Nurse Jackie

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Pupil- Another Great Installment

    This episode was great. The dark humour, the sarcasm and the circle around jackie's both lifes is getting a little tightier. I think that the male nurse is a character that should be develloped in the future, it's interesting how all is going to turn up for Jackie. Like i've said before Nurse Jackie is amazing for its simplicity and there's a lot to be seen here. Every single action that we make changes the world around us and for Jackie, the world is already changing. By seeing her daughter getting more and more unstable, you see the helplessness in Jackie's eyes, and the consequences of her actions. Even if they're unknown to others.
  • Privacy Protection: Another Great Episode

    In the last few episodes, we have seen Jackie's seemingly double life, where she is playing around with the pharmacist at work who is the hook to her pain killer addiction for her "back pain" and her life as a wife and mother of two. We've learned that it has been a year that she has been playing second life and in this episode some of it crosses over.

    This episode has some pretty comical dark humor in it, which really makes this show great. Acalitus' baby that she found looks pretty much EXACTLY like the actress, mostly in the eyes.. which is what this episode is named after... coincidence? Probably not.

    I like that this episode is getting into the cross over of her life, the pill innards accidentally falling on her daughters donut. Her secret daughter gets out when Cooper tries to get mad at her for riding him about not answering his pager which leaves some foreshadowing for the last episodes. Eddie finding out also adds to the drama between him and Jackie. Zoe also walking in on Jackie completed the set of characters coming close to finding out a little more than Jackie wants everyone to know about her private life.

    Best line from the episode "Flashlight tag, you're it"!