Nurse Jackie

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

In Eddie's apartment, Jackie lies in his bed and plays with a snow globe when he brings her coffee. Eddie wants to talk about Jackie's life and her kids and encourages her to tell him about her evening. Jackie replies Grace is having Kaitlyn over for a sleepover and ddie guesses Jackie doesn't like Kaitlyn. He asks about Kevin, but Jackie tells him she can't talk about him and leaves the bed. While she gets dressed, she tells Eddie that he and Kevin have to stop hanging out together and he agrees. He offers her drugs before she leaves, but she turns his offer down and tells him she is there because of him, not because of his drugs.

When Jackie comes home that evening, Kevin is making popcorn for the girls. He asks about the movies, but Jackie forgot to pick them up. When the girls come into the kitchen, Kaitlyn trips Fiona up who fells. While Kevin looks after Fiona, Kaitlyn goes on to get on Jackie's nerves by accusing her of burning the popcorn. Meanwhile, Kevin has established Fiona didn't hurt herself and Jackie is happy she doesn't have to fix any broken bones that night. Fiona announces that she wants a broken bone with a cast on her arm for her birthday which is commented by Kaitlyn with "retarded!" Before the girls leave the kitchen, Kaitlyn asks Fiona if she still wear diapers. Before Kaitlyn can leave the kitchen, Jackie grabs her and tells her to "shut the fuck up!"

In the basement, Jackie looks for her secret staff in the box with the Easter decoration, but all Easter eggs are empty.

Later, when they all watch tv, Kevin notices that something's up with Jackie and asks her about it. She tells him Kaitlyn is not a nice kid, but he answers her home life is a mess.

The next day on her way to work, she notices one of the posters of All Saints campaign featuring Dr. Cooper which she comments with "fuck!"

In the hospital, Zoey announces loudly the close arrival of a motorcycle accident and Jackie asks her to go easy.

When Dr. Cooper and Jackie take care of a patient, the patient recognizes Cooper from the posters. He orders to call Ortho for the patient and asks if he's done there. However, Jackie tells him he has to give the patient a hand in the bathroom because all the nurses are called to the new patient, the motorcycle accident, that is just coming in.

Jackie notices a man wandering around and wants to send them back to the waiting room. The guy is a pharmaceutical company rep who hands her some of his new drugs before he leaves.

Jackie goes to the ladies' room to take a few of the pills, and takes the rest out of the packing. When another doctor comes in, she quickly hides the packing of the pills in the bin and she leaves.

Zoey comes to Jackie to talk about the motorcycle accident with the ruptured spleen, acting weird. Jackie wonders whether it's her hormones, but tells her that she is acting weird and asks her if she had a pregnancy test. She didn't but tells Jackie that she knows her body and implies that her breasts got bigger.

Mrs. Akalitus shows up and asks Jackie to walk with her. She carries a cardbord of Dr. Cooper to advertise inside the hospital. She tells Jackie that each of these cardbords cost $286 and vandalizing or disfiguring any of them will be met by a shitstorm. She leaves and O'Hara shows up, reminding Jackie it could have all been hers. Cooper joins them, asking them about the handsome guy, and O'Hara brings to his attention that the cardbord is not lifesized, but smaller than the original. When Cooper is gone, O'Hara looks on her phone and tells Jackie to turn around because Sarah Khouri is standing there, and O'Hara and Sarah fall into their arms. Then the two force Jackie to join them for lunch.

At the restaurant, Sarah and O'Hara share a story from their past with Jackie. O'Hara is happy that Sarah is settling in Washington, but Sarah isn't. A call from the hospital about a patient that was shot by an arrow ends their lunch.

At the hospital, O'Hara and Jackie take care of the patient with an arrow in his lung. He got shot when a rich person got drunk and decided to shoot an arrow from his roof. Unfortunately, he shot a man who was just transplanted a new lung.

Dr. Cooper visits Mrs. Akalitus office and is confronted with one of the cardbords where someone wrote "I grab boobs" on it which Mrs. Akalitus comments with "heavy is the head that wears the crown."

Thor tells Zoey he will cover her shifts during her maternity leave if she covers him for the time he visits the tulip festival in Holland, Michigan with his mother. However, Zoey tells him she told him about her condition for his support, not a vacation and turns him down, but Sam offers to cover for Thor.

Jackie talks to the husband of the motorcycle accident victim. He feels responsible because he bought her the bike and she tries to comfort him.

Zoey is in the chapel to pray. When a pregnant woman passes her, she calls out she is not ready to be a mother yet.

Jackie waits for Dr. O'Hara to come out of surgery of the motorcycle accident victim. Unfortunately, O'Hara has bad news because the woman didn't make it. That's when Zoey shows up to announce happily that she is bleeding.

Jackie and O'Hara wait outside the waiting room where Sarah talks to the victim's husband.

Zoey tells Jackie that she regrets her previous behavior, and adds that miracles can happen every day. Jackie adds that she should try to use rubbers. Kevin calls Jackie to ask about her day and to give her full disclosure about his plans for the night. He wants to go out and play ping pong at the club Susan Sarandon opened and then he shocks Jackie by adding Eddie got them the table.

Before Jackie leaves, Zoey approaches her to tell her that the rich man who shot the patient with an arrow sent his driver in. Jackie confronts the driver and tells him his boss hit a guy who had to wait three years for a lung. The driver admits that his boss is a dick and that the charges were dropped because of his boss' connections. When Jackie asks if he came to apologize, the driver has to admit he came to get the arrow.

Jackie goes outside to the rich guy's car and knocks on the window, but the driver tells her his boss didn't come along. When she learns that the car is one of only 15 ever made S65 AMG Mercedes, she keys it with the rich guy's arrow while she admires the nice car. Before she hands the driver the arrow, he tells her she missed a spot.

Jackie finds Kevin and Eddie playing ping pong. When Kevin leaves to get her a beer, she confronts Eddie who tells her she asked to stop seeing him, but he never said he would. Then he adds that he will tell Kevin everything in case she lies to him again. When Kevin comes back with their beer, she kisses him and asks him to kick Eddie's ass.

At home, Jackie makes Fiona the cast she wanted for her birthday.