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  • Season 1 Episode 8: Counterfeit Reality

  • Don takes a team of people to the warehouse. All of them have helmets... except Don. Wouldn't it be wiser for Don to take a helmet with him considering the situation?

  • When Charlie runs in to tell the agents he found the message, the camera slowly zooms in on the agents while Charlie says, "It was in the counterfeit bills." Listen carefully, the line was dubbed in during post-production.

  • Blanchard gets shot in the back with a high powered weapon (one that can go through a human body), but Sinclair doesn't have a scratch on him after pulling him out of the way?

  • In the photo of Don and Kim, the style and length of Kim's hair would indicate it was taken just prior to the episode. Also, the photo isn't weathered enough to have been in the box for three years.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Identity Crisis

  • Opening Numb3rs:
    23,360,309 ACCUSED
    1,541,809 CONVICTIONS
    10,160 EXONERATED
    2 SAME MO

  • The Math:
    Paper Folding
    Geometric Progression – A sequence of numbers where the quotient of two successive numbers is constant.
    Pyramid Scheme – A non-sustainable business model that promises high returns for very little investment.
    Random Match Probability – Used in relation to DNA evidence to calculate the frequency of a random sample match in a population.
    Schrödinger's Cat – In quantum mechanics, this is an exercise used to illustrate questions surrounding subatomic theory.

  • Don originally got into college on a sports scholarship for baseball. After realizing he wasn't good enough at the game, he knew he wouldn't be anything great professionally. He took the FBI entrance exam the next day.

  • Look hard at the CD player Mark turns down. The CD isn't spinning.

  • When David pulls out his gun, why did he choose to do it when he was by the pipes? Why didn't he do it at a more appropriate time, like after he jumped the fence and had Jose in his sights?

  • When Mark signs the piece of paper identifying Jose as the killer, he signs his name "Midrle." How did they get Mark from Midrle?

  • Terry says that sending out email that appear to be from someone else to get account info is called "spoofing." It's more correctly called "phishing" although spoofing is often used while phishing.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Sniper Zero

  • Opening Numb3rs:
    1 SNIPER
    3 RIFLES
    4 DEATHS

  • The Math:
    Exponential Growth
    Projectile Motion - The science that deals with the motion, behavior, and effect of projectiles.
    Tipping Point - A sociological term used to describe when something unique becomes common. Reversion to the Mean - A statistical concept that numbers will average out over time.

  • The movie being shown at the theater at which victim number five is shot is Sorry, Wrong Number.

  • Terry was once married.

  • When Don and Alan are eating lunch, the position of their water bottles change several times, though they never touch them .

  • In the scene where Charlie and Amita talk about the corrupt data not being corrupt, Charlie draws a pair of axes. He then labels the horizontal axis "Y", when the horizontal axis is supposed to be labeled "X", and the vertical "Y".

  • When Sinclair looks at the body of the mailman, Sinclair says the victim was shot with a single gunshot wound to the chest. Yet it's clear that he had his back to the sniper, and was walking away when he is shot, so it should have been a shot to the back.

  • The clothing and equipment worn by the letter carrier killed by the sniper used the old U.S. Postal Service logo, which has not been used for years. The logo appears on the carrier's jacket and mail sack.

  • With everyone clearing the street, why would Sinclair be standing out in the open just talking on a phone? Wouldn't he be looking for cover?

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