Season 5 Episode 13

Trouble in Chinatown

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • NIce ep, but could have been better

    The episode was good orverall, and I think it's important to show from time to time the human-weak part of Charlie, who can't reason with everyone and their mathods (just like when he was in the FBI training). The death if the psychic was maybe unnecessary, since it didn't really mean anything, but it made sense. While Simon seemed very oblivious and patient about anyone not liking his methodes, it made sense he only wanted to prove himself to others and by that promote himself. However, the part of creative math was quite low this time...
  • So Charlie hates psychics

    In the next installment of season saga Charlie Epps' atheistic, science trumps all, character development we bring back the psychic Charlie loves to hate. This time there are Chinese girls disappearing and a shootout at a Chinese restaurant. The psychic is drawn to the case after drawing the dragon emblem of the restaurant. Then he sees two dead Chinese girls inside a dragon. They turn up inside a costume dragon. Then he leads Don & co to a cemetery where he predicts more bodies are to be found. Sure enough, they find the ghost brides buried in graves. All his predictions are proving correct and how does the team handle it? They freeze out the psychic and rely on Charlie's idiotic noise filtering of a call for help left by an abducted girl.

    Charlie, in true time-wasting form, can't just suppress the frequencies of loud noises or rely on a database of sounds. No, he has to take hours and days recording his own collection of sounds. The dumbest collection involves exploding chinese firecrackers on the steps of the FBI building where surprised agents mistake the noise for gunfire and pull out their guns. But Charlie can chuckle to himself because he made the psychic jump. What is he... 12?

    The story devolves from there. The psychic is seen wandering about chinatown on his own following his visions for the location of more missing girls. Does the team maybe look at some of those places themselves, or at least keep an eye on him to see if he's up to something. (They suspect him of being part of the crimes so why not tail him a bit?) No, they go off in a huff and wait patiently for CHarlie to finish his boy scout sound experiments. Meanwhile the psychic finds the next victim girl, videotapes her abduction and gets killed in the process.

    So how do we end the story? With Charlie thumbing his nose at the now dead psychic insisting he is the smarter guy because he relies on numbers and isn't dead. Way to ruin a character writers! This is the problem with trying to portray atheists in fiction. Too often they come off as coldhearted jerks.
  • Nice one.

    It was a good episode overall. I get that Charlie being a math genius and believing numbers are the answer for everything but his rivalry with the pshychic was a little bit too much.. He died.. :( I liked John Glover. He added an interesting point of view to the cases. Hoped he'd become a recurring like the sniper dude.

    The supposed good chinese guy.. lol.. I did not see it coming. Amidst all the ghost brides thing, illegal immigrants slaved by some.. I thought they were gonna show that not every chinese is a bad person or doing any kind of illegal stuff.. but oh well..

    Some say Numb3rs is going downhill.. I disagree, I think this show is one of the best around and has kept a high level for 5 years!
  • Another good episode centered around Chinatown.

    I enjoyed this episode, but did not think it was a great or truly special effort. First off, I was happy that Kelly Hu's character was not responsible for the crime. A few times early in the show, special agents that were brought in to assist with the investigation ended up being guilty of the crime. I also liked the focus on the Chinese culture. It was a nice change-up from the usual hostage, money grab, murder, etc type cases. I thought bringing the psychic back was unnecessary. I found the circumstances of his death hard to believe. He knew that van was coming right for him and did not make an effort to get out of the way. Finally, I missed Judd Hirsch.
  • Three women are abducted off the street in Chinatown. As Don and his team investigate they are joined by a Chinese immigration agent who tells Don that one of the abducted women was a fellow agent working undercover.

    This is a good episode but I find it a bit too eerie for me to give it a very high recommendation. The whole "Ghost Bride" aspect of the story is very unsettling. I can't explain why without giving away too much of the story. As always it's great to see Charlie, Amita and Larry help Don and the team crack the case. Another reason I can't give it too high a recommendation is the appearance (thankfully the last) of Mr. Samuel Kraft. I found that character to be dislikeable. Not to mention that he's a fraud. A mediocre episode.
  • I liked it but.......

    I thought the episode as a whole was great. The case of the ghost brides was pretty believable knowing that the Chinese culture is very strong in traditions. Especially the affect of numerology and the game Mahjong. However, this was understandably taken too far. I thought the involvement of the missing women being linked wasn't a difficult stretch especially seeing most where illegals and afraid to got to police for help. What I didn't understand was the presense of Craft. I just didn't see the necessity of him being present other than for annoyance of Charlie and Craft pushing Charlie's buttons.