Season 3 Episode 2

Two Daughters

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2006 on CBS

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    Season three started off uniquely for the show, running a two-part case instead of the traditional one--part episode. Once again however in this episode I found myself more involved in the outside parts of the show and not really caring about what was happening with the case.I thoguht the scenes between Megan and the woman were very slow - with Megan trying to piece the pule together from what the woman was telling her. And dispite the woman making a comment like "You guys ask a lot of questions and figure the case outthat way", she still gave up a considerable amount of information. Charlie and Amita was a good part to the episode, as well as Larry and Megan. I also thought Don's struggles proove him to be the leader - feeling he must protect everyone. I dont think anyone questions him as the boss, but he was put in a different situation here and didn't know how to respond. Solid two-part attempt by the writers, but not the best case in the world.
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