Number's Alive!

PBS (ended 1998)


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Number's Alive!

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Number's Alive! is a children's educational series from the American Public Broadcasting System that brings to life mathematics through music. Singer Brian Fountain Murray and his rock band Beyond Zero with Jill (Michelle Ingkavet), Marty (Carter Jahncke), Bianca (Erika Frank) and Johnny (Johnny Alonso), join Ellie The Tutor (Desiree Marie Velez), to show kids at home some basic arithmetic. The series starts with the band asking Jill about calculating percentages in their song "Take A Chance" and "Playing the Percentages." Counting numbers also plays in the series with Bianca helping Brain chant, "The Countdown to Fame." After Johnny asks Ellie to help him measure his height, the team goes on a measuring campaign while singing, "Sizing Things Up." The group and their tutor leave the PBS studios from time to time and travel throughout New York City looking for mathematics in real-life situations. A visit to the city's botanical gardens inspires the song "Eco-count" and a New York Yankee ballgame brings out the song, "Points Unknown."