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  • Doctors cant call in narcotics!!

    im soo happy shes getting high again!!! was getting boring!!!! I want to punch her sponsor!! shes soo annoying. lol. id like to just say this I work in the medical field and there is no way in hell a doctor can call a narcotic in to the pharmacy. it has to have a written paper script signed by the doctor too!!

    I was getting bored with all this SOBRIETY BUSINESS! Jackie is taking pills and doing lines once again! She is of course on her game of being top notch on the J-O-B and no one knows any different. There is a twist to it oldest daughter is doing drugs now. What a tangled web Nurse Jackie wait to see the next episode. Welcome back Nurse Jackie!!!!
  • I had to come and rate.

    It's such an underrated show and I hate that. It is totally a dramedy. A little bit of laugh with some drama. Very much like The Big C. I miss this show so much. A show I could watch with ease and never get bored. Never. Never. It's an easy watch like most Showtime shows.
  • Comedy? WTF?

    This show is a drama, not a comedy. Why on earth is this in the comedy section? The show could move to the top three list and still never win anything because its against actual comedies...
  • I like it

    I think Edie Falco is a good actor. Realistic show? I don't really care, it's television :)

    The Zoey character (to me) is just this side of being overdone. I like the combo of the naive newbie and the jaded nurse mentor, but Zoey's quirkiness could start feeling contrived after a certain point, I think.

    I've enjoyed watching this on Amazon Prime but I don't see Season 5 available yet; hope it will be soon. I do wish the seasons were longer; that seems to be a trend in a lot of shows, unfortunately.
  • ???????????? question?????????????

    Can anyone tell me when Nurse Jackie returns please? :o)
  • More Episodes

    Honestly I think there should be more episodes to a season. Love the cast and I the turmoils and so forth that go on within the plot. Some people might sit there and bad mouth it because some of it doesn't relate in real life, but if you wanted to be picky enough to mention it, then don't watch it. It's entertainment not a real life documentary on her life.

    Can't wait until the next season are truly spaced to far apart.
  • Amsterdam Series Weekend

    To all our Dutch Nurse Jackie fans!!!


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  • Enjoy the show but,

    Really enjoy the show but,

    Its far from real life as it can get !!!

    Jackie has been a drug addict for years, so where were her withdrawals ?

    The writers did no research on drug addiction while writing this show.

    Her drug addiction is made out more of a joke then reality.

    She anywhere close to reality she would be acting alot different

    in rehab and after.

    And as anyone considered her real age?

    Ten years ago she had a 22 year old daughter on the Sopranos.

    Now she has two toddlers and is married to a 35 year old man.

    Sorry to say it but she looks her real age.

    Cute show but not anywhere near reality.

    But, what the heck the show is enterttaining !!!!
  • show time has the best of the best i just love nurse jackie

    Edie Falco and Peter Facinelli are great
  • A show to look forward to every week!

    I really do look forward to Nurse Jackie!!! Only Friends and Battlestar Galactica & lost have ever had that effect on me. The Characters are so different, wierd, eccentric, troubled, complex and highly entertaining. Nurse Jackie is a show that will need to keep going. By the third season this show will be up there as one of the best. The mix of comedy & tragedy is absolutly spot on and they producers, directors and actors should be proud to create such a good show when there is sooo mucj rubbish out there. Well Done! Keep Up the god work!
  • Love Nurse Jackie!

    I Am so happy Nurse Jackie got renewed It is the best show on showtime. No matter how people feel about the show and the sometime ludicrous story's the show exposes life as a drug addict. nurse Jackie depicts the life of desperate drug addict. and I do love the supporting cast. I wish they would add more of Dominic Fumusa character Kevin into each episode he is a superb actor and he anchors the show when the story's go off on a tangent. The biggest mistake the show made was adding Gbenga Akinnagbe who is the actor that plays Kelly he is one of the worst actors on TV and he really is bring the show down. Over all I Love Nurse Jackie And I Hope It Has Many More Seasons To Come!
  • Usually quite compelling...

    Despite the occasional weak episode, and the main character's moral ineptitude, this show is quite compelling.

    The main character is deeply flawed, yet she had many good characteristics, which causes us to like her, while also judging her for her numerous flaws.

    In fact, it's those flaws that make this show so compelling - we're rooting for, as well as against her every show. But how she pulls things off is entertaining and clever. So, if you need an entertaining and compelling show to fill your show-list, watch a few episodes of this show to see if it fills your show needs.
  • Good, but not exactly moral/honorable. Can be slow most of the time.

    Yes, she's strong and does what she believes is best for the patients. In some cases she bucks the system and goes around corners to make sure the patients get good care. But there was a case where she gave a brain dead man to the transplant team when she didn't have any indication that he was actually a donor. She's a drug user/abuser and cheating on her husband with a hospital worker (Eddie the pharmacist). The doctor (Cooper) with the grabby hands claiming it as a Torret's (not sure if I spelled that right) syndrome is ridiculous and someone like that would never be kept in a hospital in a doctor's position (or shouldn't) since that would constitute sexual assault and/or harassment.

    The plot just isn't exciting. The beginning episodes were good, but it just doesn't feel like it's going anywhere.

    I have high hopes the second season will improve. I will still watch it in hopes that it will get better.
  • No, thanks.

    After eight episodes I found myself uninterested about the story, not exactly anxious to see the next episode, so I'm sorry, but i'm not gonna keep wasting my time with this show. The initial twist about her having both an husband and a lover at work after a while got me wondering: why the hell she's cheating on her husband? the guy seem as good as it can gets, so why? He's not abusive nor distant, WTF? another thing: what is with this show and others on depicting doctors? Dr. Cooper is a joke, the friend of jackie at least is a bit funny, but really. It's so impossible to make a show about nurses in which the doctors are credible human beings and not stereotypes to enhance the role of nurses, which i'm sure it's crucial in health care?
  • I rate this show GREAT....

    Jackie is hilarious and brilliant comedy, with a side of seductive clever views. i have never came across any show that leaves me begging for more. This show screams Emmy Award for new drama. Nurse Jackie" offers a more plausible scenario than most, certainly a laughable one. Jackie also harbors more than one secret, bustles between saving lives and endangering her own with a brisk, impenitent ease.

    Hospital shows are almost always watchable; deadly diseases and flat-lining patients have a way of enlivening the most formulaic scripts, and some of these story lines are well wrought. In this case the setting is enjoyably grim, a bleak, urban landscape of illness and poverty that makes "ER" seem like a spa retreat in Interlaken.

    There are other compensations, notably the delicious newcomer Merritt Wever as Zoey, an insecure, clumsy student nurse who trips, tiptoes and sashays around Jackie with a strange, stop-and-start servility.
  • Simply Stated: Underrated

    This show has all the makings of a great series. I don't understand however how it is getting such low ratings from other users and as I read the other reviews it seems to be the same consensus throughout. This show has characters with depth, it has a story line placed in a hospital comedic drama that I've never seen before. It's a different side of the spectrum. The bad nurse so to speak. The cast is sensational in a subtle yet complicated way by bringing out emotions and comedy entangled in a dramatic hospital setting. I mean.. has our society really gotten used to "reality" TV shows like Jersey Shore and the Bachelorette that we forgot about what real characters and actors are? Did we forget about the development of a story line and bringing an imagination and element of creativity into something that is make believe seem realistic? If so, then shame on us, and shame on the producers of shows such as Survivor and Big Brother. This show is amazing, and if you do not agree, maybe you should pick up reading again, because obviously you've lost your way.

    10/10 to the writers of this show. Bravo.
  • Nurse Jackie is a fabulous show...fabulous for its dark, realistic portrayal of a nurse caught in the act of being herself, flawed & unpleasant but deeply committed to her patients. Interacting with a variety of characters this show IS A MUST-SEE

    Showtime has another hit on its hands. Nurse Jackie despite being a new show has become a classic. Edie Falco and the rest of the cast has succeeded in created a masterpiece. With dark and yet funny characters, a realistic portait of hospital life and an ongoing storyline this show with its subplots will entertain even the toughtest of critics. The fact that its characters are so diverse and yet authentically human and flawed only adds to the flavor and the texture of the show. The actors who make up the cast along with Edie Falco work in concert to create one of the best shows on TV today. The only thing wrong with the show is that its too short.
  • Pitch perfect dramedy

    Consummate television show making! The best show I've ever seen. Edie Falco is incredible, the characters are pitch perfect and their interactions make for the most hilarious and inspired goings on ever observed in an ER show. Every week I wish it was an hour long. The only thing that bugs me is the theme tune which is really bland, hopefully they will change it before the second season.

    You may say that the husband is a bad fit, but he's supposed to be a bad fit. He's a perfectly bad fit, because he's so wonderful, but still wrong for her. Normally on the masses of boring mindless TV that flows endlessly, a bad fit husband is an **** Not here. He's a great guy a patient loving father, super supportive of Jackie, I suppose in a sense you could say it's Jackie that's not supportive of him. If you haven't seen the show. Take half an hour to watch the first episode.
    I'm confident that you'll be hooked.

    Mrs Acolitis.

    Just watch it if you want to see something funny and impeccably written.
  • I want to like it but so far this is a snorefest and doesn't do justice for the health care professionals.

    I know its only 2 two episodes in but what a bad role model to set for young nurses coming into the health care field. A drugged up adulteress Nurse!! This show just goes to show what standards we set for ourselves. The fact that people watch this and like it lowers the bar another notch and sets stereotypes for those who choose to make nursing their occupation. Saying this I do realize that this is a fictional television series and will give it a few more chances to clean up the act. I work in the health care business and know that you can make a great hospital show without these antics.
  • Boring.....zzzzz

    I thought this would be a bad show from the moment i first read about it, but since im a big fan of tv shows i thought i would give it a try.
    And i just wasted 30 minutes of my life that will never come back !!!!

    This show is boring, annoing, stupid and i just hated it.
    In the first episode you meet the cast, and no one is worth watching, there are no good characters, the worst one was that new nurse that vomited !!!
    The nurse being married and having sex with the guy in the hospital is annoing too, im tired of watching that kind of stuff.
    If you make a new show, make a NEW show, dont use stuff from other shows.
    I'm sooooo pissed of right now that this show is so over promoted and that The Unusuals that is a great, creative show was cancelled after only 10 episodes and it was not promoted at all !!!
  • Eddie Falco's Nurse Jackie has a heart, a conscious and a drug problem for a bad back. Her zest for instantaneous Karma is darkly funny.

    Eddie Falco's Nurse Jackie has a heart, a conscious and a drug problem for a bad back. Her zest for instantaneous Karma is darkly funny. Towards the end of the episode she tells a bike messenger to be careful. He tells her to "F-off". What she does next is so fast and so twisted, it made me laugh out loud in spit of the "what?" factor. Falco has a depth and honest quality about her that makes her believable in everything she appears in. I'm still reeling from her performance in Orange State. She's incredibly talented and this show is very funny. This show packs a wide variety of punches from incompetent Doctors, to dry witted and unflappable nurses and hospital administrators. The scene in the restaurant where Falco's Nurse Jackie is eating with a doctor and a woman is choking is so well played and so revealing of the characters distance from emergencies of the physical and their reactions and debate about being off the clock and Jackie caves in and calmly walks over and assists and returns to eat is hilarious.
  • A nurse who struggles with pain medicine addiction goes through her days at work trying to help as much as possible even if it means she has to cheat and lie.

    I didn't expect much from yet another medical show with a twist but I was impressed by the pilot.

    The main character is interesting in many ways and leaves room for exploration in the future unlike so many leads now who get old after a half season. The plots for the episode were nicely rounded and part of a bigger picture. The acting is excellent with not only Edie DeFalco's subtle and layered performance but an involved supporting cast that should provide for some characterization along the way.

    The writing for the pilot was very good. There was no unnecessary dialog as every line seems to fit into a bigger story. There is no succumbing to the temptation to justify the main character's actions. The narrative does not feel heavy-handed or unnecessary, just a natural commentary on what happened.

    The direction although not remarkable was good enough to highlight what needed to be stressed in the plot without going overboard and mostly was there to serve the story, which is what direction should be.

    All in all, a must-watch
  • Edie Falco is amazing but the material is letting her down.

    I started watching this show for one reason only: the amazing Edie Falco. Great comedic and dramatic actress with a face so complex and interesting she always illuminates the screen. Additional things that got me past the first episode: the excellent production values, the rich cinematography, the sets, the atmosphere and overall tone. But after watching five episodes, it's pretty unavoidable: the show is boring. I used to think I could watch Falco read the phone book and be captivated. But this show's listless plotlines are making me reconsider.

    I guess the writers are to blame. The simplest way to say it is that nothing memorable happens in each episode. When I think about the few recent TV series that I have loved enough to follow from beginning to end (Will and Grace, Sex and the City, 30 Rock, Scrubs, The Office) the factor they all have in common is that almost every single episode has something about it that you can go back and recall later. "Remember on Scrubs when Ben died?" "Remember on Will and Grace when Grace and Karen fight over Jack when he's coming out to his mother?"

    So far, Nurse Jackie just doesn't have any "meat" to it. Episodic television can have long story arcs, even slow pacing. But there has to be SOME kind of payoff after each installment. Something to savor and enjoy. It shouldn't be melodramatic and it doesn't have to upset the tone of the series. But right now, I can't name a single thing to distinguish any of the episodes that have aired so far. I know things about the characters, but nothing sparks.

    Maybe it will get better. Maybe I'm too impatient. But Falco's impeccable acting and an obviously well financed production can't make up for the lack of any "there" there so far.
  • Sorry, just not moving in the right direction.

    It started of great and fresh; dedicated nurse, bumbling doctor, uptight but honest friend, sex, cheating, drugs... Well, just a few episoded on and all of those things are still here - watered down. In stead of a really scrappy, antagonistic relationship with the doctor, he is now "a good doctor". The love triangle is just... meh. Once you get through the sex/drugs bit, where are you? The uptight friend is just not believable as a character. I don't even want to dignify the novice nurse/gay nurse storylines - weak filler city. The stories tend to levitate toward the good old tortured soul bit we've seen a thousand times before. All in all, the show absolutely had promise and the great Falco. However, it can't seem to make its mind up whether it wants to be serious or not, a dramedy, a life story with funny moments? The writers are just not getting it right.
  • Well surprised...

    This is the story of a nurse through her everyday life.
    Jackie is a simple person with her own personal problems, she's got a tough job, and also a family to be taking care of.
    Yet, she seems to be handling it quite well...

    I'm starting to enjoy this show, characters are nice and acting really good. For sure, the story's a bit twisted sometimes but i mean "hey, this ain't Disneyland" and that's what makes it funny too!
    I never was into the hospital kind of shows, i guess what i like about this one is I find it more entertaining, less drama, more fun, and unusual situations.
    Definitely worth watching!
  • A great new medical series to watch!

    I will admit that the reason I mainly tuned into this show, was because of Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli). But the main character playing Nurse Jackie caught most of my attention.

    This show has it's serious times, but the funny parts are extremely funny! And with the show being on showtime, and the content being more adult, well that just adds to the hilarity.

    Nurse Jackie is a veteran nurse, who is struggling with a drug addiction from a back injury. She keeps her home life separate from her job life, and it will be very interesting to see how far that goes. I just can't wait to see more.
  • Sad. Stereotypical. It can be more than it is, and shows potential. But so far, I'm not impressed.

    This show does have some pretty decent points to make, of course, this review is solely based on the pilot. If I feel anything changes in regards to my views on this show after watching the first season, I will write a more proper review.

    However. The worst parts of this show, is how poorly the medical staff is portrayed. Either it's pety fights, doctor's being arrogant, rude, sexist or simply stupid. Or it's sex. Or, of course, this isn't House, but the main character fighting her own pain by the overuse of drugs? We've seen it before, couldn't they at least have tried a different angle. However, the show isn't all bad, it had some interesting points to give. And it did give some interesting medical perspective, both on the practical and the theoretical. It showed, with a huge over exaggeration, how it is to be a nurse.

    However, there was drama everywhere. It also seemed a bit over the top, now, I'm a huge fan of drama, but it just didn't feel right. When the main character and one of her friend doctors eat at a hotel, an elderly women chokes. When they walk the halls, there's another nurse always puking or being completely scared/selfconcious. And the very same nurse wanted to take a picture of a guy's ass after he shot a roman candle up into it. What, the, hell.

    I can't possibly see this show continuing unless it picks up and I kinda hope it does, because a show about nurses would be pretty awesome for my sake, but right now, it just feels, silly.

    Oh and just for the record, I didn't just describe the worst parts of the pilot, there was more than just this. As I said though, I'll be fair, and I'll review it after the first season. Unless it gets worse.
  • Enjoyed the pilot. I think it is going to be a very good series that is going to touch on many issues.

    Enjoyed the pilot. I think it is going to be a very good series that is going to touch on many issues.

    Nurses have a very tough job and it is refreshing to see the character Nurse Jackie truly care about her patients. Many nurses have lost their compassion for various reasons, pay, stress, employers, mean patients, and so forth.

    They are forgetting their Oath and the back bone of what nurses stand for. Hopefully, this show will touch them and encourage them to care again.

    Hopefully, it will remind all of us to treat Nurses with respect and realize how important they are to us when we are ill, as well as how important they are to our loved ones when things are bad.

    The show looks like it will demonstate the good and the bad in us. It is after all, a constant battle.
  • So far I'm impressed.

    I'm not much for the melodramatic, nor the soap-opera. She's complicated, good and evil, without any mush. It makes me wonder how long the even keel of complication can last before it becomes loaded with more relationship turmoil among the main characters than about the objective of the show. So many start out strong, as though they can aptly navigate their personal issues while doing what they are supposed to do... suddenly it is yet another modge podge of sexual tension and the goal of the show (in this case, nursing) becomes long forgotten. She's a strong actress though, so my hopes are high she can pull it off.