Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ultralock 2-way differential on a Civic?

    The episode is on bittorrent if anybody wants to watch it.

    In the beginning animation, it mentions 420 horsepower and 1200 foot pounds of torque! A 4 banger can't get that ratio of power! The HP # is attainable on a heavily boosted VTEC engine but not the torque numbers. At least they got the curb weight of 2359 pounds correct (stock 2000 Civic Coupe), though they didn't account for the mods to the car or the driver so really that was an error as well.

    16:30 into the episode, the scene is at the car analysis place and the guy mentions 'weld points' when talking about the front grille of the 2000 Honda Civic, how a different front grille has been put on the Civic. It's all plastic, no weld points! Just clips.

    The ox ('oh ex') gecko ultralock 2-way differential. LOL.

    Overall I found the episode to be enjoyable and the bit about the differential was hilarious since you can't put in a custom differential to a Civic transaxle (at least that I know of).

    The script writers allowed a bit too many errors to make it a truly enjoyable episode for me.

    I also found the character of the mechanical engineer enjoyable. Wish there was a computer engineer character as well but that wasn't applicable to that episode. I'm a nerd. Numb3rs is for nerds.
  • What appears to be a street racing accident gets complicated when the driver, or who they assume is the driver, winds up with secondary injuries apart from the crash.

    Great episode. I watched it twice. *Spoilers*
    I thought it was a bit of a stretch that there "happen" to be a former streetracer at the coffee shop. However, since they clarified that the races were purposly racing in front of the former racer, then it cleared it up. Kind of... What I did not like was the fact that I saw the kid crawl out of the trunk. So I was left nearly the entire episode thinking that I had misunderstood what I saw. They were calling him the driver, so I must have been mistaken. He didn't really crawl out of the trunk. But yes, he did. I was too preoccupied with that to enjoy the mystery of it. Perhaps if they had not shown the audience that the kid was in the trunk to begin with, it would have been a better mystery. At least for me.

    A new character is introduced. Ray Galuski is a mechanical engineer. He is played by Chris Bauer, I personally loved his work on 3rd Watch, and was glad to see him. His character is very likeable and I am hoping to see more of him. Plus, he was totally crushing on Megan, dude!

    There are some great character development scenes. A scene with Alan and Amita, and Larry is there to - at least in body, where she had left her pda in the hallway and he was returning it. She was very embarassed, I am assuming because it was proof that she had spent the night with Charlie. Alan says something like "We are all adults", and continues awkwardly that when he was her age he was already married, and "had a kid". I don't know if he was trying to make her feel more comfortable or hinting that he would like some grand children.... we'll have to wait and see about that one.

    David is still moody with Colby. Get over it already. What are you? 12? But he did make an attempt, he found Colby's special fishing lure and left it for him to find, without trying to hide the fact that it was him that found it for him. Awwww..... there's hope yet for that young couple!
  • Don't drag race!

    Surprise, people go dragging racing and someone dies! I thought about turning my dvr off at this point since the desert of the strike is about to hit with no new first run shows but I was already hooked into the show and powerless to turn it off! Larry better be paying attention as the new mechanical engineer was like drooling for his girl. I was a bit confused here and there for some things weren't making sense but over all the whole show was back down to business which makes me one happy viewer. I am glad the real killer was identified. Keep these rocking shows rolling!
  • Just couldn't get into it.

    This is probably my least favorite episode so far this season - a big disappointment, since it comes from the creators and usually I like their stuff. I can barely remember the details now, and usually I DVR so I can watch them over and over. I don't think I was tempted to go back to this one at all. There was a crash. There were a lot of computer graphics. I guess Millie is out and other engineer guy is in. Blah blah blah. Big blur. Seems to me that Numb3rs has lost its soul - starting to look like any other action show, not smart like it used to be. Man, I hope this season gets better.
  • Street racing gone wrong.

    In this episode it looks like a simple case of street racing gone wrong. But when Don and his team start to take a look at the case they realize the driver wasn't the driver the car is a mesh of stolen parts and that the killer may be another street racer.

    The actual killer was a street racer who killed a couple 3 years ago and changed his ways. But his friend wasn't so smart. We met a Engineer who helped Charlie make a mock up of the accident and who's car knowledge lead the team to the real killer.

    We also saw Charlie's dad start his new college life.