – an unanswered computer science problem whereas it is easy to use a computer to check the solution to a problem, but impossible to formulate the program for the computer to do so.
    Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle – an aspect of quantum mechanics which states an object cannot be observed without changing what is being observed.

  • Don and Charlie graduated high school on the same day.

  • When he was three, Charlie could multiply four digit numbers in his head.

  • Alan's wife died of cancer (type unknown).

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