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    Ths show is missing a huge opportunity to be an Academic Mentor to youth and students who are fascinated with math and statistics, are not atheletic, but who may not necessarily realize that their is a role for them in sports.

    Develop a classroom setting for these co-host to sit in and show the figures being calculated real-time while being discussed. This is advanced mathematics and will interest youth especially if they have a chance to win an opportunity to be the GUEST-MATHEMATICIAN/STATISTICIAN to perform the calculations live on the show.

    You could even evolve this endeavor to be a motivating event for entire school districts to send their prized mathematics student onto the show. This could really grow to include many youth and will expose the show to a new segment of viewer; school kids!

    The stage/setting is bland and has no movement nor action other than sports clips. Having a live person calculating figures on a white-board while the hosts discuss the figures/statistics will add an academic element to what is an academic topic: Numbers Being Calculated.

    Also, on today's show Jemelle asked for viewers to log on and give their prediction for total yards allowed by Seattle Seahawks defense in tonights game; Thursday October 17, 2013.

    My prediction is the Seattle Seahawks defense will allow 379 yards of total offense by the Arizona Cardinals.

    I tried to find a place on the NNL site to participate in the challenge but could not, so if I'm correct, please give me my gift as she promised to the winner.


    Mansoor Bey

    aka 1StarFather