Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 12, 2006 on CBS

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  • Good main plot let down by a lack of action and little drama

    Having read the other reviews here I think that most posters have got it right - it was painful to watch. But I have to disagree with awarding this more than an 8.

    Where was the drama? What happened to the action? The episode does start well and builds up a fair level of intrigue but it dovetails all to quickly. The H5N1 virus storyline was good, but there where very little scenes to show us the impact of such a discovery, other than adding some much needed urgency. The use of 'illegals' could have been much better and though logical just didnt add much to the 50 odd minutes.

    The subplot of Amita and Charlies relationship trouble was limited and just didnt fire my imagination. It did provide a nice little angle as to what the future brings for Charlie and how his character may become affected in the next series. However, I just didnt feel any real connection with their dilemma, perhaps because Ive yet to feel their relationship to be what the writers think it to be because lets face it they haven't really explored their feelings in previous episodes.

    The casebreaking clue (tattoo) has been done before so there was little new added here and the overall chase to find the suspects who dumped the sick girl and left the others for dead just didnt roll as urgently as previous storylines. There was a noticeable lack of maths which as Ive seen in previous episodes seemings to be growing. The writers are just dumbing down the inclusion of what is the a really interesting aspect of this show.

    Howewever, its not all bad - the finale comes round realistically enough and ends in a satisfactory conclusion, even it its nothing spectacular.

    Not a good episode and if you miss it then I wouldnt worry to much, as you can just go over the very good recap added here.
  • Review

    The key points to this episode were clearly the scenes between Amita and Charlie, which went back and forth over the entire episode. Early on it seemed like she was going to move to Harvard, then it seemed like she wanted to stay and be with Charlie, and then at the final scene of the episode she seemed to run away from the clear feelings that she had for Charlie. It seems like the writers are going to write her out of the show and the show could never be the same if Charlie went after her, so it looks like the long anticipated relationship we have all been waiting for between Amita and Charlie is never going to happen unless something very big and dramatic happens in the finale epsisode. I thought the case in this episode followed the trend of half of the episodes of season 2 - unbelievable, repeated, and kind of boring to watch. Charlies math has taken a back seat it seems and Im kind of losing faith in the show to entertain me the way it used to in the begining of the season and in season 1. The show is still good, but the inconsistant writings of the characters relationships really is a downside to the show
  • This episode is very special to me because it featured a character which spoke the Filipino languange! As you can see, I'm a Filipino. I live here in Manila and I'm a big fan of Numb3rs!

    This episode is very special to me because it featured a character which spoke the Filipino languange! As you can see, I'm a Filipino. I live here in Manila and I'm a big fan of Numb3rs! I think the character's name was Naypi. He was a helper from the ship Li-po, and was the one who dumped the Asian girls to the sea at the behest of the ship's captain. When Naypi was captured, Don Eppes interogated him. I was surprised, or shall I say shocked when I heard Naypi talking in Filipino. At first I was very proud because my favorite show featured what I think is my fellow countryman. But then I realized that Naypi's character was supposed to be a Chinese, isn't it? After all He came from China along with the girls. Although Naypi mentioned something about Manila, it doesn't mean that He's a Filipino in that episode. Anyway, all in all this is a great episode and is one for the book! How I wish that you feature more Filipinos in the series. After all, there are many Fil-Am actors there in Hollywood and you're alreay featuring Lou Diamond Phillips di ba? He he he! Good luck and more power to you!
  • This is a good episode. Yes, parts are painful to watch, but those are also some of the great moments of the entire season.

    I've watched this episode at least 4 or 5 times, and it's... well... just as great as any episode of the show. I'm seriously in love with every episode, and this one is up to the show's great standard.

    My favorite part was when Colby and David walk into the Asian Club and Colby remarks "we're the only white people in here" and David cooly replys "yes... we are." That makes me laugh out loud every time. This episode also features a storyline involving Amita getting offered a job at Harvard. The subsequent Amita/Charlie scenes are painful to watch but very beautiful at the same time.

    I love this episode! But then... what episode don't I love?
  • an avian flu episode

    my comment on this avian flu episode:

    this episode took a full surprise when there's avian flu on these girls.

    it's was so wrong for evil people to get rid of those asian girls! They need the help to get rid of avian flu for good!

    Plus, Charlie and amita..oh, my gosh. harvard offers her a BIG job..! That leaves me wonder what's her decision, but charlie has becomes jerk and didn't want amita to leave him for good.

    I don't understand why it does have to be about him after all.

    But, I'm glad that amita stays for good.

    plus, I'm glad that asian girls doing very well!
  • In htis episode Don is faced with a possible outbreak our Brid Influenza, Charlie and Amita have relationship issues and Amita gets a job offer to Harverd.

    This is written as if it is being told to the characters.

    I found this episode both amusoing and painful. Amita COME ON you could have a tleast been more nice to him about the whole not kissingthing I mean (glaring darts at Amita)......
    Charlie I commend your effort for trying and actually asking Amita out but I feel sorry for you. I mean you tried and failed and thats no exactly the best feeling in the world.
    Don you could be more considerate baout you brothers feelings and try and help out more.And where idi Charlie teach you to count cards???

    Anyways I hope all of you get evrythign worked out with your issues.
  • ok episode. accually it was great but i didnt like the amita charlie thing.

    almsot made me cry. GO AMITA. Charlie is being a jerk and you stand up rof yourself. you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who doesnt like amita and charlie together but if he keeps forcing her to work on his stuff then there goes that relationship. i think amita should go to harvard wait a while get herself and charlie all worked then come out and have a huge makout scene. that is the way to end a season. not with her leaving. but technicaly i cant judge becase i havent seen the season finale yet. i am going to be very depressed until the next episode.
  • In a good way. C'mon Amita! You'd better not go to Harvard and leave Charlie all alone...

    SUCH a good episode. Loads of character development, mainly between Charles and Amita, but some on Don and David's part too. The plot was incredible; H5N1 is a very current topic, and it was nice to have it featured like this on TV. For some reason the scene near the end of the episode, when they found the girls, stuck in my mind for a while after (still hasn't gone away, atually), and Don's "extreme" reaction to the guy who ran the bar was very realistic- seems to me like he's getting sick of the villans pushing him around. David's got a crush! It'll be interesting to see how that develops with what's-her-name... Claudia? Hmmm. One last thing: CHARLIE AND AMITA. GET IT TOGETHER!! You like him, he likes you... why all the angst? (Oh yeah. It's TV.)
  • Its the typical Romeo and Juliet episode, with some murder in it...

    Wow. Wow, wow, and wow again.

    This was an incredible episode. OMG, why oh why, did it have to be over? I loved every second of it and I was almost in tears, at the end...

    Amita and Charlie. WOULD Y\'ALL GET IT TOGETHER! Actually, I give AMita major applause for telling Charlie off like she did, I have been waiting for her to do that. I agree with her completly, but she should have been nicer about it. She does volunteer to help him...If she goes off to Harvard I will kill her. I know she and Charlie are not an official couple, but Charlie is trying ok? I mean he asked her out on 2 dates in the time span of at lease 5 minetes. One math date (LOL That was funny), and an actual date. Now if only Amita would accpet this. She has been trying to get him for a while, and what does she do? \"I am sorry Charlie, but I don\'t know.\" GIVE HIM A FRICKIN\' CHANCE! How can she not look into his eyes and melt?

    I was nearly in tears at the end...They were like an inch apart! Gosh, Amita would you kiss him!? He is ready to make a move, and you just can not accept that. He was not ready for a relationship, he could have lost his career, but now he is willing to risk it. It is your typical Romeo and Juliet story like I said in my summary...

    I was really hoping for Don to go all big brotherly on Charlie, and be like it\'s ok man, give her some time, she will come around. But no, you and your dad have to play gin rummy and let Charlie mend his broken heart on his own...

    This episode like I said was great. I was nearly in tears like I have said countless times before, just because they are so bloody clueless...Well at least someone is coming around...Anyway this was great, if ya missed it, go find a copy of it, because you can not miss this one, espcially if you are a Charlie and Amita shipper.

  • Very good show once again!

    It was a good show once again and no wonder
    I love the show. The plotline was Asian women were
    Dying of some kind of bird flu. And the FBI tries
    To find out a reason why. Meanwhile, Charlie is in love
    With a co-worker with whom he feels very close to but
    She is getting a promotion and that is the catch to
    A maybe romance. Great personal stories on the characters IMO!