Season 3 Episode 9

Waste Not

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • not a waste

    This episode features the most appalling crime in Numb3rs history, a construction company buries toxic waste beneath a school playground. If there was ever an episode where I wanted to see the criminals severely punished, this was it. It was also one of the most challenging to solve, but I love the final solution with David posing as an EPA agent. The other aspect of this episode is Charlie's new boss Millie. At the beginning, I just hate her cause she's such a huge jerk, but I like how it ends with her changing her attitude. It was a very disturbing episode, but I was glad to see that the criminals got what they had coming to them
  • A great episode to watch with popcorn and tissues (for some parts). Mille joins the math department with Charlie and Amita is so great, I wanted her to stay on this show permenantly.

    This episode is the most excellent one!!!! I didn't know that Megan had a softer side when it comes to investigate this case and taking statements from the children's parents and Larry being the funny guy who never gives up trying to live at CalSci.

    This is the first time that I've seen David go undercover (which is so awesome) and seeing Don and his team in their FBI gear is so great (always waiting to arrest the suspects and in action - which is cool).

    If this rating system has been out of 1000, I should have given this episode a 1000 out of 1000 because it is well written and (thank goodness) that they have added something with a little humour in it.
  • Charlie And Amita Begins Here?

    Charlie and Amita have been in a relationship since the very beginning of the season but this is the first episode where they even seem like that. I like the new boss introduced in this epsiode as she does her job - she splits Amita and Charlie and the two find out that they really do like each other alot more then maybe they have been showing. Larry scenes were comical but not really plot advacning like I would have liked. I liked the originality involved in the case. We pretty much knew the killers from the beginning of the episode we just had to use the math and some tricks to figure out how to catch them. I thought the fact that the man told everything he knew when he is under investigation was a little over the top, but I can forigve the writers for that. Alan being involved in the case was another cool scene. He is apart of the House it seems you never really see him anywhere else it was a nice change to see him out in the open. Overall a pivitol episode introducing a new way of looking at the case. Points for originality.
  • Love the ending

    I haven't watched this show yet only watched half an hour of it. Lol at first when I saw this episode, I thought that this lady (Larry, Amita and Charlie's boss) broke up Charlie and Amita, cos I saw Charlie stomping out of the classroom, and hated her, but then I heard from my friend is that Charlie, Amita and Larry have a new boss and had to tell them what they had to do I thought that ain't too bad… though Charlie should be able to do what he wants!!! Leave him alone… lol. Larry living in a tube!!! Lol is Larry going to live with Megan!!! Why is their relationship so much better then Amita and Charlie!!!

    I love the end!!! I was wondering when Charlie and Amita relationship is going to happen!!! Finally!!! Show more!!!

    This episode is not toxic waste. who would've thought to hide toxic waste under children's playgrounds? i certainly wouldn't have thought of it. I just loved the plot line, and the new board member-Milly.
    What else can you say. It's also a great show. I love the characters.

    Ok, here's some numbers for you:

    what is 111,111,111 x 111,111,111

    I'll tell you!

    Its 12345678987654321

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  • the magic of corporations worrying more about money than health..

    This eposode hit that nail with a huge ton of bricks and what was interesting to see the criminal rather than the math side play highly in the detection. I must also add that there are great dynamics at CalSci now we have a new head of departments (three o believe). In precious episodes it looked as if the CalSci was used for nothing more than a metting area. The new lady in charge of Charlie is unempressed with his police work and allthough there was fireworks in this efforet they are a mere simmer to what maybe to come if Charlie and Amita continue. On that finally some action with these characters, delicatly performed. a great start to a difficult subject involving children. Good see the father involved to. I think it was well reearched and very imformative. I like the part when they managed to drug her with peanut oil on her glass (the laywer had stated he new she was a drinker )
  • Charlie gets a new boss who tells him to stop spending so much time working for the FBI. Amita and Charlie fight their new boss\\\' efforts to pull them apart, ending with the two lovers making out. I think there was some crime solving going on too.

    What happened to this episode? Was it written by a former Soap Opera screenwriter? The crime was secondary to the soap opera drama that is becoming a reoccurring theme. Namely, what is up with Charmita? Who cares!! This is not why we watch. Now with Megan and Larry and for some unknown, odd reason Dr. Millie French who plays Charlie\\\'s new boss and Alan, Charlie\\\'s dad. What\\\'s going on? Have the producers done a demographic analysis and decided that the majority of the viewers are 15 year old girls? Did the screenwriter forget that this is a crime procedural using a genius mathematician to solve crimes. If I only saw this show, I\\\'d say it\\\'s an ill fated romance between two genius mathematicians who are constantly being pulled apart by the people around them. The romance is further complicated by the fact that Charlie’s father is dating the person most against this wonderful love affair. In between, the two genius lovers try to solve a crime for the FBI using some math.
  • Don must investigate a company dumping toxic waste at schools, however, this episode was also about Charlie.

    I thought that, even though it wasn't that large, Charlie's plot was the biggest. While he is working with Don on finding the reason for all the sickness at the school, Charlie also haa major problem of his own. I thought that this episode could be setting the show up for something interesting.

    At Charlie's school, the physics, math, and cosmology department get a new head. Dr. Mildred Finch. While she is quite qualified, she is also incredibly overbearing and demanding. She also makes implications that she has information on everyone working for her. Her goal, she said, was to unite the three departments and have them work together more. She walks in several times on Charlie and Anita when they are working on info for Don. She informs them that they need to start placing more emphasis on their own work, and less on Don's. She then lowers their priority for the super-computer, which is the only way for them to process the FBI's data with any speed. I thought that she was incredibly abrasive and I didn't like her. I thought that she was demanding and that it was wrong for her to tell Charlie, not ask him, he was going to be the head of PHD hires. That was really annoying to me. I was fairly angry.

    In conclusion, this episode, to me, was more about Charlie and Larry than anyone else. Oh, did I forget to mention Larry, let me tell you about him.

    Larry is living in the Steam tunnels. Mildred watched him climb out of them with his and then went down there when he wasn't there. She then walked in on Larry and Charlie while they were working and told him that someone was living down there and that she was going to seal them as a liability. She essentialy kicked him out of where he was living at the time. Larry then had several offers of where to stay. It wasn't revealed which one he took, however, there were several presented to him. One, of course, was at the Eppe's house. He declined that one mentioning a problem he has with the bathtub situation. Apparently, Larry has issues with the "call" of the bathtub. He is fine when he is the only one living there, but he has problems when there are other people.

    Final conclusion, this episode was an episode that should have made Charlie and Larry the main plot and then have Don's work as a sub-plot, instead of the other way around. However, I still enjoyed this episode and I will watch it again whenever they show it.
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