Season 6 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • When FBI Agent Edgerton is framed for murder, he decides he'd rather not wait for a trial, OR get out of prison. Instead he takes Colby hostage and demands to speak to Charlie Epps. If Edgerton doesn't get what he wants, someone could die...

    I don't really need 100 words. But I'll see what I can do.

    First off: Am I the only one who saw the 'twist' coming from a mile away? This is what keeps good shows from becoming GREAT shows. I think we all knew that SOMEONE in the prison wasn't telling the truth, and we all knew WHO that someone was. They practically give it away in the first ten minutes of the episode. So now I sit for another 30 minutes waiting for what I know is going to happen. To think I was worried that Ian or another key character other then Charlie or Don would die in this episode. But that was before I hit 'play' on the episode window. Fire the writers and get new ones. Writers that actually know the meaning of terms like "plot twist" or "climax". And it also helps to know a little more about the background of a story. I had trouble understanding the whole backstory involving the crime syndicate. To sum it up:
    An attempt to create one of their most pulse-pounding episodes in the series that goes...bad.

    I'll leave you guys with this: Please make the plotlines less predictable. You've got a bad (as in good) Mathmetician and a bad Federal Agent who are both awesome at catching bad guys, who happen to be brothers. You have a girlfriend-turned-fiance who is also awesome at catching bad guys. You have interesting characters. And you've still got Ian Edgerton. So what's keeping the show from being better? Step it up and surprise us.

    - R.