Nurse Jackie

Season 1 Episode 10

Ring Finger

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2009 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Jackie and her daughter Grace have their first tap dance class where they meet Ginny Flint and her daughter Kaitlyn. Ginny and Jackie went to high school together. Ginny asks if Jackie and Grace want to go out for donuts with them, but Jackie has to go to work. On their way home, Grace reveals that Kaitlyn told her that Ginny was her father's girlfriend before Jackie.

At the hospital, Jackie and Mo-mo sit next to the newsstand and wonder which day is. Dr. O'Hara arrives to buy candy, but ignores the two. When she leaves, she asks Jackie if she has a minute.

Dr. O'Hara apologizes for her previous behavior and promises not to talk about Jackie to somebody else again. Before Dr. O'Hara leaves her behind, she tells Jackie that she is still wearing her wedding ring.

In the ladies' room, Jackie tries to take the ring off, but fails. A new patient with no ID and cardiac arrest is brought to the ER. Dr. Cooper, Mo-mo, and Jackie try to revive him while the patient's phone keeps ringing. Jackie, who wants to if Mo-mo noticed her wedding ring, asks Mo-mo is he saw a ring she lost, but he replies he didn't see her wearing one. Their tries to get the heart beating fail and Dr. Cooper pronounces the patient's death. Everyone leaves except Jackie. She goes through the patient's belongings when his phone rings again. She reads his messages and leaves a message for this person and asks to come to the All Saints Hospital because Chris, the phone owner, is in a critical situation.

In the ladies' room, Jackie sniffs a line of Percocet and tries again to take off her wedding ring. Even though she cooled her finger with ice, she fails again.

In the hallway, Jackie meets Cooper's girlfriend Melissa. When Cooper arrives, he asks Jackie for a second. He is angry because Jackie lied about a patient he didn't sign off.

Jackie heads back to the ladies' room to take another line of Percocet. When she is on her way to Dr. O'Hara, she meets Eddie who asks her about the gloves she is wearing to hide the ring. She lies about urine samples and promises to meet him in a few minutes.

When she finds Dr. O'Hara, she asks for a favor. She wants her to saw the wedding ring off. O'Hara helps her though she questions Jackie's judgement. She also notices that Jackie is jittery. Jackie tells her about "cutting some corners with a potential donor" and that Cooper knows about it. O'Hara doesn't offer to help her, but assures Jackie that she perfectly knows how to deal with Cooper. Finally, O'Hara saws the ring off.

In the meantime, Cooper visits Eddie to bring him the flowers that Cooper's girlfriend Melissa gave to him because he is allergic to them. That's where Jackie finds them and asks for a minute with Cooper. When Eddie is gone, she tells Cooper that she did the right thing because she filled a void that was there because he wasn't and calls his threats against her unconscionable. She continues that she saw people die when he was still on the playground and Cooper grabs his breast again. She doesn't pull him away, but reacts understanding. She asks to trust each other and kisses Cooper before she leaves.

In the ladies' room, she brushes her teeth when Zoey shows up to ask her about super or morbidly obese. Jackie wants to know if someone called for the cardiac arrest, but no one did.

When Jackie goes back to see Eddie, she finds him high on Valium in the back room while the medicine from his pharmacy is getting packed up and have sex. They are just finished when Zoey storms into the room to tell Jackie that she found out that super obese is bigger than morbidly obese. Angry, Jackie tells Zoey to leave.

Jackie and Zoey meet again when they treat a priest who was fasting. In Spanish, Jackie tells the patient that he is too old to fast and that he needs to eat. However, the priest doesn't want to disappoint God, but Jackie convinces him to eat at least a cup of soup.

Later, while Jackie packs some cans of soup for the priest, she assures Zoey that she doesn't want to talk about what happened earlier and she doesn't want to talk about her or Zoey's private life either.

Jackie sees O'Hara again to tell her that Zoey walked in on her and Eddie and that she kissed Cooper which makes O'Hara burst out laughing.

In the chapel, Jackie and Mo-mo meet. He wants to know if she found the ring she lost. She says no with the sawn off wedding ring in her hand. She leaves him behind. She takes a hammer and goes to an empty examination room where she breaks her ring finger with the hammer.

With her broken finger, she asks Zoey to page Dr. O'Hara, but she has already left and Dr. Cooper takes care of the injury. She apologizes for her previous behavior and tells Cooper that he is a good guy.

Before Jackie leaves the hospital, she puts stamps on the dead patient's letters, a task he wasn't able to finish before he died and drops the letters into the mail box in front of the hospital. Soon later, Chris' phone rings and Jackie answers to tell the caller that Chris died earlier because his heart stopped.