Season 4 Episode 18

When Worlds Collide

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 16, 2008 on CBS

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  • Painful to watchh as in a good way, it might have you in tears! Lost a 0.1 because of what happened to Charlie

    Really i did not expect the ending to end that way at all. Im verrry religious when it comes to watching numb3rs, but omg what happened to Charlie at the end, is heart wrenching! Why is megan leaving? oh my god. this episode is brilliant, except for the ending... well it wouldve been a good ending if they didnt take Charlie's security clearance. Does anyone know if there will be a season 5? I love numb3rs, this episode really got me to bawling my eyes out. Really did. Oh someone has to answer my question on whether there will be a season 5!
  • Awesome Idea! The inevitable question of whether or not Don and Charlie could work every case together forever was answered with a painful NO...

    (This is my 1st actual review so be nice...)
    The fact that Charlie finally has to break the law because of the knowledge he gains working with it, does no-one else see the irony!?

    yes, of course, the show and the fans will miss Megan but the exit was well scripted and could not have gone better from where i see it; should minds be changed there's chance of a come-back plus no other character (especially Larry) was hurt by it.

    As all good final episodes should, WWC left a cliff hanger and though it was more heart breaking than heart stopping, it makes the audience wonder how season 5 will go on without Charlie having security clearance.

    It could have been better but it had all the right elements.
    Bring on season 5!!!!
  • Charlie helps on a case, but knows the person Don is investigating. Charlie's own opinions get in the way of the case and ends up getting his NSA clearance taken from him.

    I love the series Numb3rs. I am a dedicated viewer and personally wish my own math teacher was named Charlie Eppes. However, this episode disappointed me slightly and I hated the ending. Charlie is my favorite character and I was stunned when it concluded with him not being about to help the FBI. Though I love the series and and a devoted fan, I - not hated, but - disliked the last episode. This is not to say that I didn't like the ENTIRE episode - just the beginning. The overall plot was enjoyable and better than some of the others.
  • Great story, stupid ending

    This episode was interesting, as usual. What I hated was the unrealistic ending. How on earth do they plan to continue the show when Charlie loses his security clearance? In real life, it would be nearly impossible for him to get it back. In TV land, they will figure something out within the first couple episodes of next season.

    Hey, they turned Colby from being a traitor as a Chinese spy into a double agent hero last year in one episode.

    Numb3rs is one of my favorite shows. However, I have seen fantastic finales on other shows this season and I must say I am disappointed with Numb3rs in comparison.

    Lastly, we had to say goodbye to Diane Farr. I wish her well in her new endeavor and with the twins on the way.
  • Awesome, but I nearly died watching it!

    I actually adored and loved this episode, strange since a good portion of the season was too rushed for me. I liked the storyline, since I know that I and several of my fellow Numb3rs fans were hoping for Don and Charlie to go head to head, but Charlie's little helping hand nearly gave me a heart attack from the shock. Charlie lost his clearence? How can they DO that? For what is Numb3rs without Charlie? I'll tell you what: yet another CSI cop show spinoff. It won't be Numb3rs without the math! However, I'd like to see how they resolve Charlie's security clearance (hopefully they make a us wait a bit, unlike the famous Five Minute Worry Over Amita's Gay Friend), and the argument was just waiting to happen, and was beautifully done. Memo to the Numb3rs people: please bring back Charlie soon!

  • Characters come on their own!

    If only reality was this easy. You committ a crime and then get a lawyer and an arresting agent come home, have pizza and surrender. I guess this was more of a political statement than anything. Considering the Govt of USA is basically plunging the world into a black hole, I am surprised the episode ended the way it did. Still brave of Prof Epps to send the research work. Not sure if anything is proven but it proves that world is not that black and white after all. Megan leaving was expected. I guess we have to wait for a new partner. Agent Epps is shacking lawyer girl so he is cool. And I wont be surprised if our good friend goes for Don's ex girlfriend. Wait and watch, I guess.
  • good episode...

    This was a pretty good episode with a good story. It's interesting to see how each cime show deals with terrorists and I think Numb3rs did a good job. It showed all of the steryotypes and misconceptions. The terrorist ended up being some irish guy that was going to blow up a school. The tension between Don and Charlie was ok, but it seemed overdone. Megan leaving...well, I'm actually excited about that. They can maybe bring in a new character and have new story lines. I'm sure Megan will still be with Larry, I hope, because they're such a cute couple. Anyways, overall, it was a pretty good episode with a good story line.
  • I'll be watching next season after all.

    Good acting. I didn't see the end of episode plot twist coming. For the first time in a long time Numb3rs had me on the edge of my seat.

    In the second half of this season there have been a lot of relatively weak episodes, focusing more on advancing subplots (there is only so much tv I care to watch about the ups and downs of Charlie's relationship with Amita, Larry's with Megan), and with the writers stretching more and more to come up with connections between Charlie's math and the-crime-of-the-week.

    In the season finale of the shortened season, the show gets back to what makes it great. Charlie's character is back to where he needs to be, he's a scientist with a very different way of seeing the world than the folks down at the FBI office (not just a socially awkward copy of Don). The crime of the week really is a mystery, rather than thirty minutes of, we know who the bad guy is, let's just take 30 minutes to find him. The conflicts between Don and Charlie have a much more real world feel to them. I hope to see a lot more episodes like this next season.
  • Tension filled in this excellent episode.

    Charlie is stuck between a rock and a hard place, his job with the FBI and his job or more specifically his CAL SI professors. Charlie is torn, maybe justifiably so. The team and bureau is worried about a terrorist cell plotting an attack. An attack possibly linked to Charlie's fellow professor. I loved Charlie's game of " 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" to prove his point of possible links to terrorists. Unfortunately the situation puts Charlie and Don on opposites sides of the fence. They are still trying to accomplish the same thing but from different perspectives. Shoot out in downtown LA, nothing really new there. Their terrorists cell is not what they thought, but there are victims of its assumptions. Charlie makes the hardest decision of his career more importantly his reputation and his life that changes things, possibly forever.
  • A good episode.

    A friend of Charlies gets arrested of suspicion of being a terrorist, he is member in a group that is suspected of being cover for a extreme religious organization. Charlie gets upset and dose what he can to clear his frieds name.

    Two men have earlier that day been kidnapped that was members from the group. The FBI thinks that the two men could have been a threat to the group. The FBI's objective is to find the leader of the group. Charlie tries with math to identify more leeks and possebly the group leader.

    The two men gets tortured for information and then killed, among with the bodies they find blueprints for a rocketlaucher trigger. They also found blueprint of 4 highschools.
    Charlie doesn't find enything in his analysis but he discovers that the group doesn't fit the FBI's criteria for being a terroristgroup. A big argument builds up weather Charies frind is guilty of enything or nothing at all.
    Back home the discussion continues.

    Charlie runs another analysis and comes to the conclusion that there is a third man in the group that have been in contact with the two dead guys. The FBI's team puts him under surveillance, and two guys jumps out trying to kidnap him, but they don't succeed and one of the kidnappers ends up dead. He was from Irland and the team gets confused.

    Colby and David finds out that Megan is going to quit from the FBI to work at a prison.

    Charlie goes to see his friend in prison and tries to fill in all the loose ends and he gets alot of answers.

    The FBI identefies the other shooter at the kidnapping, turnes out that he also is Irish and that he stole a mans identity to get founding from the suspected terrorist organization. The 2 men that he killed was because they got suspicious. Charlie runs another analysis, and it turnes out that the man have been working alone all the time. He is now on the run bet the FBI catches him before he escapes.


    Nothing special in this episode but i fell sad that Megan doesn't return in season 5.
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