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Numer's Alive!

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Number's Alive! is an educational television show that aired on PBS and MPT during 1996. Known for a popular children's show, Blue's Clues' director Todd Kessler presents the story of a teenage band known as Beyond Zero that travels around the USA to places like Montana and the Florida Everglades. During these travels, members of the band, Johnny Kowolski (Johnny Alonso), Electra (Erika Frank), Jill (Michelle Ingkavet) and others including Math Guy (Skipp Fennel) and Ellie the tutor (Desiree Marie Velez) explore the history and intriguing people they meet. Number concepts that range from percentages to geometric coordinates along with statistics and probability are employed to solve dilemmas they experience in their travels. At the end of each episode, the band performs in a musical rock video that centers on the mathematical concept that is presented in the storyline.