Season 4 Episode 1

Trust Metric

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • The fourth season begins four weeks after the events of the season three finale. While en route to prison, Colby and Duane escape. Don and the team begin their pursuit of the two spies but soon realize things are not going the way they expected.


    A very riviting and entertaining way to get the fourth season of Numb3rs started. It's good to see Peter McNicol back on the show and it's also good to not see Kathy Najimy. With all due respect to the actress, her character is a liability to the show everyone is better off without her. What also helps this episode is Val Kilmer's brief but very well acted guest appearance on the show. Kilmer's always been an actor who never quite had his due over the course of his career and I'm glad he has a chance to show his talent.

  • Season Premire!

    It was awesome episode ever I watched. I heard it was expensive episode! Anyway, Charlie already starting to developing more of his character. He got new style of his hair. It is different than third season. I am not used to Charlie's new vision. Don think Colby is traitor and spy and now Don refused to trust anyone right now. Don won't get over of it for five weeks!! Colby was encouraged to escaped from prison along with Dwayne. Colby is pretty smart enough to call Charlie instead of Don, cuz FBI can't trace his cell that quickly. Charlie acted so shocked that he call him and ending of this episode, Colby is hero! Great Episode!
  • Colby's story is told.

    I thought this one was even better the the Janus List. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought it was crazy what happen with Colby. I couldnt handle it through most of the episode. I had to keep pausing it to settle myself down. It was far and beyond better than Janus list.

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  • In this episode we learn that there is more to Colby than we thought.

    This episode shows to what extend Colby Granger is willing to go to do his duty. Serve and Protect is what he vowed to do. Even when he knows that his cover is down he still manage to be sarcastic. It's visible that he's afraid when Lancer began to explain what is going to happen to him, but he keep a tight lead on it. This episode shows us the soldier that he's been, the man willing to lose his life even if it's during his duty. The fact that when he couldn't get in touch with Kirkland he called Don is a proof that he trusts Don and his team very much.

    All in all, this episode was nerve-wracking, and full of suspens and it's one of my favourite in this shows.
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  • good episode...

    Colby escapes from jail and the team is intent on tracking him down. However, after a call to Don, Colby says that he was working for the FBI to catch treators. The team has problems believing him, but in thier hearts they believe him. Everything turns bad when they find the head FBI guy dead. Colby is stuck on a ship with a creepy guy that tortures him, but the team comes in and saves him. This was a very nervewracking story. It was predicatable though. I knew Colby wasn't a bad guy and I knew he was doing it to catch the real bad people. I really didn't like how the different team members were having difficulty with the idea of Colby. It got annoying and boring. Overall, good story and it's nice to have Colby back.
  • Now that my man, Mr Tony Scott, comes in I had to start watching again. What an amazing series episodes... A series episode... directed by the best visual director ever... Unbelievable.

    I watched several of the past episodes (about 10 of season 1, and 2 or 3 of season 2, none of season 3)... and the show was pretty boring (like all of the "1 story per episode" shows). Now that my man, Mr Tony Scott, comes in I had to start watching again. Wow, Scott is my favourite director... so no real surprise here... but still.. What an amazing series episodes... A series episode... directed by the best visual director ever... Unbelievable. Anyway... the whole "math" stuff still sucks (pretty pathetic), but other than that... Awesome episode... and if season 4 should stay that quality (of course not as good as Scott's episodes), I might keep watching...
  • Colby Escapes, then gets into some trouble when the people he was "spying" for find out he was "spying" for the FBI. The team struggles with Colby's betrayal.

    I admit, I watched this one way after it was first aired. I missed it the first time around - so I already knew the outcome. But I had been waiting not so patiently for it to rerun. Though not as exciting as I could imagine it would be had I not known that Colby would be okay, and that he in fact was not a traitor. But the last few minutes were very intense when he was about to be injected and killed. Unfortunately the character struggle of the team about Colby's actions was not so involving because I knew they would get the answers in the end. I loved seeing Charlie and Amita's characters getting cozy. And each of the other characters were played well, and it was a very well written - though not completely clear in some parts (Mason's role and background). I am always amazed with the mathematical explainations Charlie comes up with. The source they have for these is extremely smart and creative. Simply wonderful.

    I love this show!
  • Another great season underway!

    I may be slow watching my dvr'd shows, I like to take them one at a time, but the wait for NUMB3R's was well worth the wait! I confess with the strike in progress I was trying to hold off! I am glad to see that Colby is back with the team and that hopefully David will learn there is no "I" in team and give him a break! It was nice to see Val Kilmer as well. This show has been slow to grow on me but I am glad that I stayed around to watch! It's exciting and everyone should be watching!
  • I was disappointed too.

    Except for Tony Scott's slick direction, I thought it was pretty disappointing. First of all, after last season's opener was about the team crossing the line to rescue Megan THIS season's opener being about the team crossing the line to recuse Colby seemed redundant to me. What's next season's opener - the team puts it on the line to rescue David? Surely they can do better than that. And I thought taking the original storyline from The Mole, where Colby erred from well meaning, like any LEO might, which was original and touching, and then pulling this silly comic book spy thing out of the hat, was more like some cheesy soap or bad fanfic than the smart, gritty, realistic plots I've come to expect from Numb3rs. And then he just decides to go back to his old job. Yeah. Right. That would happen. And Colby looked pretty much the same about being on the run and tortured as he does about calling on a suspect or sitting around the office. Since he seemed pretty bland about it, I was too. Don't think my pulse even picked up. I guess I did suffer with Don, since he seemed to actually be suffering. About the only part I think was unique and interesting was David's reaction: how do you feel about someone you were close to when you realize they've been lying to you as long as you've known them - no matter how good the reason? Much better than "it's all over, hug-hug, kiss-kiss!" More genuine. More dramatic.

    Having said that, this is still the episode I've liked best so far this season - haven't seen one to get excited about yet. At this rate, season four could be the first Numb3rs DVD set I DON'T own.
  • Someone is not as bad as everyone tought he was.

    I thought that this episode of Numbers was really good. I liked the whole storyline with Colby and everyone thinking that he was a spy then it turns out he was a double agent and really trying to find out who is the trader in the government. I liked that somenone had helped Colby escape from custody. I found it funny that Don was watching the video from all the interveiws with Colby from when he was first arrested. I can not wait to see where the show goes this season and where they take the storylines after this episode.
  • WHAT?! Okay, it was action-packed, but I was disappointed.

    Well, I know everyone else seems to have been blown away by this ep but for once I'm not one of them.
    Colby's triple agent status was good for half a season at least, I was completely disappointed that they wrapped the whole thing up with such indecent haste.
    The writers don't seem to have a problem dragging out Larry's post space walk epiphany and selective homelessness (which is getting a bit old now), but in 2 episodes they can make a pivotal member of the cast a traitor, add a high level mole in the justice department (Val Kilmer....excellent!) then bump all the protagonists off and hiho Colby is a hero after all.
    Then there's David's hardline attitude. What kind of friend is he that he's so easily convinced that his best friend is a crook.....where's the loyalty? Okay, I've had my rant.


    It was wonderful to see Val Kilmer! He just pops up in the most unexpected places these days.
    All in all, everyone seemed uncomfortable in this episode - which of course was because everyone was still feeling strange about Coleby Grainger's supposed defection and that was very believable and helped some to forget how quickly it was all resolved.
    Hopefully David will get his act together and stop being a pompous ass
  • This was a great episode. I can't wait to see what's to come.

    I am so glad that Colby is back because the four of them were and are a winning team. There is so many ways to expand and explore their professional and personal lives. I am also glad that Don's love interest is back. He needs someone to keep him from snapping and shooting at people from a tower somewhere. And thank goodness for the Charlie makeover. He looks a little more like an instructor with several things going on. I mean lets face it, he was way too groomed during season 3 for someone who is instructor/consultant for both FBI and sometimes NSA/boyfriend/brother/son/friend/and not to mention his own personal projects. I mean when did he have time to shave everyday. Let's hope David can climb down off his high horse and respect Colby for doing his job and doing it well. It's kinda messing up the chemistry just a little.

    All and all it was a great episode. They got me for another season.
  • Outstanding new season start. I knew somwhow Colby was up to something and it wasn't treason. His character is just to straight ahead military. Val was the only let down in this episode and why I didn't give it a 10.

    Once again Numb3rs goes over the top with an outstanding and exciting episode. The relationship factor was incredible and the trust of the team was put to the test. The brothers are becoming more like each other and their father is a lot more involved in their relationship. I love this show (is it obvious) and I love the way the actors work together. I'm beginning to wonder about Larry though and where his actual role is going. Ever since his trip to space it's been quite nebulous. The action was outstanding and the suspence was excellent. I also knew somehow that Dwayne wouldn't let his war buddy Colby down in the pinch. Val was the only week link in the chain and just didn't do it for me. Val's appeasrance is the only reason I don't give this episode a 10.
  • The team deals with Colby's betrayal.

    This is a really powerful and revealing episode. I think the extra budget for the episode was well spent. The action sequences were great, and Val Kilmer played an interesting villian. However I feel the weakest aspect of the episode was Tony Scott's directing style.

    If he had helped establish the style and feel for the show in the early seasons it would be a very different show today. Yes, he's acclaimed. Yet I found his pacing, and camera choices rushed and although that might have helped parts of the episode I felt the emotional impact of what was going on in the episode (the feeling of betrayal, and the fact that his partner and friend David was giving him less benefit of the doubt than the others) was overshadowed by rushed action.

    Especially for me, after reading stages of the script, I feel the emotional impact, especially after they find Colby on the ship, was not fully realized on screen. It's a shame because the writing is so superb and deserved that emotional punch because we're invested in the characters. I think David should have killed Kilmer's character, to complete his arc he'd experienced in the episode.
  • A must see episode!

    Colby is a triple agent! Colby has been redeemed. Not my favorite character, but after this episode I like him a lot more.

    I was happy to see the return of the Larry/Megan relationship! I missed seeing the two together last season when Larry went to outer space. The two have great chemistry.

    The season premiere was exciting to watch. I loved seeing Colby break out of prison and go on the lamb. The reactions from Don and David to Colby's actions were complex and interesting to watch. It was a great episode for character development. I tend to like episodes when the characters have a chance to grow and change. This episode is my favorite to date.
  • great episode

    ok this is exactly way i watch numb3rs...this episode kept me tuned in from the very beginning...i loved it...i have to say that i was very bummed last season when they had colby be the spy becuase he was my favorite character on the show (aside from charlie) but i was so happy when we found out that he wasn't a bad spy (i guess) but i just hope that the team can trust him again...i mean he did lie to all of them for the entire time that they knew him...and i liked how charlie tried to help the team figure out if they trusted colby threw was so charlie.
  • My favorite episode to date! They left us with a cliff-hanger and pulled off an amazing episode that was so Numb3rs!

    It was so amazing! The cliff-hanger ending of last season was a bit out of character for numb3rs. Just the feel of it all, I LOVED it but I was afraid they were going to change the feel of the show which is part of the reason why I love it so much. But was I ever wrong! This episode was amazing, the twists and turns of it all, Perfect! I really liked Don's character in this one, he wanted to believe Colby but didn't want to make the wrong decision, but in the end he did the right thing and trusted him. Colby wa great too! They were all perfect, David annoyed me, but he was being his character so it was ok. I hope he doesn't stay angry at Colby. Can't wait till next week!
  • GREAT pickup from last season, great math, great end, great episode...

    This episode was just great... It's like it was a dubbleepisode together wih the las episode in season 3. Not a chance that it could have been any better... Some questions popped into my head when i watched it... Is Colby going back to work? Is David gonna forgive him? Is the team going to forgive him? And will they be able to trust him later on? It's gonna be so nice to watch rest of the seasn =)

    And saleblanc, I think that you're wrong... You said "More personal less math." But math is was this series is built upon... It is supposed to be about how to solve crimes with the help of math... It's their concept... So if u don't like it i suggest u start watching some other serie like CSI for exaple... Numb3rs without, or with less, math ISN'T Numb3rs...

    Sorry if I misspelled something^^

  • Awesome episode. Glad to know Colby isn't a bad guy.

    Wonderful season opener. From the rest of the gangs inability to fully confront what happened and their feelings regarding Colby's betrayal, to Colby himself. Poor guy, all alone in the world with a psychopathic drug lord on one side and the vengeful FBI on the other. What's a boy suppose to do? I think he handled himself pretty damn well, though I'll never understand why he and Dwayne, while trying to look in suspicious, dressed up as two gang members-look-a-likes. That makes no sense. But, wonderful episode, can't wait for more and what's going to happen to Colby and the gang now.
  • Absolutely wonderful! Couldn't have been a better series opener!

    OMG, I loved this episode. I knew, I just knew, that there was no possible way that Colby was evil. And man, did he look good all scruffy like that or what? Poor Colby, being tortured like that. I wanted to scream when he "died". I felt so bad for David, Don and Megan, having to go through all that. So glad Colby Granger is safe, alive and that he's gonna be back on the team next episode. Again, i am so glad i decided to watch this instead of taping it, i would have to wait a full week to see it. YAY Agent Granger!
  • More personal less Math.

    Great Premiere. I loved how this script took some of the math out of the equation. The team had to look within themselves to see how they felt and need to deal with Colby. I had gut feeling that Colby wasn't "bad" just working for more than one team. I just am wondering if forgot or even got lost in which side he was working for, without even realizing it. I'm glad his okay and hope they work him back into the team. I think it would be interesting to see what and which relationships can be rebuilt. I loved everyone interrupting Larry at the monestary.
  • This season started up with lots of action, and a plot twist good enough to make me scream.

    I almost stopped watching this series after last season's conclusion, Colby's treason seemed so out of place. How come all of a sudden he's a traitor? And surely out of the series? Now I'm glad to say the writers had me completely foolished. This season started up with lots of action, and a plot twist good enough to make me scream. Val Kilmer's villain oozes evil, and the team's anguished attempts to make sense of what's happening are believable and compelling. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat. Other than that, each character is back to its usual self, Charlie's struggling to do the right thing, Don's trying to be tough and carrying the world on his shoulders, Amita's sweet and supportive, Alan's there for his boys – all of them, Megan's sympathetic but firm, Larry is a bit less "space" weird, David's still suffering the loss of his partnership. All in all, a thoroughly satisfying episode.
  • One of the best episodes I've seen in a while.

    Just when you think you've got it all sussed out, they throw another curve ball at you. I remember thinking at the end of the last series something like "Oh well, I guess the actor who plays Colby wants out of the series!", but how wrong I was. I don't think the writers could have done a better job of introducing us to the fourth season of this sensational show. I find myself instantly looking at the my watch to check on how many more days it is before this exciting saga continues. The relationship between Charlie and Amita appears to be getting more relaxed and appears as though they are finally leaving behing the days of awkward conversations. I also noticed the writers have worked in a couple of cleverly worded sentences in the conversation between Megan and Larry which hint at Dianne Farr's (Megan Reeve's) recent child birth (right at the beginning of the episode when she's visiting at the Monastery, did anyone else think the same thing?). I'm glad all the characters are back (weirdly, with more facial hair) and I'm optimistic about what this season will have to offer. All in all, a great start to the season only serving to whet my appetite even more.
  • Colby!!!!

    This was one of the best season premieres of any television show I have ever seen. It started with a bang and went all the way to the end with one. In the beginning of the episode Don was having gnawing memories of his interview with Colby after his discovery as a chinese double agent and being charged with treason and you can tell right away that Don doesn't want to believe that Colby is a traitor. Everyone in the episode besides David seems to believe there is something more to Colby's action than being a traitor. Charlie and Amita both look like they need a shower and some grooming in their first appearance in this episode, they both look scruffy not to mention that Larry looks awful as's a clue guys...use a razor, shampoo, soap and run a comb or brush through those mops...sheesh, on the other hand Meghan looks marvelous(congrats to Diane Farr on her recent trek into motherhood).
    Alan was superb as always but I did miss Millie. Val Kilmer's character was an evil higher up in the government who was a chinese double agent wanting to know who knew about him and tortured Kirkland to death and tried to kill our Colby but Carter(Shawn Hatosy) came to his senses in the end and saved Colby(once again so he wasn't all bad) by putting a bullet in Kilmer's head.(Kilmer is looking rough as well..lotsa ponch on him and he looks haggard and like an alcoholic in the face)Also if there was any doubt as to whether David would come around that all disappeared when Colby was found with a syringe of Potassium Chloride sticking out of his chest and David pulled it out and began CPR on Colby(was a triple agent looking for the DOJ leak who was Kilmer's character), but He still has issues since he would not go in to see Colby at the hospital. Charlie, Amita and Larry helped locate Colby on the Chinese freighter with their math(since this is what Numb3rs is all about). It seems our Colby will be back in force..hurray!!...from the previews of the next episode!!! Welcome back Colby!!!!:)I never beleived for a minute you were a traitor!