Season 3 Episode 22

Under Pressure

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • Soldier Walking Backwards

    Towards the end when their father gets involved and is showing them at the FBI how the water can be effected, there is a soldier in the background who is marching/walking backwards!
  • Inconsistencies...

    Larry claims to have lost 6 percent of bone mass from being in space, but if he was in space for over 4 months, at 2% per month, he would be closer to 9% bone density loss.

    His character seems to be getting more and more whiney, and flighty. It is getting harder and harder to imagine Meagan even being able to stand being around him, much less infatuated. That part of the storyline is getting harder to believe.

    Did it also seem like Pony was given far more free roam than you would ever figure a guy who is on death row would get?
  • A classic example of where this is all going to go horribly wrong if someone doesn't pay attention.

    Don't get me wrong - I like this, I like the characters, the dialoge is well written. BUT. There is a HUGE flaw in the logic. Set aside for a moment that whilst the maths may be valid, it would take weeks to months to deduce some of the algorythms that Charlie comes up with over lunch, the problem is easily demonstrated in this ep. Charlie works out that the water supply is the best target. He uses *professorial* expert level maths to work this out. Based on this, they immediately disregard all other possible targets and just wonder where and how the water supply is to be attacked. But what happens if the bad guys don't have access to a fast thinking maths geek of their own? Answer? They never realise that the water supply is vulnerable (they may not even know teh sarin can be put in water without breaknig down) and are even as we speak setting up a bomb to vapourise the sarin on hill upwind of the city centre...
  • Review

    This was one of my favorite uses of math in the numbers series, but once again the side plot fails to produce anything of real note. Seeing Alan help out with the case was really fun to watch and listening to Charlie talk about the terrorist cells and how they are run was a great example for people who are sometimes confused by his random rants and raves. nothing was touched upon again with Larry, who is going to now become a monk? Weird, but okay. Overall, i think it is one of the stronger episodes of season three though the writers have never really gotten into a solid side plot and rode it to the end like I would like. Hopefully the next two episodes can live up to the hype - Janus List being the main one.
  • Awesome

    This episode really really really rocked. Don't you just love when they work with terrorists? I know i do, because nobody except a terrorist truly understands their minds, which makes it even more interesting watching Don, Charlie and the gang trying to get into their minds to solve the case.
    I think it's awesome how they used the sarin, and the waterways to conduct the terrorism. Sarin really is serious stuff, and when the terrorists have mathematical scientists working on their side to figure out dilution factors, it really does make the episode interesting.
    But as usual, Charlie uses his maths to figure it out.
    And the cop guy being involved, that's just pure cliche and genius.
  • Dad helps on this case too!

    Don at first, doesn't want or think that he needs
    Help from his dad as he has Charlie to help him out. But
    then, he is later wrong as dad really proves that being an FBI agent, you don't have all of the answers. As the team fight terrorists who want to bring harm to a water supply and release it out to the city. Hopefully they will use the underused Judd Hirsch even more. Not just at home. As Hirsch was great in this one. But he always is!
  • A terrorist cell plans to luunch a nerve gas attack on city's water supply

    Far more interesting than last week's episode and a lot more sinister as well. This time as well Don's Dad helped Charlie to pinpoint the terrorist.

    It was also interesting the way Charlie talked about the dynamics and their function. As he said, they may function as a cell but their roles change. He used an example about sign usage in a game to talk about what happens and how the leaders of the cell can change the whole focus on the cell on changing circumstances.

    A lot of action. This one was realistic. A toxin released on the water supply would be disastrous. Don wasn't crazy about his Dad helping and by the end was wrong. However, he still has a way to go in helping himself as he couldn't bring himself to admit his mistake.

    All in all it was interesting and they moved things quickly and put in a couple of twists to make it worthwhile.
  • Absolutely great episode.

    This has been one of the best of Numb3rs in a long time, at least in my opinion. The action starts right from the very beginning, and as usual, Charlie cracks the case just in time. This time with the help of his dad.

    There were some twists in the story, and ones that i didn't foresee, and overall, it was just a fun episode to watch. It was easy to understand and it kept you on your toes while watching as well because you're gonna hate what happens if they don't catch the terrorists in time.

    Too bad Larry didn't come out in this one. He made a comeback last week, and I hope he gets to appear in the remaining episodes.

    Hope they have more episodes with the same quality as this one to end this season.
  • Guest star: Erik Palladino

    I've never been a fan of this show but when i found out that my favorite actor, Erik Palladino, was doing a guest role on it, I had to tune into it. The episode I wasn't crazy about but Erik did a super job on it. I am disappointed that he turned out be the bad guy. Hope he comes back on another episode. I thought he looked so hot in his uniform. He was extremely convincing as the army captain but i guess he had alot of practice when he was SSG Scream on "OVER THERE". Very nice work, Erik!!!