Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 12, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Show opens when 2 surfers found 4 dead bodies washed up in the shoreline. In the second scene Don apologize to Charlie for dragging him to another FBI case. Both were brief by David. They have 4 girls, all Asian, all females and no IDs. Colby comes in and answering Don's question – what is the origin point. Team then joins Megan who is currently talking to a Marine Officer. Charlie stayed to observe the area – tides and the surfers' actions. Later on Charlie suddenly barge in and informs them his observation. Charlie points toward the surfers and explains that surfers were struggling to the significant riptides and say that coastal flow current prevailing currents is from the south. Marine officer agreed that they do get southwest swells. Then Megan interjects as she sees another floating body. Don and David immediately went in the water to get a hold of the body - barely alive. The girl was immediately brought in to the nearest hospital.

Team regroups at the FBI office. Don orders one of them to check on the Coroner's report. Megan excuse herself and David right away volunteers with a sudden tweak of glee. Colby came in informing Don that he got a message from Charter Company that boat is ready. Amita joins Charlie in his high seas exercise – trying to determine the point of origin of the girls. Larry come up and show discomfort while in the sea. Charlie had to bring in Larry in the exercise for his expertise of Kinematic Flow mapping. Larry went back down the deck and left the two to do the remaining exercise. Charlie then drops a non-so formal invitation to Amita to attend a lecture of Point-Set topology by Claude Feugart and nonchalantly implies high hopes for their relationship to level up.

Back at the FBI Office, Megan fills in Don about the girl survivor – still unconscious and has complications from Hyperthermia. Colby and David meet up with coroner - Claudia Gomez. David flirts with Claudia and Colby seems unease about it. Claudia informs them of DOB – drowning obviously but what catches her attention that 3 girls showed signs of acute dehydration. She is more baffled that tissue accelerates before the girls were in the water meaning they have to rule out luxury cruise liner as point of origin. Dental works tells that three girls were in teens and from mainland China and one older girl who was 25 to 26 of age and actually grew up in America. Then coroner shows an unusual tattoo found in the older girl's feet dead body.

Amita and Charlie waits quietly at the beach waiting for the buoys to turn up . Charlie tried to strike a conversation to end the solitude and Amita suddenly drops the bomb - she has a standing offering of assistant professorship in Harvard University for three years and Charlie so shock to speak up and end up only saying "it's amazing!" but his face show differently. Suddenly Amita pointed towards the shoreline and one buoy – C18, is floating in the sea and this proves Charlie's theory that currents have shifted and concluding that coast guard are looking for witnesses and survivors in the wrong place.

Back at the FBI office Megan and David briefs each other in their findings and found Claudia the coroner in their office. They were puzzled that she personally brought in the result of pathology of the dead girls. Claudia informs that she could not wait another minute to bring in the result because she found H5N1 strains in the system of one the dead girl's body. H5N1 is another term for Bird Flu.

Don and Megan then consult a FBI cleared medical practitioner about a possible epidemic outbreak. But consultant shrugs off because he wants more information before bringing it out to the public. Don walks with Charlie while talking about result of his high seas adventure. Charlie explains using the car race track as demonstration model. He said that race tracks are even and predictable so when one of the car crash, it disrupts the flow permanently until someone clears the race way. Don got the idea that currents shifted that's why the bodies turn up in that side of beach area. Charlie explains that girls were dump in board shipping lines and one of the girls has a chance to pass up the virus and let it mutate in the point of origin.

In CalSci grounds, Colby went in looking for Charlie and only found Amita and Larry. Amita then volunteers to bring in the pictures of tattoo for interpretation. FBI thinks that it might be toe tag just like the soldiers dog tag for IDs. Colby inadvertently drops the pictures and Larry picks up and immediately recognized I-Ching characters, an ancient book of Chinese Divination.

Back at the office Don and David is sorting details for shipping ports that the area Charlie gave them. They narrowed down 30 ports and later on nailed down to 5 cargo ships that have variables of possible carrier of the girls. So they got a lesser area as a crime scene. Back at CalSci Larry and Charlie still trying to decipher the code and come up nothing for 6 ½ hours as Larry timed. Amita barge in and says it's not good that they weren't able to decode the code. They use all math decoding techniques. They tried to re run more of all decoding techniques and all of a sudden Amita insinuate that maybe the numbers have no character equivalent but a phone number (301) – 5550611. Charlie immediately called the number and connects them to a voicemail. "This is Susan Lim. If you reach this number, then I guess I am dead. Please call Jeremy Wang. He's a reporter a Tribune. Tell him what happened." At the Tribune Office, Megan fills in Jeremy Wang what happened to her colleague. Megan Learned that Susan was doing undercover investigation of illegal transport of Chinese Women in 8x40 container for underground sex trade. Susan is first generation Chinese-American who fluently speaks both language and equipped her for the expose. Megan asked for the notes and Jeremy immediately agreed to provide all the notes once compiled.

Scene went to Eppes house and Allan found Charlie in staring down in his coffee cup. His father says that Charlie has that look again and it concerns his problems about girls. Charlie then gives into his father's prying about Amita's standing offer for Assistant Professorship in Harvard University. Allan advices his son to concentrate in his real feelings and he'll know what to do.

Colby and David went to check the port area from the result of Charlie's High rise adventure. They met with the port manager and give variable that resembles to any ship that might contain 15 girls and nailed down from 5 to 2 ships which just came in from Shanghai – Li-po and Nankin. Manager informs that Li-po still unloaded while Nankin is 75% clear. With this Colby directs the manager to stop the unloading and manager said that it will take as much as 50% of the port people to do that. To convince to the manager Colby and David have to divulge the information about the possible spread of Bird Flu.

Back at the Tribune, Jeremy suddenly backs out of the agreement until he learns about the truth. Apparently Megan did not disclose any information about the case. To get the notes Megan promise to get the exclusive report until the case closes. At the port, Colby and David now press the port Union Head to help them find the container. Union did not cooperate at first but give in when he learned about the possible outbreak.

Charlie still daze about the Amita's news, and Don found him and tells him his expertise. Then talk shifts to the case. Don relate that port have a new security system that runs through algorithm and only learned that Charlie was one of the member of the designing team. Don and Colby went to the port after running the security system and found that the owner of the Nankin ship lines is just around the area. They went to a bar and found a Filipino drinking all by himself and when he sees the two FBI agents and he runs off.

Don detained Nipay, the Filipino, for questioning. He started to speak in his native tongue and Don got pissed off because he did not understand a thing he is saying. Nipay tried his best to get through that the girls are "mga taga bukid" (farm girls) and come in from Shanghai. He informed that 1 girl was disposed because ship captain learned that she was sick and 3 others were left dehydrated until they die and lastly informed that the remaining 15 girls were in another container "nasa box."

The scene goes to Eppes home where Amita and Charlie are working more about the case. Later on he let drop that there is an opening for assistant professorship in CalSci because one of the resident professors will go sabbatical for 3 years. Amita then walks out because he was trying to rule her life.

Another body was found – ship captain and Nipay went on missing. Megan went to Charlie to give more variable so they could narrow where is the container that boxes the girls? Dons and the rest of the team went to the bar where the owner - Jintao of Nankin usually hangs out and when Jin Tao learned that FBI is looking for him he went for a run but Megan was able to intercept it. Even with the interrogation of Jin Tao, team was not able to get any information about the location of the girls. So they resorted back to Charlie and Larry. For the last hours of the day they still come up with 0 possibilities of locating the girls but later on Larry partially concluded that may be the formula is correct and they are getting zero result because the container never left the port. Team goes back to the office and put in the variables in the system and leads them to Wai Gong shipping house and found the 15 girls barely alive.

Megan meets up with Jeremy and learned that Susan's publisher offers him an exclusive contract about the expose. Amita meets with Charlie who still is stun and tells him she was sorry for walking out. Charlie talks and tries to kiss her. She then again walks out. Up in the family house Allan and Don playing poker and Don kept winning the game. Charlie went up and out in complete sadness and confusion.
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