Season 3 Episode 2

Two Daughters

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2006 on CBS

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  • Crazy woman

    I hadn't seen this show in a while. I found it by chance again and I remembered why I like it so much.
    I like the family dynamic among the three men. Don and Charlie have a very good father. I understood Don's situation and his decision. Family has to come first. The criminal woman was totally doomed. Poor woman. Megan did a good job trying to convince her to stop what she was trying to do. Her relationship with Larry seems odd, but he cares about her.
    The relationship between Amita and Charlie could be in danger in he starts forgetting the basics.
    Good episode, too bad Megan got hurt, but the team did great getting her back.
  • part two..

    so this episode starts out with the team at a new crime scene. but they cannot find megan. so they call her, and crystal calls back. she wanted to trade megan for larry and get him out of jail. megan goes on the theory of the more you talk to your abductor, the more likely they are not to kill you. so megan tells her all about her life. and we get to see more about her, and what shaped her life. though in the end, they fight over a gun and it goes off. which leads the team to come and rescue megan. but not before crystal slashes her arm. the hospital scene after that was very well done. the end with crystal seeingn her daughter and backing off, that was very cute. this was one of my favorite numbers episodes, because megan is my favorite.
  • A continuation of "Spree", where Crystal has Megan, and the team must get her back.

    This episode might just be my favorite episode all series... It was dramatic, funny, cute, and the math was good. I loved all off the conversations that Crystal and Megan had, because we found out so much about Megan's past, and how was similar to Crystal. Yet, they have chosen completely different paths in life. Also the scenes with Megan in the hospital were, and before then her getting cut in the arm were so dramatic, and so well done! There were some very funny lines with the FBI agents in their office. I loved that scene at the end when Larry and Megan were talking while walking across the bridge, then kissing when getting to the end. I love the awkwardness of their relationship. And, as always, the math in this episode was impeccable. All in all, the best episode EVER!!!
  • This was a great episode

    i enjoyed this episode over the previous episode for one reason and that reason is that we got to learn more about Megan. I love watching Numb3rs and finding out about Don and Charlie but it was nice that they went in another direction and we got to learn more about Megan. She is an amazing character with a strong personality and she will do well for the ratings. I enjoyed watching and felt the adrenaline and the emotion that the characters must have felt. Numb3rs is an amazing programme and has only a select few episodes that make the programme unique in comparison to other programmes. This is one of those episodes.
  • Review

    Season three started off uniquely for the show, running a two-part case instead of the traditional one--part episode. Once again however in this episode I found myself more involved in the outside parts of the show and not really caring about what was happening with the case.I thoguht the scenes between Megan and the woman were very slow - with Megan trying to piece the pule together from what the woman was telling her. And dispite the woman making a comment like "You guys ask a lot of questions and figure the case outthat way", she still gave up a considerable amount of information. Charlie and Amita was a good part to the episode, as well as Larry and Megan. I also thought Don's struggles proove him to be the leader - feeling he must protect everyone. I dont think anyone questions him as the boss, but he was put in a different situation here and didn't know how to respond. Solid two-part attempt by the writers, but not the best case in the world.
  • Best episode for season 1-3.

    This 2 part story was wonderfully written. A very good start for season 3. I will definitely watch this 2 episodes again. The bad lady teacher actress is good and she is full of revenge for those who did her wrong. I love to watch Megan and Larry (odd couple) getting together in this 2 episodes with their blossoming relationship.
  • This is my favorite NUMB3RS episode of all time!

    OMG, I'm not sure I could have loved this episode anymore. I am a huge fan of Megan as a character (and Diane Farr as an actress) so I love it when she gets a good storyline. "Two Daughters" hit the nail on the head, that's for sure. My heart was pounding for a whole week after the cliff-hanging "Spree". Even though I taped both episodes and have seen them several dozen times, my heart races every time, especially that opening sequence! OMG, I thought my heart would never stop pounding. All in all, if you are a NUMB3RS fan, "Two Daughters" is a must see!
  • Classic

    You really have to hold your breath whilst watching this one. The action really keeps you on the edge of your seat. The storyline with Crystal, and her long lost baby is a great plot twist, and her revenge on the guys that caused her the pain, really adds to the excitement.
    Maybe there couldve been a bit more action, but with the grenades and guns, it couldnt get more exciting for the end. It's a pity that Crystal couldnt be saved in the end, and i think that Reeves really felt sorry for that, but it was either kill, or be killed.

    10/10, a great job overall.
  • quite a cliffhanger

    I didn't see this one until it was a rerun, but I had no idea what was gonna happen. I think it's kind of interesting that they made you feel sorry for Chrystal, they don't make you wanna hate her. The scene where they rescue Meghan is amazing and dramatic. There was one point where I was thinking wouldn't it be great if Meghan could talk to the others cause Chrystal was telling her key information. Of course as a true cliffhanger, it was not resolved until the very end of the episode, so it was not only a cliffhanger, but it held you in suspense til the last minute.
  • In this episode, part 2 of the season opener "Spree," Don and the team capture Buck Williams, but Crystal captures Megan and demands a trade for Buck or else. Don and his colleagues are now in a race against the clock to save Megan.

    The story of Crystal and Buck comes full circle to a believeable and satisfying conclusion. As in "Spree" everybody is at the top of their form. The viewer gets some real insight into Crystal's mind which adds to the appeal of the episdode. The action and storyline are quite good and the viewer is hooked all the way through wondering where and how things will end up. Everything added up (no pun intended) for the first two episodes of the season. Hopefully, that trend will continue for future episodes.
  • Very heart-ponding episode!

    In the second show of the third season two parter
    It shows the team thanks to Charlie's help capture Buck
    But Crystal captures Melinda and now she threatens to killer Melinda is Buck isn't returned to her. As the team must rescue Melinda and put a stop to Buck & Crystal's Bonnie & Clyde act before more dead bodies.
  • Megans been kidnapped and they aren't sure whether she's alive or dead!!

    *** A Few SPOILERS ***

    We first find Megan in a hotel room and she's trying to find out what is motivating Crystal to kill these people and kidnap her.

    Don is extremely upset that his partner has been kidnapped and is afraid that they may not find her in time. He's irrational and snaps at his brother a couple of times.

    Luckily they still have Crystals boyfriend and are trying to get information out of him to find out where Crystal is.

    While they are working on a way of locating Crystal using one of Charlie's techniques (which I understand nothing about!) a call comes in saying there was shooting at a hotel.

    They end up locating Megan and rush her off to a hospital. She tells them about Crystals teenage daughter and now they are in a race to find the daughter before Crystal does.

    Needless to say the show doesn't end very well for Crystal. I think the writers wanted to make her feel more human by having her show strong emotions towards her long lost daughter. But because of all the people she killed, I have to say that I don't really feel sorry for her.

    A great episode just like the last!! I didn't understand much of the math, but I never do.
  • Don and his team struggle to rescue kidnapped agent Megan and end the killing spree of Crystal and Buck.

    This was a great episode as it really brought out some rarely seen raw emotion in the characters. Don had to face how far he would go to save someone he is responsible for and truly cares about. The story line itself was very gripping as you learned a lot about the criminal since this was a two part episode. The emotion showed by Crystal was sad; you saw how an unsettling childhood could truly damage a life forever. This was not a happy resolution episode as in the end Buck was left devasted and completely lost; Crystal did the right thing in leaving her daughter alone but her utter hopelessness was disturbing. Rob Morrow did an excellent job portraying the struggle he felt over saving the agent. As always the entire cast was awesome and the story great.
  • This is a great episode! Don, David, Colby, and Edgerton, with, obviously, some help from Charlie, try to find Megan who was kidnapped by Crystal Hoyle at... the end of last episode.

    This was a really really good episode. I didn't really like "Spree", but "Two Daughters" definitely renewed my hope for a great third season. The interraction between Megan and her captor, Crystal Hoyle, is wonderful. Those few scenes are my new favorite Megan moments. No, wait, the scene with Larry and Megan on the bridge at the end is my new favorite Megan moment. My point is, this was a big episode for Megan. While Megan is being held captive, Larry is very anxious and it's very sad. It took all my willpower to prevent myself from hugging the TV. I have done that before, by the way. I also liked Edgerton in this episode. It really showed his scary side. He's awesome, but i wouldn't want to get on his bad side.