Nurse Jackie

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Story lines less than boring lines

    Quick Recap:

    O'hara knows about Jackie's double life
    Zoe is getting to know Jackie on a more personal level when she finds out about her and Eddie
    Eddie is being replaced by a pill machine and knows that Jackie has a kid because Cooper told him about it
    Cooper's nervous disorder and a secret hanging over Jackie caused her to kiss him, leaving them even..
    Jackie also cut off her wedding ring and broke her finger to cover it up just to keep her double life a secret, after making up with O'hara who told her sister about Jackie indirectly...

    So far the show has created a dynamic story and twisted set of characters with dark humor around every corner. For the finale, I'm hoping that the characters get a little bit more developed. I'm looking forward to O'hara and Cooper becoming more intertwined in Jackie's life. Jackie is developing as a strong character and is seemingly becoming frustrated as the pill-o-matix replaces Eddie. Cooper starts to pry into Zoe's every days with Jackie to try to get information about what Jackie likes, even going as far as to ask her if Jackie is seeing anyone. Personally, if I was Cooper I would have stayed with Melissa, the gorgeous young brunette with the "great singing voice" as her mother describes two episodes prior. Let's hope that the finale brings everything together and leaves me looking forward to the second season. And that Zoe grows up a little bit... a lot.
  • Jackie's Secret is discovered. Dr O'Hara goes Shopping. Dr Cooper is in love. And Zoe makes a tiny mistake :P

    What i've liked this episode? The Film Critic. Being a Film lover myself everytime they get a film dialogue i just glue myself to screen to hear it and I think it was a plus in this episode.

    Dr O'Hara. Once again she is the higlight of the episode. I'd like to see more of her character develloped.

    Eddie. One episode to the season finale and i want to see how he's going to react, now that he knows that jackie has a family... Dislike : Zoe. She just needs to get better material than being the intern who screws it up. Next season i would to see her mature a little bit. And what's yet to come.

    Cooper. The same as Zoe. In the last episode i've imagined Dr Cooper as the future nemesis of jackie, but now i see a man acting like a child, and that doesn't bring any credibility to a doctor or to a character...

    Overall i've liked the episode, not for jackie itself but what revolves around her. And what is yet to come.