Number 96

Network Ten (ended 1977)


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  • Season 6
    • Episode 1218
      Episode 1218
      Episode 220
      The residents of Number 96 are horrified to learn the identity of the building's mysterious buyer. The person who is driving them from their homes is none other than Maggie Cameron! Giovanni and Marilyn's romance fizzles once again, with Marilyn's decision to become a nun. Simon's body is found in Tamworth, but it is a false alarm. Giovanni announces a sell-out sale in the deli. Maggie explains that she couldn't resist one last trick. Simon turns up safe and well. Dorrie loses Herb half a million dollars because of her anger over his relationship with Opal. Everyone is pleased that the building will not change hands after all. While Arnold and Vicki find true happiness, Edie finally gains inspiration for her novel. On a fresh sheet of paper, Edie types: "Once upon a time there was a building called Number 96..."moreless
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