Season 6 Episode 4

Where Credit's Due

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

A woman drives a man into the forest to find a box. They open it and out pours a bunch of sand and a dead body.

Amita and Charlie kiss and Larry barges in to give them plane tickets.

Colby comes to the scene to find that all of the moisture has been sucked out of the body. He had been shot, hung and stabbed. He wonders why the couple were led to the body.

Colby comes home to show Don the details of the case. Charlie and Amita are watching a movie. Charlie overhears and rewinds the video to see almost exactly what happened to the victim. They wonder if the killer saw the pirated movie.

Colby and David meet with a studio exec, Caroline and the writer, Chris. Chris tells them if the copy-cat killer followed the script exactly, they wouldn't find him. Colby does a background check on the cast and crew and finds some criminals. The victim was producer Brent Fuller. They go to Victor Stokes apartment who worked with Fuller. Stokes tries to flee but explains that it was because he just spent some counterfeit prop money at a massage parlor and would never kill anyone. He hadn't seen Fuller for over a year but heard Brent saying that he wanted to produce Chris' movie.

They find that Brent Fuller had been dead for 9 months and was killed before production of the film started.

They assume that Chris had something to do with the murder or at least knew who did it. They perform a thorough search on both Brent and Chris. They find that Chris is also a software producer for a company called Cine-Pal.

They go to Brent's house to find a man named Tyson living there who says he is his assistant. Tyson had been paying himself with cash he found in the house. They find a receipt for Brent having lunch with Chris and that he was also supposed to meet with someone with the initials D.W.

They find that Brent had withdrew $120,000 right before his death and had been writing checks to a woman named Deborah Westfuller. They go to her office to find her dead by a rope hanging to a chair. They believe that Chris killed Brent and Deborah so that he could cash out on his script.

Chris disappears and they trace him through his cell phone. He is seen at a cafe receiving a text message that says "someone knows what is going on."

They follow the movie plot and go to a nearby park where they find Caroline Wayne hanging above them. They see Chris drive away.

They wonder why Caroline was blackmailing Chris.

They follow him and he shoots but eventually surrenders. They assume that Chris really didn't write the movie script and he reveals that the real writer was Tyson. They find Tyson who doesn't know how Chris stole the script and is excited about being famous.

Alan informs everyone that he got a job at a software company.

Larry goes for a drive in his convertible and stops to look at the night sky and notices a for sale sign on a land lot.
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