Nurse Jackie

Season 2 Episode 7

Silly String

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 03, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Kevin and Jackie are cleaning up the kitchen from the mess Fiona's birthday party left behind when O'Hara and Fiona roll into the kitchen. Jackie sends Fiona away to play with her sister and O'Hara takes a beer from the fridge and thanks them for the delicious mac and cheese. However, Kevin who can't stand O'Hara stays mum. When she is gone, Jackie asks him why he couldn't be a little nicer, but he answers he was nice.

In the living room, Sarah Khouri and Grace talk about the places Sarah has been. Fiona wants to play with Grace and drags her away. Unfortunately, Fiona hits her lips with her cast and starts bleeding. Kevin wants to go to urgent care, but O'Hara and Jackie decide to take care of the wound in the kitchen.

Jackie, O'Hara and Sarah go to the hospital where O'Hara and Sarah kiss goodbye and arrange to go out for dinner that night. When Jackie and O'Hara enter enter the hospital, Jackie overhears Sarah answering someone's phone call whom she calls "sweetie."

When Thor catches Zoey wearing a cross and moving her lips without talking, he asks her if she's praying. She admits she made a deal with God about some serious changes in her life in case she was not pregnant. When Lenny joins them, she notices that he trimmed his goatee and leaves them. When she is gone, Lenny, Sam and Thor agree that there was some heat between Zoey and Lenny.

The hospital's biggest donor Libby Sussman is admitted to the hospital after collapsing and Mrs. Akalitus makes sure she is well taken care of. Mrs. Akalitus asks about the Sussman Foundation decision on its endowment to include the improvements in the E.R., and Libby assures her the funding is coming and that she is much more attractive when she is not asking for things. Dr. O'Hara diagnoses a simple fainting, but orders to run some tests to be on the safe side. Dr. Cooper makes an appearance, but Libby Sussman just laughs about him. She calls him ridiculous and compares him to her grandson's action figures. She demands another doctor, and Dr. O'Hara tells her that it would be her which Libby comments with "really?"

On his way out, Dr. Cooper runs into Zoey who asks him to sign off one of her patients. Then she mets Sarah Khouri and is happy to find out Dr. O'Hara mentioned her outside the hospital. Sarah shows her a spider bite and asks her to treat it off the record because she doesn't want to sit in the E.R. all day long. She also adds that O'Hara mentioned Zoey would be the one who would get these things done, so Zoey agrees and tells her to meet her after her shift.

While Jackie is drawing Mrs. Sussman's blood, Gloria Akalitus continues to talk about the E.R.'s budget. When Gloria leaves to get some sandwiches from a deli, Jackie apologizes for her. She adds that they going to take good care of her, but that she has to stop the snapping and fetching. However, Mrs. Sussman continues to treat her like her servant.

In the hallway, Jackie spots Sarah Khouri and overhears another conversation and Sarah tells the person on the other side of the phone that she is in Tehran right now. When Sarah notices Jackie, she interrupts the conversation and asks her to tell Ellie that she will pick her up after her shift and adds that she has to deal with a work crisis. She walks away from Sarah and receives a call from Eddie who asks her about her plans that night, but she tells him she has to call him back because she is working right now.

Meanwhile, Zoey is looking for a syringe so she can administer Sarah the antibiotics she already stole. She calls Sam for help who can point her to the right bin. Before she leaves with the needle, she asks him to clean that place up. On her way to Sarah Khouri, Thor catches her and asks her about some boy trouble he's having.

Jackie tells O'Hara about Sarah's message, and adds that she could have sworn Sarah was on the phone with her. O'Hara answers "one in every port" and leaves. Zoey passes Jackie who asks her to bring a patient outside and wait for the cab. Zoey tells her "absolutely" and adds she has to wash her hands first. In the ladies' room, Zoey quickly tells Sarah about the delay. Outside, Lenny shows up to ask Zoey out for dinner. She accepts his invitation and asks him to wait with the patient for the cab so she can take care "of some shit" inside.

While Dr. Cooper takes care of a patient, he asks for Sam's opinion on having his authority called into question because of his looks from "attractive man to attractive man." And Sam replies he should smile and tell them to "go fuck themselves."

When Zoey is about to enter the ladies' room again, Jackie catches her. The two visit Sarah in the bathroom who realizes Jackie found out about her lies. Jackie sends Zoey away and treats Sarah who explains she came back to the States more than two weeks ago, but didn't tell Ellie because she was with someone else. She adds that Ellie knows anyways.

Jackie visits Mrs. Sussman to tell her she will be discharged soon when Dr. Cooper storms into the room and vents his anger, but Mrs. Sussman gets right back at him. She tells him how unimportant he is and calls him a silly little runt when he grabs her breasts. Jackie and Mrs. Sussman are appalled by his behavior and Mrs. Sussman asks him to take his hands away, but he tells her he can't just when Gloria comes into the room and Mrs. Sussman tells her she will give them no dime anymore.

Outside, Gloria confronts Dr. Cooper and Jackie and finds out that Cooper grabbed Jackie's breasts before. Gloria tells them they need the funding or they are screwed and Jackie promises they can fix it. Gloria hands Cooper the bag with the sandwiches and tells him to have one because it could be his last. She heads back to Mrs. Sussman's room and soon calls for help because Mrs. Sussman just had a stroke.

They start reanimation, but Mrs. Sussman dies. When she is dead, Gloria tells Dr. Cooper and Jackie that the events leading up to her death were unavoidable and that they should carry out her dying wish to take money from the children's wing and to give it to the E.R.

Jackie calls Eddie to tell him she needs some time to figure out whether he is the love of her life or a pathological liar, but he calls out her lies instead. He adds not to expect him to sit waiting at home. When she asks him where he is, he tells her he is home, though he stands right in front of the All Saints hospital.

When Jackie leaves the hospital, she sees Sarah and Ellie outside, trying to get a Frank to pick them up. When Sarah suggests to take a cab, Ellie tells her to go without her.

Jackie gets ready to go to bed and is glad Kevin stayed up for her. He wants to talk, but soon they start to fight when he accuses her of not being there for her family and not listening to him. He goes on that she misses a lot in her family because of her work and when she is finally home she runs around to fix things and adds that is not what their daughter Grace needs. She tells him he can't make her responsible for Gracie, but he replies he is not the one who makes her anxious because he is at home, and she shouts at him that he has no idea what it is like to be her because he is just a bartender. He leaves her and goes downstairs.

When she follows later, she finds Kevin and Fiona fallen asleep in an armchair. Quietly, she walks past them and leaves the house.

Jackie gets into a diner and orders a cup of coffee and piece of chocolate pie.
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